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A list of design/writing/coding music recommendations from my Twitter followers
Not sure how to summarize/organize this into something useful. Some can be made into Spotify/Rdio playlists, but others are likely unavailable and some are just URLs to other services. Genre is all over the place as well...lots of ambient and classical, soundtracks, uptempo dancey stuff, rock w/ words, and even Slayer. Not sure all that can be put into one playlist that's useful for anyone. What I'm saying is, good luck!
fantoraygun ‏@fantoraygun 1h
@jkottke some great mixes here:
Andrew ‏@jandrewc 1h
@jkottke "From here we go sublime" by The Field and "Alive 2007" by Daft Punk.
Lenny ‏@lenny_ 1h
@jkottke SomaFM's Groove Salad station
Jeremy Neumann ‏@jerneu 9h
@jkottke two more additions almost any The Chemical Brothers albums, & The Smashing Pumpkins The Metro concert from 1993.
Jeremy Neumann ‏@jerneu 9h
@jkottke many come to mind, but one I found recently on Spotify. Apex Twin "Selected Ambient Works 85–92" & "The Social Network" soundtrack.
John Redpath ‏@redpath 11h
@jkottke Dawn of Midi’s Dysnomia.
Dan Kletter ‏@soundclamp 11h
@jkottke Currently… Fripp/Eno — No Pussyfooting, Loose Fur — s/t, Sleep — Dopesmoker, Forrests — Wilder, anything by Love of Diagrams.
Tony Price Ⓥ ‏@tonyxprice 14h
@jkottke Kylesa – Ultraviolet
Matt Aronoff ‏@maronoff 15h
@jkottke Soul Coughing, and Mike Doughty’s recent crowd-funded album, for sure.
Emily ‏@duien 15h
@jkottke Venetian Snares, particularly the Hungarian album
Peter van Broekhoven ‏@pvanb 15h
mcarnevale ‏@mcarnevale 17h
@jkottke Run Lola Run soundtrack...for up-against-deadlines work
Mouser Williams ‏@mouser_nerdbot 18h
@jkottke The Google Play radio station centered on Derek Vincent (pretty lights)
Mariusz Ciesla ‏@dotmariusz 18h
@jkottke @spotify radio based on Mokira or Burial.
Sol Kawage ‏@uauage 18h
@jkottke Bach, Goldberg Variations, played by Glenn Gould of course.
tripleman ‏@tripleman 18h
@jkottke Lately, Tycho. Or Pretty Lights, The Hot Shit.
Dan Fields ‏@danthebeast 18h
@jkottke @bn2b I always like listening to Russian Circles. It's a bit heavier, but it’s instrumental, rhythmic and rocks.
Clay Hinson ‏@clayhinson 18h
@jkottke instrumental metal: CloudKicker, Animals as Leaders electronic: Manual, Tycho, Boards of Canada
Derek Guder ‏@frequentbeef 18h
@jkottke Yeah, that’s pretty fantastic. Anything Glitch Mob is very effective, too. My old reliable is all of Nine Inch Nails.
Matt Thomas ‏@mthomas 19h
@jkottke …
JE Vasshaug ‏@jevasshaug 19h
@jkottke Substrata by Biosphere and everything from Boards of Canada.
NotMalcolm ‏@sxtyfootmalcolm 19h
@jkottke Underworld - dubnobasswithmyheadman.
Michael Graham ‏@endlessdoloop 19h
@jkottke if I already know how I'm going to go about a problem and just need to "bang it out," @AphexTwin. If I have to think, silence.
Avi Flax ‏@avi4now 19h
@jkottke explosions in the sky, ratatat, boards of Canada, mogwai, el ten eleven
Austin Brown ‏@PowerLlama 20h
@jkottke Tycho.
Mike Preston ‏@darkflib 20h
@jkottke sometimes dragonforce (fast metal) sometimes seether, sometimes synthesizer stuff - but I always need to be familiar with them
Scott O'Reilly ‏@scttor 20h
@jkottke Brian Eno - Music for Airports
Mike Rentas ‏@mikerentas 20h
@jkottke Also: Halestorm, Sleigh Bells, Cults, Tyr, if I want something more active.
Mike Rentas ‏@mikerentas 20h
@jkottke Game soundtracks, particularly from recent indie games. Also any movie soundtrack by Daft Punk, Trent Reznor, or Metric.
Robert Sinton ‏@robertsinton 20h
@jkottke Anything by Pitch Black (NZ electronic group)
Jesse James Garrett ‏@jjg 20h
@santheo @jkottke Any Philip Glass, really. All those arpeggiated ostinatos.
Llewellyn Hinkes ‏@llewellynhinkes 20h
@jkottke kluster and eno/nachtmystium
CVickery ‏@kafkascampi 20h
@jkottke Sunshine soundtrack, Blade Runner soundtrack, Run Lola Run soundtrack.
Matthew Baldwin ‏@matthewbaldwin 20h
@jkottke: Cake.
Sandor Weisz ‏@santheo 21h
@jkottke What a great idea. Recently: The Hours soundtrack.
