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(orange) ~$ conda --version
conda 4.5.11
(orange) ~$ conda list
# packages in environment at /home/jhelmus/anaconda3/envs/orange:
# Name Version Build Channel
ca-certificates 2018.03.07 0 defaults
libedit 3.1.20170329 h6b74fdf_2 defaults
libffi 3.2.1 hd88cf55_4 defaults
libgcc-ng 8.2.0 hdf63c60_1 defaults
libstdcxx-ng 8.2.0 hdf63c60_1 defaults
ncurses 6.1 he6710b0_1 defaults
openssl 1.1.1a h7b6447c_0 defaults
python 2.7.15 h9bab390_6 defaults
readline 7.0 h7b6447c_5 defaults
sqlite 3.26.0 h7b6447c_0 defaults
tk 8.6.8 hbc83047_0 defaults
zlib 1.2.11 h7b6447c_3 defaults
(orange) ~$ conda install orange3
Solving environment: done
==> WARNING: A newer version of conda exists. <==
current version: 4.5.11
latest version: 4.5.12
Please update conda by running
$ conda update -n base -c defaults conda
## Package Plan ##
environment location: /home/jhelmus/anaconda3/envs/orange
added / updated specs:
- orange3
The following packages will be downloaded:
package | build
serverfiles-0.2.1 | py37_0 15 KB defaults
pyparsing-2.3.0 | py37_0 101 KB defaults
numpy-1.15.4 | py37h7e9f1db_0 47 KB defaults
mkl_fft-1.0.6 | py37hd81dba3_0 196 KB defaults
orange3-3.17.0 | py37h962f231_0 4.7 MB defaults
keyring-16.1.1 | py37_0 52 KB defaults
python-3.7.1 | h0371630_7 36.4 MB defaults
jeepney-0.4 | py37_0 37 KB defaults
numpy-base-1.15.4 | py37hde5b4d6_0 4.2 MB defaults
cryptography-2.4.1 | py37h1ba5d50_1 619 KB defaults
networkx-2.2 | py37_1 2.0 MB defaults
python-louvain-0.11 | py37h28b3542_0 15 KB defaults
scikit-learn-0.20.1 | py37hd81dba3_0 5.7 MB defaults
xlrd-1.1.0 | py37_1 192 KB defaults
docutils-0.14 | py37_0 688 KB defaults
mkl_random-1.0.2 | py37hd81dba3_0 405 KB defaults
secretstorage-3.1.0 | py37_0 23 KB defaults
keyrings.alt-3.1 | py37_0 33 KB defaults
pyqtgraph-0.10.0 | py37h28b3542_3 995 KB defaults
anyqt-0.0.10 | py37_0 47 KB defaults
dill- | py37_0 112 KB defaults
qt-5.9.7 | h5867ecd_1 85.9 MB defaults
commonmark-0.8.1 | py37_0 123 KB defaults
joblib-0.13.0 | py37_0 358 KB defaults
scipy-1.1.0 | py37h7c811a0_2 17.6 MB defaults
mkl-2019.1 | 144 204.6 MB defaults
matplotlib-3.0.2 | py37h5429711_0 6.6 MB defaults
bottleneck-1.2.1 | py37h035aef0_1 127 KB defaults
Total: 371.7 MB
The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:
anyqt: 0.0.10-py37_0 defaults
asn1crypto: 0.24.0-py37_0 defaults
blas: 1.0-mkl defaults
bottleneck: 1.2.1-py37h035aef0_1 defaults
certifi: 2018.11.29-py37_0 defaults
cffi: 1.11.5-py37he75722e_1 defaults
chardet: 3.0.4-py37_1 defaults
commonmark: 0.8.1-py37_0 defaults
cryptography: 2.4.1-py37h1ba5d50_1 defaults
cycler: 0.10.0-py37_0 defaults
dbus: 1.13.2-h714fa37_1 defaults
decorator: 4.3.0-py37_0 defaults
dill: defaults
docutils: 0.14-py37_0 defaults
entrypoints: 0.2.3-py37_2 defaults
expat: 2.2.6-he6710b0_0 defaults
fontconfig: 2.13.0-h9420a91_0 defaults
freetype: 2.9.1-h8a8886c_1 defaults
future: 0.17.1-py37_0 defaults
glib: 2.56.2-hd408876_0 defaults
gst-plugins-base: 1.14.0-hbbd80ab_1 defaults
gstreamer: 1.14.0-hb453b48_1 defaults
icu: 58.2-h9c2bf20_1 defaults
idna: 2.7-py37_0 defaults
intel-openmp: 2019.1-144 defaults
jeepney: 0.4-py37_0 defaults
joblib: 0.13.0-py37_0 defaults
jpeg: 9b-h024ee3a_2 defaults
keyring: 16.1.1-py37_0 defaults
keyrings.alt: 3.1-py37_0 defaults
kiwisolver: 1.0.1-py37hf484d3e_0 defaults
libgfortran-ng: 7.3.0-hdf63c60_0 defaults
libpng: 1.6.35-hbc83047_0 defaults
libuuid: 1.0.3-h1bed415_2 defaults
libxcb: 1.13-h1bed415_1 defaults
libxml2: 2.9.8-h26e45fe_1 defaults
matplotlib: 3.0.2-py37h5429711_0 defaults
mkl: 2019.1-144 defaults
mkl_fft: 1.0.6-py37hd81dba3_0 defaults
mkl_random: 1.0.2-py37hd81dba3_0 defaults
networkx: 2.2-py37_1 defaults
numpy: 1.15.4-py37h7e9f1db_0 defaults
numpy-base: 1.15.4-py37hde5b4d6_0 defaults
orange3: 3.17.0-py37h962f231_0 defaults
pcre: 8.42-h439df22_0 defaults
pip: 18.1-py37_0 defaults
pycparser: 2.19-py37_0 defaults
pyopenssl: 18.0.0-py37_0 defaults
pyparsing: 2.3.0-py37_0 defaults
pyqt: 5.9.2-py37h05f1152_2 defaults
pyqtgraph: 0.10.0-py37h28b3542_3 defaults
pysocks: 1.6.8-py37_0 defaults
python-dateutil: 2.7.5-py37_0 defaults
python-louvain: 0.11-py37h28b3542_0 defaults
pytz: 2018.7-py37_0 defaults
qt: 5.9.7-h5867ecd_1 defaults
requests: 2.20.1-py37_0 defaults
scikit-learn: 0.20.1-py37hd81dba3_0 defaults
scipy: 1.1.0-py37h7c811a0_2 defaults
secretstorage: 3.1.0-py37_0 defaults
serverfiles: 0.2.1-py37_0 defaults
setuptools: 40.6.2-py37_0 defaults
sip: 4.19.8-py37hf484d3e_0 defaults
six: 1.12.0-py37_0 defaults
tornado: 5.1.1-py37h7b6447c_0 defaults
urllib3: 1.23-py37_0 defaults
wheel: 0.32.3-py37_0 defaults
xlrd: 1.1.0-py37_1 defaults
xz: 5.2.4-h14c3975_4 defaults
The following packages will be UPDATED:
python: 2.7.15-h9bab390_6 defaults --> 3.7.1-h0371630_7 defaults
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