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Created Mar 15, 2016
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Successive Mean Quantization Transtform. Straightforward recursive implementation.
def SMQT(data, level):
ret = [0] * len(data)
def MQU(idx, depth):
if depth == 0 or not idx:
mean = sum(data[i] for i in idx) / len(idx)
D0, D1 = [], []
for i in idx:
(D0 if data[i] <= mean else D1).append(i)
for i in D1:
ret[i] += 2 ** (depth-1)
MQU(D0, depth-1)
MQU(D1, depth-1)
MQU(range(len(data)), level)
return ret
from random import random
from pprint import pprint as print
level = 2
data_size = 16
data = [random() for _ in range(data_size)]
print(SMQT(data, level))
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