Brian King ‏@bkbkbk 21h
@jkottke Ratatat.
Jon Kit ‏@jonkit 21h
@jkottke @maxlinsky 65daysofstatic or equivalent so-called "post rock" music
Michael Tofias ‏@tofias 21h
@jkottke @buzz try KC Accidental and other BSS family efforts w/o (many) words.
ted carstensen ‏@tedcarstensen 21h
@jkottke the mercury program
Michael Tofias ‏@tofias 21h
@jkottke Phish, MMW, Miles Davis, Godspeed, Broken Social Scene, Yo La Tengo, Burial, and that trippy Icelandic stuff @rands likes.
Janet McKnight ‏@j4 21h
.@jkottke Glitchy: Autechre; Venetian Snares. Classical: Handel recorder concertos; any Bach (esp solo violin partitas).
Thomas Thurman ‏@tjathurman 21h
@jkottke @j4 embarrassingly perhaps, Dire Straits's "Brothers in Arms" album beginning to end. Works as a Pomodoro-like timer too.
Alesh Houdek ‏@alesh 21h
@jkottke Currently Darkside and Forrest Swords. I like to keep it fresh. The Orb is a classic.
Sillium ‏@Sillium 21h
@jkottke Calm Radio ( ) atmospheric nature sounds, e.g. “Night Frogs” (no music though). Or their Tibet or Zen channel.
Karsten Weiss ‏@knweiss 21h
@jkottke Inception soundtrack.
Kevin Spencer ‏@kevin_spencer 21h
@jkottke Tron Legacy is the best album Daft Punk ever did. Contender for best soundtrack too. Clint Mansel's Moon is my fave.
Claudio Gallo ‏@daualset 21h
@jkottke Asa-Chang & Junray - Hana
Finlay ‏@findango 21h
@jkottke Keith Jarrett, The Köln Concert
Chris Winters ‏@cwinters 21h
@jkottke Ditto to Social Network; Tron Legacy is also great
Brendan Berg ‏@__get__ 21h
On my current coding playlist: Planisphère by Justice. Death Surf by Heroin in Tahiti. Tomorrow’s Harvest by Boards of Canada. /cc @jkottke
Linda Muck ‏@linda_muck 21h
@jkottke iLiKETRAiNS. Rather pretentious spelling, perfect music to work to.
Ted ‏@icono 21h
@jkottke El Ten Eleven (of Helvetica fame) does it for me. …
Alastair Stuart ‏@alastairstuart 22h
@jkottke anything by Flume
Ryan Bergman ‏@ryber 22h
@jkottke I just wrote a blog post on my top coding music: …
Kenneth Liu ‏@kenliu 22h
@jkottke Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk
Jesse James Garrett ‏@jjg 22h
@bn2b @jkottke Seconded, and adding on Godspeed You Black Emperor.
Joshua Blount ‏@stickwithjosh 22h
@jkottke @hoodinternet for life.
Chris Kelly ‏@ckelly 22h
@jkottke I use @focusatwill - great service
Colin Devroe ‏@cdevroe 22h
@jkottke How snakes fly …
Brent Bailey ‏@bpbailey 22h
@jkottke OST from "Upstream Color" has been on repeat since the movie came out
Karl Noelle ‏@karlnoelle 22h
@jkottke minimal techno from moscow.
ken ‏@chumulu 22h
@jkottke brian eno's bloom app - never the same twice
Sapana Vora ‏@SapanaV 22h
@jkottke Anoushka Shankar
marin younker ‏@odddelights 22h
.@jkottke a favorite of @sandwichmaker is Amon Tobin
Rob Brewer ‏@rbrwr 22h
@jkottke Philip Glass, Koyaanisqatsi
Cynthia D'Angelo ‏@dapostrophe 22h
@jkottke Sigur Ros, Broken Social Scene, Radiohead (Amnesiac), Gomez, piano-heavy jazz
Joshua Works ‏@worksology 22h
@jkottke Have you tried EPROM? Each time I listen to it, I think you'd probably enjoy it.
John. ‏@JacketRacketNHL 22h
@jkottke @maxlinsky big burzum fan. ❤️
jim pelletier ‏@jskpelletier 22h
@jkottke Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol. II
J-F Cloutier ‏@jfcloutier 22h
@jkottke @roundtrip Hands down, the J.S. Bach station on Pandora. Baroque music is like ginko biloba except it works.
Jon Jarosinski ‏@jjarosinski 22h
@jkottke Mogwai, This Will Destroy You, Explosions in the Sky, El Ten Eleven
Kelly Hoffman ‏@kellychoffman 22h
@jkottke Emancipator
Menno Willemse ‏@Bannog 22h
@jkottke @fanf Peatbog Fairies, J.M. Jarre, Brandenburgische Konzerte. As long as it has no lyrics.
Patrick Igoe ‏@PatrickIgoe 22h
@jkottke King Crimson or Dream Theater. Irregular time signatures are the key to allowing me to listen, but still focus on what I am doing.
