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Last active Mar 26, 2018
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Playing Audio With The AudioPlayer
* Plays a particular track, from specific offset
* @param audioURL The URL to play
* @param offsetInMilliseconds The point from which to play - we set this to something other than zero when resuming
*/ = function (audioURL, offsetInMilliseconds) {
var response = {
version: "1.0",
response: {
shouldEndSession: true,
directives: [
type: "AudioPlayer.Play",
playBehavior: "REPLACE_ALL", // Setting to REPLACE_ALL means that this track will start playing immediately
audioItem: {
stream: {
url: audioURL,
token: "0", // Unique token for the track - needed when queueing multiple tracks
expectedPreviousToken: null, // The expected previous token - when using queues, ensures safety
offsetInMilliseconds: offsetInMilliseconds
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