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Installer for the Atomic Toolkit by HTPC Beginner
#The one step installer for the AtoMiC-ToolKit
#Written by
touch /var/log/atomic-install.log
echo "Updating APT ..."
apt-get -y update > /var/log/atomic-install.log
echo "Installing Prerequsits"
apt-get -y install git-core nano python-software-properties dialog > /var/log/atomic-install.log
dialog --title "The AtoMiC Tool Kit installer" --yesno "This will install the AtomMiC toolkit as well as some prerequsits. Please be aware this software is provided with no warranties. Proceed at your own risk. Would you like to continue?" 8 100
# Cloaning into the OPT folder for organization.
echo "Downloading the AtoMiC-ToolKit"
git clone /opt/AtoMiC-ToolKit > /var/log/atomic-install.log
#Creat a sym link to the user bin so the toolkit can be accessed by typing atk.
echo "Installing AtoMiC-ToolKit"
ln -s -T /opt/AtoMiC-ToolKit/ /usr/local/bin/atk > /var/log/atomic-install.log
echo "Install Finished. You can use the AtoMiC-ToolKit by typing atk anytime. Starting the AtoMiC-ToolKit now."
sleep 5
rm /tmp/
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