Andrew Ducker ‏@andrewducker 22h
@jkottke @fanf Nero - Welcome Reality.
Ben Gimpert ‏@someben 22h
@jkottke any Pandora symphonic metal station.
Andrew Marvin ‏@andrewmarvin 22h
@jkottke Boards of Canada, Music for Airports, Koolmotor Instrumentals by Five Deez.
Jason Cosper ‏@boogah 22h
@jkottke Either The Orb’s “Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” or Underworld’s “Everything, Everything”.
kristy ‏@readkristy 22h
@jkottke Rachel's, Music for Egon Schiele. any of their albums really.
Sally Tamarkin ‏@sallyt 22h
@reconfiguredpat Here ya go. …
Duncan Blair ‏@phixx 22h
@jkottke so many, but a regular favourite is Tycho/@ISO50's Dive album.
Mia Eaton ‏@VictoriaMia 23h
@jkottke I like Beethoven’s Sonata 21, Opus 15 for relieving initial agitation. Plus it makes banging on keys feel fancy.
Liz Gumbinner ‏@Mom101 23h
@jkottke Massive Attack: Protection. It's like the soundtrack for life.
Evan Doll ‏@edog1203 23h
@jkottke The Twelves, Hot Chip, Justice BBC Radio one mix.
Mia Eaton ‏@VictoriaMia 23h
@jkottke I want to say techno versions of Sarah McLaughlin songs, but you guys would just make fun of me.
Nitemoves ‏@nitemoves 23h
@tubes @jkottke I get that a lot, strangely
Austin Marshall ‏@oxtopus 23h
@jkottke Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid's NYC …
Olivia Noble ‏@oliviacnoble 23h
@UnlikelyWords @jkottke Battles is great - nothing too catchy to distract you, but perfect concentration music.
Sarah Hromack ‏@forwardretreat 23h
@jkottke Also @thisismbV (obviously). Compile and publish!
Tim Miller ‏@TMills 23h
@jkottke Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger. Driving beats, fast tempos, big melodies.
Martin McNulty ‏@shamblepop 23h
@jkottke Mogwai, Beethoven
Brian ‏@BrianNeedsaNap 23h
@jkottke Dawn of Midi is the world's best "focus" music. I'm made it took 31 years of my life to happen.
Adam Roberts ‏@amateurgourmet 23h
@jkottke Nick Drake, Neko Case, Aimee Mann---sort-of quiet mopey stuff.
Josh McHugh ‏@Mc_Huge 23h
@jkottke a record store genius handed me a drum n bass CD on St. Mark's place in 1994 and 20 yrs on DnB is still my go-to. #novocals
Winston Hearn ‏@justwinston 23h
@jkottke today, Jan Johansson. Most days, whatever ear worm i have on repeat (I zone out to music while working - helps if it’s consistent)
James Lavino ‏@james_lavino 23h
@jkottke maybe Steve Reich's 'Music for 18 Musicians'?
Dan Woods ‏@mil 23h
@dalton @jkottke the sworcery soundtrack is indeed incredible.
Michael Onarheim ‏@MichaelOnarheim 23h
@jkottke Without a doubt @Slayer.
Andrew S ‏@bn2b 23h
@jkottke Explosions In The Sky is really good for this.
CapTied96 ‏@CapTied96 23h
@jkottke Time Out - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
James Murray ‏@jamesm00001 23h
@jkottke Gas: *Nah Und Fern*
Mike Davidson ‏@mikeindustries 23h
@jkottke Probably Explosions in the Sky or Gramatik.
Koplowicz & Sons ‏@koplowicznsons 23h
@jkottke I've been spending a lot of time here: …
Norman Brannon ‏@nervousacid 23h
.@jkottke I've got an ongoing writing playlist I'm still building and tweaking. But it works:
Dalton Rooney ‏@dalton 23h
@jkottke Oh and also Jim Guthrie's Sword & Sworcery & Indie Game the Movie soundtracks.
ekb ‏@ebarbarossa 23h
@jkottke ben frost. British sea power.
Dalton Rooney ‏@dalton 23h
@jkottke Boards of Canada, Eno's Ambient 1-4, Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations all work for me.
Buzz Andersen ‏@buzz 23h
@jkottke @meowrey is a total devotee of Girl Talk while working, which is pretty far on the more frenetic end of the spectrum.
Scott Galer ‏@scottgaler 23h
@jkottke The Durutti Column and everything that comes up w/ it on its Pandora station.
Fred Oliveira ‏@f 23h
@buzz that's never a bad choice. I've been playing Mogwai, The Field and Jon Hopkins lately when I want to focus. /cc @jkottke
Buzz Andersen ‏@buzz 23h
@jkottke Junior Boys are another favorite.
Aaron Coleman ‏@aaroncoleman0 23h
@jkottke Deepchord, anything on Basic Channel, William Basinski, Stars of the Lid, Gas, John Adams, Do Make Say Think, Jaga Jazzist
Mark Wunsch ‏@markwunsch 23h
@jkottke Lost Years
Nevan King ‏@nevanking 23h
@jkottke My longtime favourite: … And a Metafilter post: …
Buzz Andersen ‏@buzz 23h
@jkottke I've been listening to a lot of Broken Social Scene while working lately.
