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My setup


If you are interested, see also my previous setup.

I use a Mid 2013 11-inch MacBook Air at home.

I use Logitech Performance MX mice with all three of them, though for the last one is usually just the trackpad. I have recently started using a Logitech MX Master and decided to only buy that from now on.

The working environment at home consists of an IKEA VIKA BYSKE table top made from solid beech wood. The legs are combination of VIKA ARTUR and VIKA ALEX.

I usually carry the laptop and headphone with a Freitag F14 Dexter messenger bag. This bag is big enough to (barely) fit a 15 inch MacBook Pro but not too big to be inconvenient.

Another bag I'd highly recommend is Jr. Raiders Bag in tribe leather from Roots, it can be out of stock at times but you can checkout its bigger version. Smaller one fits a 11-inch MacBook Air (or 12-inch Retina MacBook), I assume that the bigger one fits a 13-inch one at least.

Stacked Gears


There isn't much surprise. Most computers are running OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Safari is the browser of choice. I have been using Sublime Text as main editor for almost two years and love it so far. vim-cocoa still quite handy for smaller editing. I had to use web version of GMail all the time with some CSS tweaks to make LCD font smoothing work better in Safari. Textual is still the IRC client of choice. Checking documentation with Dash is a pleasant experience. I use either Alfred or LaunchBar as quick launcher. Lightroom for photo post-processing and uploading. Oh, and Dropbox to backup and sync most important documents and code. Wunderlist is handy for keeping small notes and TODOs, for bigger pieces I will keep them in Evernote.

Stylish and ClickToPlugin are two Safari extensions I can't live without. As described above, Stylish can be used to tweak -webkit-font-smoothing hacks. ClickToPlugin is useful for its “Send to AirPlay” function alone.

There isn't any indispensable tool besides above.


TheSans Mono Semilight Condensed from LucasFonts is still my workhorse coding font, it looks even prettier on Retina displays. I sometimes use Ubuntu Mono for coding as well.

TheSans Mono Condensed

For reading on the web with Safari CustomReader, Instapaper or Google Reader, FF Tisa is simply brilliant, though now I'm more fond of Ideal Sans from H&FJ and LL Akkurat by Lineto.

As for typesetting books, I still prefer the lovely Sabon by Jan Tschichold, but I also experiment with many other options, for instance Espinosa Nova.


I still owns a long list of gadgets if you want to know, but not all of them are being actively used (that's why I'm trying to buy less gadgets or avoid building them at all):

Pixel with the Keyboard

(Pixel is not for sale.)

AiAiAi Tracks

Bose QC 20i

Coffee making

As a hobby, I have a bunch of coffee toys at home. Including:

My coffee setup

  • Aerobie AeroPress: Great for making coffees for single or couple. Preserves the raw flavors of coffee beans.

  • Hario MSS-1B Slim Mill: Perfect hand grinder for less than 4 people (I usually use it to grind 14 grams to 24 grams of beans, 14 g is perfect for single cup with AeroPress).

Hario Slim Mill

Hario Kettle

  • Hario VST-2000 Scale and Timer: Best companion of the Buono kettle. The scale has higher precision than most kitchen scales (0.1g instead of 1g). You can one touch to reset the weight. The timer function is convenient as well. But it's quite pricey. If you are buying a new scale you might want to check out the Acaia scale.

Hario Scale

  • Wilfa CGR-1 Malt Grinder: A cheap (only 375 NOK in some online stores) but quality eletrical burr grinder. The fine grinding option may not be good enough to espresso but definitely good enough for dripping and AeroPress. Trouble is you can hardly find it outside of Scandinavia. The current version (CGR-2) is a slight improvement over the one I got.


Here are some of the kitchen equipments that I'm using and recommend:

  • Wusthöf Classic Ikon Santoku Knife: one of the best knives I have ever used, lightweight and perfect for cutting meat and fish. It's short with hollowed edge so extra sharp to move inside. Handles vegetable well.

Wusthöf knife

Le Creuset Casserole

WMF Sonic

  • Bosch MUM56340 Styline Kitchen Machine: Haven't used this red dot award winning machine much lately but it's an excellent blender and mixer with many other uses.

  • IKEA STENSTORP Kitchen Island: This free-standing kitchen island has oak table top, easy to assemble and in general well made. I enjoy the storage space under the table top and dine on it everyday.

IKEA Kitchen Island





Not a professional photographer but I like taking photos. Now I use:

  • Olympus OM-D E-M5: In silver. The best micro four-thirds. I like the retro looking and good responsiveness. Image quality is not bad either.

E-M5 in silver

  • Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50mm f3.5-6.3: The one came with the OM-D. It's a little heavy but generally a well built lens (weather sealed even!) that I will always bring on trip. The Micro mode can be useful, too.

  • Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7: The ultimate pancake lens for M4/3. The focusing speed is a bit slow on E-M5 but still my favorite lens. That's the one I always bring when going for a vacation with my camera.

  • Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f1.8: Recent addition to my lenses, sharp and great bokeh. Perfect for portrait shots. It's used least often.

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