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Created May 14, 2022
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# Mods
# UI Overhaul Dynamic
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic
# Submods
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic - Checksum Schism Version
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic - Ascension Slots
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic - Modbuttons
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic - No Backgrounds
# Use only one of these
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic - Topbar
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic - Extended Topbar & Modbuttons
# Patches
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Tiny Outliner v2
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + SpeedDial
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Planetary Diversity
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Complete Colors
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Ethics and Civics Classic
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Ethics and Civics Alternative
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Ethics and Civics Classic + Pantheons of the Void
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Pantheons of the Void
# Only use one of these (LoT does first three)
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Expanded Stellaris Traditions
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Plentiful Traditions
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Lots of Traditions
modName=UI Overhaul Dynamic + Traditions+
# Acquisition of Technology. ACOT and ZOFE
modName=Ancient Cache of Technologies
modName=Ancient Cache of Technologies : Secrets Beyond The Gates
modName=Ancient Cache of Technologies: Override
modName=The Zenith of Fallen Empires 3.0
modName=The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Ambitions of Power
modName=The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Automated Industries
modName=The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Secrets of the Fallen Empires
modName=The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Societal Ascendance
modName=~Acquisition of Technology
# Planetary Diversity
# Use this Load Order for PD
modName=Planetary Diversity
modName=Planetary Diversity - Exotic Worlds
modName=Planetary Diversity - Gaia Worlds
modName=Planetary Diversity - Shroud Worlds
modName=Planetary Diversity - Unique Worlds
# This submod causes issues as of March 25th, 2021. Do not use unless updated
modName=PLANETARY DIVERSITY New Worlds Module
# ##
modName=Planetary Diversity - Planetary Habitats
modName=Planetary Diversity - Space Habitats
modName=Planetary Diversity - More Arcologies
modName=Planetary Diversity - Reworked Habitability
# Patch Mods
modName=!Patch - Shader merge for ACoT, Gigastructures, Jump Gates and Real Space 3.7
modName=!patch ACOT/AOT - Planetary Habitats
modName=Plentiful Traditions ACOT Patch
modName=!Expanded Stellaris Traditions ACOT Patch
modName=Compatibility - Guilli's Techs & Planetary Diversity
modName=AV Buildings and E&C Alternative Patch
# safe-to-ignore mods since they by definition will handle conflicts
modName=~~Ariphaos Unofficial Patch (3.4)
modName=!!!Universal Resource Patch [2.4+]
modName=Dynamic Mod Menu (3.3.*)
modName=! The Merger of Rules 3.4
# Others
modName=Gigastructural Engineering & More (2.8)
modName=APSR: Anomalies, Planetary and Space Resources
modName= District Overhaul 2
modName=District Overhaul 2 Bugfix
# From LordOfLA
# Overrides
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