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Sample of how to configure Spring Boot's layered jar support for multi-module build that includes your own libs
subprojects { subproject ->
// ...
plugins.withId('org.springframework.boot') {
springBoot {
bootJar {
layered {
// application follows Boot's defaults
application {
intoLayer("spring-boot-loader") {
include "org/springframework/boot/loader/**"
// for dependencies we ensure that our own libraries are put into a separate layer
dependencies {
intoLayer("libs-dependencies") {
include "nl.trifork:*:*"
layerOrder = ["dependencies", "spring-boot-loader", "libs-dependencies", "application"]
buildInfo {
properties {
// ensure builds result in the same artifact when nothing's changed:
time = null
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JWThewes commented Jun 24, 2020

Do you have any idea if this is possible with maven?

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jkuipers commented Jun 24, 2020

The Maven plugin provides the same features, but using an external XML config file instead of internal DSL:

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