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Forked from cvicens/odo-dotnet-demo.txt
Created August 8, 2022 19:39
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# Get odo for linux
$ curl -OL && mv odo-linux-amd64 odo && chmod u+x odo
$ export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)
$ odo version
# Use git to check out the .NET Core application
$ git clone
$ cd s2i-dotnetcore-ex/app
$ git checkout dotnetcore-3.1
# Create a new OpenShift project
$ export OCP_USER=$(oc whoami)
$ odo project create ${OCP_USER}-dotnet-demo
# Add a component for the .NET Core application
$ odo create dotnet:3.1
# Make the .NET Core application accessible externally
$ odo url create
# Deploy the application
$ odo push
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