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TripleO fencing config for fence_xvm
FENCE_XVM_KEY=${FENCE_XVM_KEY:-$(cat /etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key)}
MULTICAST_ADDRESS=${MULTICAST_ADDRESS:-$(grep address /etc/fence_virt.conf | head -n1 | awk -F'"' '{ print $2}')}
if [ -z "$FENCE_XVM_KEY" ]; then
echo 'ERROR: fence_xvm key not set' 1>&2
echo '$FENCE_XVM_KEY is empty and /etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key does not exist / cannot be read / is empty' 1>&2
exit 1
if [ -z "$MULTICAST_ADDRESS" ]; then
echo 'ERROR: multicast address not set' 1>&2
echo '$MULTICAST_ADDRESS is empty and trying to read it from /etc/fence_virt.conf did not work' 1>&2
exit 1
MACHINES=$(virsh list --all | grep "$MACHINE_REGEX" | awk '{print $2}')
echo "{ \"devices\": ["
MACHINE_MAC=$(virsh dumpxml $MACHINE | grep 'mac address' | awk -F"'" '{print $2}')
echo " {"
echo " \"agent\": \"fence_xvm\","
echo " \"host_mac\": \"$MACHINE_MAC\","
echo " \"params\": {"
echo " \"multicast_address\": \"$MULTICAST_ADDRESS\","
echo " \"port\": \"$MACHINE\","
echo " \"manage_fw\": true,"
echo " \"manage_key_file\": true,"
echo " \"key_file\": \"/etc/fence_xvm.key\","
echo " \"key_file_password\": \"$FENCE_XVM_KEY\""
echo " }"
echo " }$([ \"$MACHINE_COUNT\" = \"$MACHINE_NUM\" ] || echo -n ',')"
echo "]}"

TripleO virtualized deployment -- fence_xvm config

  1. Prepare for fence_xvm multicast traffic

By default, overcloud has no direct connection to host and multicast traffic will not pass through undercloud, which prevents fence_xvm from working. This needs to be worked around somehow:

Option A: connecting the host machine directly to br-ctlplane

  • Instead of talking to the undercloud and overcloud through libvirt's default network, we'll talk to br-ctlplane directly via brbm on the host machine. This will drop your connections to undercloud and overcloud and you'll need to re-establish them. Set up the routing on the host machine:
ip addr add dev brbm
ip link set brbm up
# ^ this will automatically set up a route like
# dev brbm  proto kernel  scope link  src

# now you need to delete the original route through default libvirt network
ip route del via dev virbr0
# ATTENTION: you'll have a different IP here ^

Option B: multicast forwarding on undercloud

  • On undercloud, install smcroute for forwarding multicast traffic between overcloud and host
xz -d smcroute-2.0.0.tar.xz
tar -xf smcroute-2.0.0.tar
cd smcroute-2.0.0
  • Configure and run smcroute in foreground (e.g. in a separate tmux/screen window)
echo '
mgroup from eth0 group
mroute from eth0 group to br-ctlplane

mgroup from br-ctlplane group
mroute from br-ctlplane group to eth0
' > smcroute.conf
./smcroute -d -n -f smcroute.conf
  1. Configure and run fence_virtd on baremetal

  • Install and configure fence_virtd:
yum -y install fence-virtd-libvirt fence-virtd-multicast
fence_virtd -c
# use the defaults
# multicast address, port 1229
# ATTENTION when selecting network interface:
# * if you connected baremetal to br-ctlplane (option A), use brbm
# * if you went with multicast forwarding previously (option B), use virbr0
  • Configure fence_xvm secret:
mkdir /etc/cluster
echo -n "abcdef" > /etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key
  • Run fence_virtd in debug mode in foreground to see what it does (e.g. in a separate tmux/screen window)
fence_virtd -F -d99
  1. Add fencing parameters to your overcloud stack

  • Add fencing parameters to your custom heat environment file ($OVERCLOUD_CUSTOM_HEAT_ENV). Use the script to create the JSON value for FencingConfig parameter.
  EnableFencing: true
  FencingConfig: ##### here belongs output of #####

Now you can deploy overcloud and it should be configured with fence_xvm devices for all controllers and monitoring should report that the machines are started.

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