Alex Mahan ‏@alexmahan 23h
@jkottke Loscil, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Enya, The Field, Gas, Waka Flocka Flame, Tim Hecker, Cocteau Twins, Popof
Sean Tubridy ‏@tubes 23h
@jkottke Right now @ISO50 (Tycho) and @nitemoves.
Dan Woods ‏@mil 23h
@jkottke i find that the RiverRun Project and accomp. mix by @underworldlive are excellent tunes to tap keys to.
Ezequiel ‏@enparticular 23h
@jkottke almost anything by Machinefabriek: … or The Necks: … (warning: very quiet and gentle)
Dinsx ‏@dinsx 23h
@jkottke sometimes best machines are proving that they are still man made. :-)
יוֹחָנָן בָּרוּךְ ‏@PixelRobot 23h
@jkottke Dysnomia - Dawn of Midi:
MusicSales Film&TV ‏@MusicSalesUK 23h
@beccarosen @andersen @jkottke more Glass - you all make great choices in music...
Zana Fauzi ‏@whataboutzana 23h
@jkottke I recently found this band Seekae. Give them a listen please if you could.
Sean Devine ‏@barelyknown 23h
@jkottke Paramore, Shakira, LOL
Catherine ‏@catherinejv2 23h
@jkottke any state of trance episode by Armin van Buuren
Mike Essl ‏@essl 23h
@jkottke The Fucking Champs
Joe Hanson ‏@jtotheizzoe 23h
@jkottke Blade Runner soundtrack, Brian Eno - Apollo, Dawn of Midi, Eluvium, Explosions in the Sky
Ariel Aberg-Riger ‏@Figure1 23h
@jkottke anything Philip Glass.
Sarah Hromack ‏@forwardretreat 23h
@jkottke Forever: @BBCWorld, GYBE, Cocteau Twins, @mogwaiband, @sigurros, @kronosquartet, Stockhausen, Gorecki, etc.; Recently: @dawnofmidi.
Dinah Sanders ‏@MetaGrrrl 23h
@jkottke "The Earthly Diana" & "Kids Watch T.V."-Combustible Edison (Four Rooms soundtrack); "Casbah Shuffle"-Ashwin Batish. Hella eclectic.
Dinah Sanders ‏@MetaGrrrl 23h
@jkottke "Peter Gunn"-Art of Noise+Duane Eddy; "Espionage"-Green Day; "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball"-Aphex Twin (Pi soundtrack);
Michael Sterchak ‏@MichaelSterchak 23h
@jkottke: Tron is a fave, but check out The Third Twin too. Songza also has a great Code Your Face Off station.
Rob Drimmie ‏@RobDrimmie 23h
@jkottke It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, but the Hackers soundtrack still puts me smack dab in the middle of the zone.
Jeffrey Wieczorek ‏@wieczorek 23h
@jkottke - @starsofthelid & @_loscil_ are two favorites I listen to with the headphones on during the day.
Scott Johnson ‏@everydayscott 23h
@jkottke so @cabel turned me onto Simcity soundtracks. playful fun music designed to be listened to go hours on end …
Davin O'Dwyer ‏@davinodwyer 23h
@jkottke Great question - mine are Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Ludovico Einaudi, sometimes Mogwai’s Zidane
Josué Blanco ‏@josueblanco 23h
@jkottke Oh! And @cabel just recommended the new SimCity soundtrack — great for starting the day.
Dinah Sanders ‏@MetaGrrrl 23h
@jkottke "As Serious As Your Life"-Four Tet; "Stiff Jazz"-Dzihan & Kamien; "Wildest Pig in Captivity"-John Renbourn; "Vaseline Machine Gun"-
Billy Harbinson ‏@bharbinson 23h
@jkottke Portal 2 Soundtrack is quite nice.
ravi motha ‏@ravimotha 23h
@jkottke Like using the Social network OST by Trent Rezor and Atticus Ross, Entire Chemical brothers back catalogue
rico ‏@bogusbroege 23h
@jkottke phillip glass solo piano
Logan Leger ‏@lleger 23h
@jkottke Alt-J
KG Heath ‏@KG_Heath 23h
@jkottke Inception soundtrack - and Inception Horn to get going in the morning.
dan ‏@dandoozled 23h
@jkottke @PearlJam discography
randito ‏@randito 23h
@jkottke I usually tune into @somafm and their "Groove Salad" station.
Goonsterham Lincoln ‏@goonerlincoln 23h
@jkottke the social network soundtrack
Julia Skott ‏@juliaskott 23h
@jkottke has a lot of good stations for writing and programming.
Paul Colombo ‏@pcolombo 23h
@jkottke Pretty much any early Brian Eno. …
gabefriedman ‏@grumpygabe 23h
@jkottke Green Day's "American Idiot" for straight production no-thought cranking.
