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; call trello2org interactively
; or pragmatically like this: (trello2org "c:/Users/jfurtney/blo-up-2-7.json")
(require 'json)
(defun convert-trello-json-file-to-org (trello-json-file)
(let* ((board (json-read-file trello-json-file))
(board-name (cdr (assoc 'name (cdr board))))
(lists (cdr (assoc 'lists (cdr board))))
(cards (cdr (assoc 'cards (cdr board))))
; get list IDs
(setq list-map (loop for l across lists collect
(let ((id (cdr (assoc 'id l)))
(name (cdr (assoc 'name l))))
(list id name))))
; add cards to list lists
(loop for card across cards do
(let* ((card-name (cdr (assoc 'name card)))
(card-list-id (cdr (assoc 'idList card)))
(closedp (cdr (assoc 'closed card)))
(list-name (cadr (assoc card-list-id list-map))))
(when (equal closedp :json-false)
(setcdr (last (assoc card-list-id list-map))
(list card-name)))))
; write output in a new buffer
(let ((new-buffer
(generate-new-buffer "*trello*")))
(with-current-buffer new-buffer
(insert (format "\n* %s\n" board-name))
(dolist (i list-map)
(insert (format "\n** %s\n" (cadr i)))
(dolist (card-name (cddr i))
(insert (format "*** %s\n" card-name)))))
(switch-to-buffer new-buffer)
(defun trello2org (trello-JSON-file)
"Convert a Trello board to org format.
Give the filename of a JSON file exported from Trello. The Trello
board, lists and cards are written in org-mode format to a new
*trello* buffer. Archived cards are ignored.
To export from Trello: Click the board name, choose Share, Print,
and Export; click the Export JSON button."
(interactive "fTrello JSON file: ")
(convert-trello-json-file-to-org trello-JSON-file))

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jkfurtney commented Jul 7, 2013

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