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@jkramer jkramer/blurgh.p6
Created Aug 3, 2016

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Blurgh Example
use Blurgh;
class Blog::Post does Blurgh::Route[:('post')] {
state %posts;
state $next-post-id = 1;
# Matches "GET /post/123" (only if integer exists in %posts)
multi method get(Int:D $id where { %posts{$_}:exists }) {
# Matches POST /post/new
multi method post('new') {
my $id = $next-post-id++;
%posts{$id} = $;
$.render(:text("post $id created"));
# curl -d 'Lustiger Post.' localhost:8118/post/new
post 1 created
# curl localhost:8118/post/1
Lustiger Post
# curl localhost:8118/post/2
Not Found
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