=/= ‏@NOTEQUALCO 23h
@jkottke COM TRUISE
Antti Rasinen ‏@arsatiki 23h
@jkottke Rush; Symphony X
Jannik Anker ‏@jannikanker 23h
@jkottke Anything Daft Punk, really :-)
Jim Ray ‏@jimray 23h
Brian Mackey ‏@BrianMackey 23h
@jkottke Terry Riley's "In C" by Bang on a Can All Stars ( ); and Dawn of Midi's "Dysnomia" ( ).
Kevin Barnett ‏@kevinbarnett 23h
@jkottke DJ Shadow Entroducing…
Josué Blanco ‏@josueblanco 23h
@jkottke Also check out the (free!) Portal 2 soundtrack:
Josué Blanco ‏@josueblanco 23h
@jkottke Can’t wait for the full list! Plume by Loscil always helps me produce my best work: …
Theo Mills ‏@twmills 23h
@jkottke All Boards of Canada albums.
Tom ‏@a20261 23h
@jkottke The Joy Formidable #codingmusic
Orjan Westin ‏@Cunobaros 23h
@jkottke Vangelis' Spiral.
Dinah Sanders ‏@MetaGrrrl 23h
@jkottke Since most albums have non-ideal tracks, I've invested time in flagging the right songs in my collection: 'workit' & 'instrumental'
Steve ‏@Stv 23h
@jkottke fuck buttons, justice, daft punk, the field. Mostly anything with a beat & few lyrics.
Henrique Martin ‏@henriquemartin 23h
@jkottke philip glass
Thomas Winningham ‏@th0ma5 23h
@jkottke local classical wosu :P the hood internet mixes, random access memories,decemberists-hazards of love, the grey album, also ATC kcmh
Insert Culture ‏@insertculture 23h
Got one for you @jkottke - Explosions in the Sky "The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place"
Adrian Bortignon ‏@AdrianBortignon 23h
@jkottke any soundtrack by Cliff Martinez. Only God Forgives currently on high-rotation.
Matteo Scandolin ‏@matteoscandolin 23h
@jkottke Battlestar Galactica (esp. season 4) & Lady in the water soundtracks.
Robin Sloan ‏@robinsloan 23h
@beccarosen @andersen @jkottke Glass & Steve Reich definitely do something weird & good to your brain. Also: Holden, The Haxan Cloak.
Mark Olson ‏@mark_olson 23h
@jkottke Life Aquatic by Seu Jorge. Standout track: the Life on Mars cover ( …)
stark ‏@jjmstark 23h
@jkottke Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich: …
Dustin ‏@dustineichler 23h
@jkottke Manuel Göttsching
niju ‏@nijusaroan 23h
@jkottke …
Davin Risk ‏@davin 23h
@jkottke Morricone’s “Cinema Paradiso” soundtrack — except it occasionally makes me cry.
Huy Hong ‏@huy 23h
@jkottke Braveheart soundtrack and Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano and Solo Piano II
Chris Allen Official ‏@jchrisallen 23h
@jkottke explosions in the sky was what I've used ever since college. Dynamic, melodic, and pretty. Bonus: no lyrics to think about!
Josh ‏@angleofattack 23h
@jkottke Bonobo, BoC, Tycho, The Field. Engaging but not distracting.
Nitin Borwankar ‏@nitin 23h
@constantx @jkottke Deep Purple Machine Head, and then the opposite end of the spectrum John McLaughlin w Shakti
Marc Majcher ‏@majcher 23h
@troygilbert @jkottke Crystal Method's Vegas, Tron Legacy, Solace by Tettix, and a couple of twenty year old jungle rave DJ sets by Dr. No.
Robin Rendle ‏@robinrendle 23h
@jkottke My favourite is NiN’s Ghosts I-IV
Piotr Lipski ‏@piotrlipski 23h
@jkottke Strange, but total noise bands like Fantomas (Mike Patton) or Dillinger Escpae Plan. But last two weeks I'm on OST from "Oblivion"
Adam ‏@pseudomonas 23h
@jkottke @fanf Bach's Coffee Cantata.
Benjamin Harrison ‏@BenjaminAhr 23h
@jkottke I have a couple of Tranquility Bass albums which I like because they're both instrumental and energetic.
Bearded necromancer ‏@commadelimited 23h
@goobimama @jkottke I'd second the Social Network soundtrack.
Brandon Hirsch ‏@bmhirsch 23h
Tycho,KILN RT @jkottke: Hey everyone, what's your favorite head-down coding/designing/writing concentration music? I want to compile a list.
Dave Wiskus ‏@dwiskus 23h
@jkottke Eight and a Half: …
Christopher Jobson ‏@Colossal 23h
@jkottke Lately: Dysnomia from @dawnofmidi.
Milind Alvares ‏@goobimama 23h
@jkottke On that note, Social Network and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtracks work really well for some serious stuff.
Les Orchard ‏@lmorchard 23h
@jkottke Lately, Mastodon's "Crack the Skye" has been my "Okay, no foolin, time to crank out an hour of solid work" soundtrack
Jason Kottke ‏@jkottke 23h
@jkottke Meant to share mine: Tron Legacy soundtrack.
