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coding on hackerrank

Jason Robinson jjrobinson

coding on hackerrank
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public class ASCIIHistogramMaker {
public static void main(String[] args){
String inFile="/data/challenge302intermediate.txt";
// ArrayList<int[]> graphData = new ArrayList<int[]>();
ArrayList<String> input = new ChallengeInput()
.getInputByLines(ASCIIHistogramMaker.class, inFile);
//take first line as the chart bounds and create new BarChart with those bounds
IntBasedBarChart chart = new IntBasedBarChart(input.remove(0).split(" "));
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Jason J. Robinson – Java Developer
Phone: (208) 724-7600 E-mail:
OSS development on GitHub:
Skill Sets:
• Java Development (4+ yrs): Test Automation (LeanFT + JUnit); Java with Struts2/Spring/Hibernate; Perl scripting,
PHP web development. Extensive Regular Expression knowledge (POSIX & Java style). Usage of NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs.
• SQL & Data Analysis (2+ yrs): MS SQL & Oracle; query troubleshooting, joins, custom reporting, stored procedure &
production monitoring, data warehousing & reporting; Excel pivot tables and large data set analysis & trends. Query
optimization and execution plan analysis.
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