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Created Mar 23, 2018
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# where to copy images to
# (optional) prefix all repositories with this name
prefix: "hub/"
# what repositories to copy
# will automatically know it's a "library" repository in dockerhub
- name: elasticsearch
match_tag: # tags to match, can be specific or glob pattern
- "5.6.8" # specific tag match
- "6.*" # glob patterns will match
ignore_tag: # tags to never match on (even if its matched by `tag`)
- "*-alpine" # support both glob or specific strings
- name: yotpo/resec
max_tag_age: 8w # only import tags that are 8w or less old
- name: jippi/hashi-ui
max_tags: 10 # only copy the 10 latest tags
- "v*"
- name: jippi/go-metadataproxy # import all tags
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