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John's Iowa Data Call Code
var overview;
var overview_query_url = "'NumVoters')%2C+SUM('NumBallotBoxes')%2C+SUM('NumCountedBallotBoxes')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Paul')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Bachmann')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Johnson')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Gingrich')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Santorum')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Huntsman')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Other')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Roemer')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Romney')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Perry')%2C+SUM('VoteCount-Cain')+FROM+2486515&jsonCallback=?";
function refreshData() {
// Hit the Google Fusion Table
$.getJSON(overview_query_url, function(data) {
overview = data;
// Do various things with the JSON data
// Refresh every 2 minutes (1 min = 60000)
setTimeout( refreshData, 60000 * 2 );
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