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@jkachmar jkachmar/stack.yaml
Last active Nov 18, 2019

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GitHub Semantic w/ Stack
resolver: lts-13.23
- '.'
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/go
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/haskell
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/java
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/json
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/php
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/python
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/ruby
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/tsx
- vendor/haskell-tree-sitter/languages/typescript
- cmark-gfm-0.1.8
- haddocset-0.4.3
- http-client-0.6.4
- fastsum-
- fused-effects-
- fused-effects-exceptions-
- generic-monoid-
- github-0.20
- netrc-
- semilattices-
- git: ''
commit: 94af5871c24ba319f7f72fefa53c1a4d074c9a29
- git: ''
commit: 83f3352f0c7c94ea091e6087f60692eda9991fae
- git: ''
commit: 84664e22f01beb67870368f1f88ada5d0ad01f56
# Suppress errors associated with the -nopie option being passed to clang.
apply-ghc-options: everything
$everything: -optc -Wno-unused-command-line-argument
# Build in an Alpine Docker image
# cf.
# Needs 'alpine-sdk ncurses-dev ncurses-static zlib-dev'
# Note that distributing statically linked applications using libgmp is not
# compliant with the LGPL; these applications should be built with a version
# of GHC that supports integer-simple for MIT-license compliant distribution
enable: false
repo: "alpine-haskell-gmp:semantic"
stack-exe: image

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dirtyarteaga commented Oct 1, 2019

Great job


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sardar7110 commented Nov 4, 2019


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