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I use this to install Elixir on Codeship.
# I use this to install Elixir on our codeship instances for testing. YMMV.
# curl -O
# . ~/
# You can override your Elixir and Erlang versions from your shell when you call ./
# Erlang
echo Installing Erlang version ${ERLANG_VERSION}
curl -O "${ERLANG_VERSION}.tar.gz"
tar zxf OTP-${ERLANG_VERSION}.tar.gz
${ERL_PATH}/Install -minimal ${ERL_PATH}
export PATH="${ERL_PATH}/bin:$PATH"
# Elixir
echo Installing Elixir version ${ELIXIR_VERSION}
curl -O "${ELIXIR_VERSION}.zip"
mkdir ~/elixir-${ELIXIR_VERSION}
EX_PATH=$(realpath ~/elixir-${ELIXIR_VERSION})
cd ${EX_PATH}
unzip -q ../v${ELIXIR_VERSION}.zip
export PATH="${EX_PATH}/bin:$PATH"
mix local.hex --force
mix local.rebar
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curl -O "${ERLANG_VERSION}.tar.gz"

Then link seems to not work anymore

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jimsynz commented Feb 24, 2016

Link updated to match the elixir buildpack (which is where I got it in the first place)

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Seems like realpath is not available on new codeship as of this comment. I'm switching to readlink -f based on

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