Nan ‏@amanda_nan 23h
@jkottke any of the piano tribute albums on rdio, explosions in the sky, the new tron soundtrack
hentosz ‏@hentosz 23h
.@jkottke Anything from the Oscar Peterson Trio. Jerome Kern Songbook is best among equals.
T. Nguyen ‏@constantx 23h
@jkottke epic film scores on songza :)
Anish Patel ‏@codeanish 23h
@jkottke @tomcoates Anything by @the_prodigy… particularly Narayan
Stephen R. Fox ‏@F6x 23h
@jkottke Sigur Rós ( )
Paul Carroll ‏@stublag 23h
@jkottke Oddisee - The Beauty In All, Bonobo - The North Borders and recently, Rain Dog - Two Words.
Rebecca Rosen ‏@beccarosen 23h
@andersen @jkottke I second the Richter suggestion. Also the new Andrew Bird, Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack, & some Philip Glass.
Sleepy Ross ‏@Rosscott 23h
@jkottke zero 7, rjd2, and video game music cover bands.
Josh Lee ‏@joshleejosh 23h
@jkottke Autechre, Tri Repetae; Tomas Dvorak, Machinarium Soundtrack.
John Armstrong ‏@johnthemaker 23h
@jkottke anything w/o lyrics - standard fare : The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place, or anything by Explosions in the Sky.
alexandra klasinski ‏@alexandrak 23h
@jkottke explosions in the sky.
Jonah Warren ‏@playfulsystems 23h
@jkottke Turing Machine, Neu, El Ten Eleven, Glenn Branca, Stereolab, Spacemen3, Konono No1, Ratatat. Will 2nd Dawn of Midi.
HugoLindgren ‏@HugoLindgren 23h
@jkottke my theory is you want music that has weirdness & depth, can make you wonder. 2 disparate choices: Colin Stetson, the Knife
Brie Anne Demkiw ‏@breezyskies 23h
@jkottke Dawn of Midi - Dysnomia
Tyler Gaw ‏@thegaw 23h
@jkottke Slayer all day, every day.
pete beatty ‏@nocoastoffense 23h
@nzle @kfan @jkottke first two Zomes LPs, Wooden Shjips
Matt Haughey ‏@mathowie 23h
@jkottke Patrick Ewing and Frank Chimero both have good rdio playlists
Kyle M. ‏@kylobit 23h
@jkottke Machinarium / Samarost by @FloexOfficial, @michaeljtanner & @kylebobbydunn, Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music...
David Helms ‏@davidhelms 23h
@jkottke Almost anything by Keston & Westdal …
david reeves ‏@dreeves 23h
@jkottke @tomcoates - very well curated. Also, a strangely isolated place or asip in app store
Ross Andersen ‏@andersen 23h
@jkottke Max Richter's stuff, tron soundtrack, anything by Marcus Mohall (soundcloud), Brian Eno Apollo album
D. Puppet, CPA ‏@draculapuppet 23h
@jkottke The Concentration Station, via @idontlikewords:
William Fields ‏@william_fields 23h
@jkottke Rhythm & Sound, Dawn of MIDI - Dysnomia
Colin Devroe ‏@cdevroe 23h
@jkottke Recently, Soundtracks from Oblivion, Gravity, Inception, The Hobbit. Also, Ratatat, Bonobo.
Phil Renaud ‏@phil_renaud 23h
@jkottke +1 to @susanjrobertson for Social Network; anything without words though. Mogwai. Do Make Say Think's &Yet&Yet. Boards of Canada.
Mila ‏@LPrecords 23h
@jkottke @mitchellholder I 2nd that: Album Leaf, In a Safe Place is perfect work music. Also The Drift, Memory Drawings
Aidan ‏@aidano 23h
@jkottke whatever is on the Space Dreams channel on @difm (spacey ambient)
Dan Betz ‏@bephf 23h
@jkottke rocky iv soundtrack
Mark Cersosimo ‏@markinhifi 23h
@jkottke Anything by Star Slinger, Ancient Astronauts, or Gold Panda. Or this on repeat (Really).
McNastyPrime ‏@McNastyPrime 23h
@jkottke @tomcoates at the moment, chvrches, lorde and metric are pounding enough to keep me going but don't interrupt train of thought
Adam Cole ‏@adamtcole 23h
@jkottke Pantha Du Prince. Stars of the Lid. Man I should just make an Rdio list and send it to you. My favorite kind of music: heady drone.
David Janes ‏@dpjanes 23h
.@jkottke @tomcoates Soma FM Groove Salad
Troy Gilbert ‏@troygilbert 23h
@jkottke I look forward to you publishing this list. My contributions: C418’s One, Tron Legacy soundtrack, Social Network soundtrack.
