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Math As A Second Language - Intro Lesson and Test Prep Strategy Overview

Math as a Second Language

Parents Without Math Skills Can Help

Test Prep Strategies Across Subjects

  • We must learn to demonstrate all strategies below while reviewing math exam problems.

Strategic Best Practices

  • Top ~ 12 Test Prep Coaching Best-Practices that always help everyone on these standardized tests...

  • 1: Interpret test question scoring and proctoring rules to identify whether blank answers are strategically wise.

  • 2: Dissect each question by considering the expected form of the answer.  Underline key info.

  • 3: Tag each question in terms of both question types and topic keywords. Inclusion first!!!

  • 4: Elimination Wrong Answers First, Including Why.

  • 5: Show All Of Our Work.

  • 6: Track Time.  Dissect now, attempt twice, and perhaps return later...

  • 7: Check Our Work and Check Our Answers.

  • 8: Target Exam Vocabulary

  • 9: Use Diagrams Wherever Possible

  • 10: Ask For Clues Before Losing Hope

  • 11: Refactor Question Into Template

  • Elementary School Student Focus

Math-Specific Test Prep Skills

  • Consider the types of numeric values that we might be asked to calculate or manipulate.

  • Only give a kid a calculator after they know their times tables up to 12, cold!  Up to 25 would be better.  Learn some graphing tools!!

  • Consider the "calculation operators six-pack" and the several math subjects from k-12, in sequence.

  • Consider how to bring math to life with hands-on interactive lessons that pertain to the interests of any given teacher or student.  LABORATORY?

  • Focus on the most frequently used words in math word problems.  Identify taxonomy and diagram assistive aids.

  • Identify any mathematical symbology at play, and learn what it means and how it works.

  • Identify where simplest-first approaches dictate that educators rethink the math curriculum, especially in middle school.

  • Discuss the evolution of math tools, starting with the abacus.  Discuss time, space and money.

STEM Learning Paths That Depend Upon Math Skills

K-12 Math Subjects


^ log
* /
--- ---
+ -
--- ---
  • Each of these symbols map to English terms (like sum) and other equivalent symbols!

STEM Courses and Learning Paths

  • Clarify the many STEM courses which depend upon secondary school math skills.

  • Physics => Engineering --E

  • Chemistry => Materials Engineering + Healthcare --E

  • Biology => Healthcare --E

  • Color + Sound + Labs => Arts --E

  • Engineering => Technology --E

  • Logic => Law + Policy Management

  • Mandatory prerequisites are 'ladders of dependency'.


Sample Lesson Format

  • Think Outside of the Box !
  • Comprende Afuera De La Caja !

Educational Participants

  • Coaches: Model test prep strategies and target math exam content first.
  • Faculty: Find linguistic connections to foster an interdisciplinary vocabulary.
  • Students
    • Learn to follow test prep strategies.
    • Use math tools to identify persistent terminology across standardized exams.

Types of Educational Objectives

  • Test Prep Objectives
  • Multicultural Objectives
  • Curriculum Objectives
  • Instructional Objectives
  • Assessment Objectives

Sample Test Prep Lesson

  • How short can we make a mini-lesson?

  • How do we eliminate wrong answers?

  • Can we drive straight to an answer?

  • Should we make some notes and return later?

  • What complete sentences and figures would help inform us?

  • What questions of clarification might we ask?

  • What clues might we ask for?

Dissecting Standardized Math Questions

Forms Of Answers

  • Multiple-Choice Single-Answer
  • Multiple-Choice Multiple-Answer
  • Fill-In From List
  • Fill-In From Memory
  • Show All Work Using Complete Sentences
  • Diagrams + Figures

Question Categories

  • Time, Space + Money
  • Parts of Wholes
  • Graphing + Pre-Algebra
  • Geometry + Pre-Trig
  • Calculations-Only
  • Combinations + Stats
  • Diagrams + Maps + Charts + Figures
    • Extend this with state math and language PRIMARY SKILL standards

Exam Tags

  • subject
  • year
  • target grade level
  • state source pdf url

Question Tags

  • exam id
  • question id
  • rank of difficulty
  • keywords
  • data points

Question Terminology

  • Scoring
  • Sequential Learning
  • Matrix
  • Axis
  • Cube

Secondary Skills

  • Compare + Contrast => Venn Diagrams
  • Complete Sentences => Sentence construction.
  • Metrics <=> US Standards
  • Times Tables + Proportionality + Geometry
  • fractions + decimals + percents
  • temperature conversions
  • coefficients + manipulations
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