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getting status from MITGCM on slurm
import sys
import os
import subprocess
out=subprocess.check_output('squeue -h -t RUNNING -u jklymak --Format="Name:50"',
shell=True, text=True)
out = out.splitlines()
# print(out)
for dd in out:
dd = dd.strip()
os.system(f"grep -E 'advcfl_wvel_max|time_seconds|dynstat_uvel_max' ../results/{dd}/input/STDOUT.0000 | tail -n 9")
ot = subprocess.check_output(f"grep -E 'time_seconds' ../results/{dd}/input/STDOUT.0000 | tail -n 1",
shell=True, text=True)
st = ot.split(' ')[-1]
days = float(st)/24/3600
print(f'{float(st)} seconds')
print(f'{days:6.2f} days')
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