Eric Benjamin ‏@ejbenjamin 24h
@jkottke The Reznor/Ross soundtracks for Social Network and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
Ratko Vidakovic ‏@ratkovidakovic 24h
@jkottke black lung - the trilateral commission (favorite work/study track of all time)
Kavi Guppta ‏@kaviguppta 24h
@jkottke, Stumbleine is favourite of mine:
Kevin Smokler ‏@Weegee 24h
@jkottke And instrumental combination of Explosions in the Sky and Tangerine Dream.
Zach Crizer ‏@zcrizer 24h
@jkottke Slave Ambient by The War on Drugs
nicholas mills ‏@etherniko 24h
@jkottke Bach, endless Bach. Liszt, Miles and Hendrix for punctuation.
Claude Le Berre ‏@cleberre 24h
@jkottke music for airport
dwayne ‏@dwayne 24h
@jkottke Bad Wings by The Glitch Mob or One Click Headshot by Feed Me are strong contenders from my GSD playlist
Justin Driscoll ‏@jdriscoll 24h
@jkottke Yo-Yo Ma
Shah Selbe ‏@shahselbe 24h
@katetropa @jkottke This Will Destroy You, Boards of Canada. Also, Christopher O'Riley's piano Radiohead albums are pretty great.
Susan Robertson ‏@susanjrobertson Jan 30
@jkottke the soundtrack to The Social Network.
Adam Cole ‏@adamtcole Jan 30
@jkottke Emeralds’ Does It Look Like I’m Here?
John Speranza ‏@johnsperanza Jan 30
@jkottke everything by Boards of Canada, the first three volumes of John Cage piano music, "this was written by hand" by David Lang
Daniel Zarick ‏@DanielZarick Jan 30
@jkottke Complex, driving stuff. Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Refused, Baths, Enemies, Tune-Yards, Battles, Bear Vs Shark, Pelican...
Adam D. Scott ‏@adamdscott Jan 30
@jkottke Paul Bley Trio's Closer and Boards of Canada's Music Has the Right to Children
Linus Edwards ‏@LinusEdwards Jan 30
@jkottke Miles Davis "Kind of Blue"
Tim Carmody ‏@tcarmody Jan 30
@jkottke My Bloody Valentine to zone out, Eric B & Rakim to pump myself up, late-50s jazz to calm down and stretch out
Shah Selbe ‏@shahselbe Jan 30
@katetropa @jkottke Tycho, Yann Tiersen, Penguin Cafe Orch, Zoe Keating, Album Leaf, Air, Sigur Ros, Jonsi & Alex, Olafur Arnalds, Mogwai
Joe Curry ‏@Joe_Curry Jan 30
@jkottke Best of Movie Soundtracks playlist on @Spotify; 874 tracks (50h), pure concentration, and occasionally funny when you recognize one
Jay Fallon ‏@jayfallon Jan 30
@jkottke Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi.
Mark Norman Francis ‏@cackhanded Jan 30
@jkottke Anything without lyrics. Classical music, tv/movie/game soundtracks. Utter favourite TRON Legacy and Command&Conquer Generals.
Adam Cole ‏@adamtcole Jan 30
@jkottke 1 Mile North’s Minor Shadows is my favorite album ever ever ever, and used for this purpose all the time.
Tim Bornholdt ‏@timbornholdt Jan 30
@jkottke the preset's Apocalypso is my go-to. that, and brubeck's Time Out.
Todd Coleman ‏@todd_coleman Jan 30
@jkottke Pelican, QOTSA, any kind of post-rock instrumental albums.
Will Smith ‏@willsmith Jan 30
@jkottke I listen to instrumental stuff. Game soundtracks, mostly.
Michael Miller ‏@mychelmiller Jan 30
@jkottke shoegaze. Ladytron, client, air. Felix da housecat
Karl Spurzem ‏@mezrups Jan 30
@jkottke The Field: …
Matt Grieser ‏@mattgrieser Jan 30
@jkottke Eno or Basinski
Tyler Travitz ‏@tylertravitz Jan 30
@jkottke I like Piano Tribute Players. They have wide selection of covers. Here’s a good one: …
Nic Sanchez ‏@nicotomoawesome Jan 30
@jkottke Four Tet, Motohiro Nakashima
timoni west ‏@timoni Jan 30
@jkottke Ta-da!
Thea Lux ‏@thealux Jan 30
@jkottke Eno's song "Here Come the Warm Jets" on repeat or Vivaldi's "Four Seasons." Please share that list. I'm running out of seasons.
Matt Bucher ‏@mattbucher Jan 30
@jkottke Brian Eno or Air.
Ruhee on Rails ‏@ruhee_ Jan 30
@jkottke The new Warpaint album is REAL good for me right now.
Ian Horner ‏@ihorner Jan 30
@jkottke Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest
Zach Seward ‏@zseward Jan 30
Matt Sullivan ‏@sullduggery Jan 30
@jkottke .@MySecondEmpire made this list in 2010... … ...and the new Warpaint record is good: …
Dan Frommer ‏@fromedome Jan 30
@jkottke Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump
Bretton MacLean ‏@Bretton Jan 30
@jkottke Personally I can't work with music that has lyrics, so I made this playlist:
Neil Major ‏@Neilmajor Jan 30
@jkottke Burger/Ink - Las Vegas …
Nozlee S-H ‏@nzle Jan 30
@kfan @jkottke Howdy! by Teenage Fanclub
Matthew Glidden ‏@matthewglidden Jan 30
@jkottke FriskyRadio podcasts
samkusnetz ‏@samkusnetz Jan 30
@jkottke brandenburg concertos.
