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Created Sep 20, 2017
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Convert a Ghost v1.x JSON export file to Hugo posts.
# coding: utf-8
import json
import re
import argparse
import sys
import os
def read_file(filename):
with open(filename, 'rt') as f:
dat =
db = json.loads(dat)
return db
def parse_args():
ap = argparse.ArgumentParser()
ap.add_argument('INPUT_FILE', help="Input Ghost .json file",
type=str, action='store')
ap.add_argument('OUTPUT_DIR', help="Output Directory",
type=str, action='store')
args = ap.parse_args()
return args
def get_tags(db, postid):
dtags = db['db'][0]['data']['tags']
post_tags = db['db'][0]['data']['posts_tags']
tt = [t['tag_id'] for t in post_tags if t['post_id'] == postid]
rtags = [tag['name'] for tag in dtags if tag['id'] in tt]
return rtags
def get_author(db, author_id):
authors = db['db'][0]['data']['users']
for a in authors:
if a['id'] == author_id:
return a['name']
return None
def fix_links(markdown):
regex = r"(\[[^\]]*\]\()(\/(?!images).*)(\))"
reg = re.compile(regex, re.MULTILINE)
ret = reg.sub(r"\1/post\2\3", markdown)
return ret
def get_posts(db):
ret = dict()
for post in db['db'][0]['data']['posts']:
pid = post['id']
author_id = get_author(db, post['author_id'])
title = post['title']
slug = post['slug']
page = post['page']
created = post['created_at']
updated = post['updated_at']
published = post['published_at']
tags = get_tags(db, pid)
markdown = ''
doc = json.loads(post['mobiledoc'])
markdown = doc['cards'][0][1]['markdown']
# fix images
markdown = markdown.replace('/content/images', '/images')
# fix links, prefix /post
markdown = fix_links(markdown)
draft = post['status'] == 'draft'
out = '---\n'
out += 'title: {}\n'.format(title)
out += 'slug: {}\n'.format(slug)
out += 'author: {}\n'.format(author_id) if author_id else ''
out += 'lastmod: {}\n'.format(updated) if updated else ''
out += 'date: {}\n'.format(published) if published else ''
out += 'draft: true\n' if draft else ''
tstring = "tags: ["
for t in tags:
tstring += '"{}", '.format(t)
if len(tags):
tstring = tstring[:-2]
tstring += ']\n'
out += tstring
out += '---\n\n'
out += markdown
ret[slug] = out
def write_posts(outdir, posts):
for k in posts.keys():
fname = os.path.join(outdir, "{}.markdown".format(k))
with open(fname, 'wt') as of:
def main():
args = parse_args()
db = read_file(args.INPUT_FILE)
posts = get_posts(db)
print('Converted {} posts'.format(len(posts)))
write_posts(args.OUTPUT_DIR, posts)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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