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What would you like to do?

How to get the vote out for Democrats!


I'm busy, mildly overwhelmed and confused, and want to help, I think? What should I do right now?!

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What's the goal?

We need to reach as many voters as possible to inform them that the election is happening, who the Democrat candidate is, and what's at stake. Direct contact puts a human face to the process of voting and to the issues. All these methods have been proven to work to turn out more voters.

Doesn't everyone already know about the election?

No, some people don't know! Not everyone pays attention to the news. Some people have 2 or 3 jobs!

Haven't people who have paid a little attention already know who the candidates are and have made up their minds?

Not always! People are vaguely aware of things, but they view it from a distance as a horse race, a spectacle. Reaching out to them pulls them in and makes them feel involved and feel like they have influence.

Even if we can flip a handful of voters, isn't that a drop in the bucket compared to who is already voting?

Short answer: Every vote counts! The entire VA legislature was lost to Republicans by ONE VOTE in 2017! 😢

Long answer: All those drops in the bucket add up! When we canvas, do phone calls, or text, we are reaching out to voters and gaining some votes, and we are also collecting data for the campaign to use later for various purposes, such as deciding whom to reach out to via phone on election day to remind them to vote.

How much effort does it take?

  • You can volunteer for 30 minutes/week or 10 hours/week
  • You can donate $5 or $5,000
  • Do something! Don't do nothing!
  • 🐈 kthnxbai 🐕


ways to volunteer

  • Canvassing: Walk door to door, inform people about the election and the candidate. You meet a spectrum of Americans and make a difference — it's fun! There is very little confrontation, and many people are grateful to have a face-to-face conversation with someone who cares. It's really life-changing and productive. The campaign has different goals for the canvass day-to-day. You will get a quick training and you will be partnered with an experienced person.
  • Phone banking: Make phone calls, using an app. Your phone number is not involved. Similar goals as above.
  • Text banking: Send Text messages, using an app. Your phone number is not involved. Similar goals as above.

How to find volunteer opportunities


Multi-function Guides/Resources. They are fun! Do them all!

Voter Registration

More! / not 2018-specific

Thanks for reading! — John

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