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$generateKpiValue = function($metric_info) {
$words = explode('_', $metric_info['uid']);
return implode('', array_map('ucfirst', $words));
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# Setting up dnsmasq for Local Web Development Testing on any Device
Please note, these instructions are for OS X Lion.
First, you need to get the IP address of your machine on your local network. In OS X, the easiest place to find this is in System Preferences > Network. If you're using DHCP on your local network, you will want to make sure your computer requests the same IP address when it renews it's IP address lease. I recommend configuring the DCHP Reservation settings on your router to accomplish this. Otherwise, you can specify a manual address in your network settings:
1. Go to *System Preferences > Network*
1. Click *Advanced...*
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Created December 16, 2011 19:56 — forked from hubgit/
creating an EBS AMI from a running Instance
# in web browser
# canonical karmic 64-bit AMI:
# ami-55739e3c
# canonical karmic 32-bit AMI:
# ami-bb709dd2
# Launch Instance > Community AMIs