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Created May 22, 2011 08:56
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Collapse list_filter in Django admin
ListFilterCollapsePrototype = {
bindToggle: function(){
var that = this;
init: function(filterEl) {
this.$filterEl = $(filterEl).css('cursor', 'pointer');
this.$filterList = this.$'ul').hide();
function ListFilterCollapse(filterEl) {
ListFilterCollapse.prototype = ListFilterCollapsePrototype;
var collapser = new ListFilterCollapse(this);
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lindyang commented Oct 5, 2013

hello,I've use the js,and it works well.But if I want this kind of effect:when I refresh my django admin site,the list_filter can collapse while not wide.In which place of the js code should be change.

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I wrote a snippets for menu collapse and single element menu collapse.

It's a fork from abyx code, I've just extended it.

If a filter was previously activated the element menu related to this will start as opened.

The filter menu starts closed as default.

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