Christopher Shore ‏@ctotheshore Jan 30
@jkottke Hydrogen by M|O|O|N.
gabrielamadeus ‏@gabrielamadeus Jan 30
@jkottke Lots of stuff I never listen to outside of headphones, ie: Dub and stoner metal. Loud.
Clément Larrivé ‏@w3corg Jan 30
@jkottke Goldberg Variations/Tron: Legacy OST/Pacific Rim OST/Metal Gear Solid OST/Mark Ronson - Record Collection/John Zorn - Filmworks XX
Bert JW Regeer ‏@bertjwregeer Jan 30
@jkottke any hard style, hardcore or happy hardcore.
bryan kennedy ‏@xbryanx Jan 30
@jkottke Coltrane: Blue Train; Slayer: Seasons in the Abyss.
Owen Washburn ‏@owashb Jan 30
@jkottke Darkside
Tim Murtaugh ‏@murtaugh Jan 30
@jkottke Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack (the remix version is slightly better for working)
Bryan Schuetz ‏@BryanSchuetz Jan 30
@jkottke Vivaldi essentials on iTunes Radio …
Oliver Oike ‏@oo Jan 30
@jkottke The @indiegamemovie soundtrack by @jampants: …
I Are Andrew ‏@andrewwatson Jan 30
@jkottke the theme from Jurassic Park, Intro by The xx, Carmina Burana
john ‏@krylon Jan 30
@jkottke Boards of Canada, Sea and Cake, Autechre, Mouse on Mars, Tortoise.
Sasquatch Coder ‏@pbriggeman Jan 30
@jkottke Emphatic - Another Life, definitely Python code-binging rock…
Scott Cormier ‏@scormier Jan 30
@jkottke @nilsfrahm's new album just made it on that list…
Mathieu Richardoz ‏@metamatik Jan 30
@jkottke Psychedelic trance or epic OSTs (Battlestar Galactica, Pacific Rim, …).
michael hoffman ‏@chelicerata Jan 30
@jkottke The "Music for Programming" (dot net) series is pretty great
Mitchell Holder ‏@mitchellholder Jan 30
@jkottke Album Leaf - In a Safe Place.
Greg Sasso ‏@gregsasso Jan 30
@jkottke Ambient Brian Eno works well. Stuff like Real Estate is good (for me) too.
Kyle Slattery ‏@kyleslattery Jan 30
@jkottke I still haven’t found anything better than the Daft Punk TRON soundtrack
Nathan ‏@hintofsarcasm Jan 30
@jkottke I get the most done to The Airborne Toxic Event's self-titled first album. …
Knut Melvær ‏@kmelve Jan 30
@jkottke The Album Leaf, Allfader, Burial, Jaga Jazzist
Charles Gravolet ‏@cgnost Jan 30
@jkottke Boards of Canada, Sunn O))), Tortoise, and Isis.
Jacob Wolman ‏@jwolman Jan 30
Donna Lowe ‏@reloweeda Jan 30
@jkottke Boards of Canada.
Kevvifer Lawrence ‏@kfan Jan 30
@jkottke Substrata by Biosphere
John Hutchinson ‏@johnhutch Jan 30
@jkottke Steve Reich - Music for 12 Musicians or Dawn of Midi's Dynomia
Jason Kottke ‏@jkottke Jan 30
Hey everyone, what's your favorite head-down coding/designing/writing concentration music? I want to compile a list.
Matt Jones ‏@moleitau Jan 30
@katetropa @shahselbe @jkottke "Moon" S/T, Daft Punk's "Tron" s/t… 65DaysOfStatic's "escape from NY" & "Silent Running" re-soundtrackings
Jason Kottke ‏@jkottke Jan 30
@moleitau @katetropa @shahselbe Oh yeah, I love that FTL album. World of Goo soundtrack is nice as well.
Matt Jones ‏@moleitau Jan 30
@katetropa @shahselbe @jkottke oh… also…
kate ‏@katetropa Jan 30
@jkottke @moleitau @shahselbe + Hauschka, HelgeLienTrio, KetilBjornstad, Caspian, JohannJohannsson, OlafurArnalds, NilsFrahm, AmericanDollar
Jason Kottke ‏@jkottke Jan 30
@katetropa @shahselbe Phillip Glass, Boards of Canada, Upstream Color OST, Sigur Ros, Tron Legacy OST, Moon OST, Max Richter, Tycho, etc.
Jason Kottke ‏@jkottke Jan 30
@katetropa @shahselbe Mozart piano sonatas and concertos too. Yo Yo Ma playing Bach. I also listen to a lot of dance-y stuff while coding.
Her soundtrack
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