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def gyro_drive(self, speed, heading, distance):
actual_distance = 0
while actual_distance < distance:
correction = self.gyro.angle() * -10, correction)
actual_distance = self.robot.distance()
View builder.go
func (b *Builder) RegularBuild(group BuildpackGroup, workspaceDir, layersDir string) (*BuildMetadata, error) {
platformDir, err := filepath.Abs(b.PlatformDir)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
layersDir, err := filepath.Abs(layersDir)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
appDir, err := filepath.Abs(workspaceDir)
View sample-buildpack.toml
api = "<buildpack API version>"
id = "<buildpack ID>"
name = "<buildpack name>"
version = "<buildpack version>"
homepage = "<buildpack homepage>"
clear-env = false
privileged = true
View tekton-buildpacks.yml
kind: Task
name: buildpacks-phases
labels: "0.1"
annotations: "0.12.1" image-build
View project-inline-buildpacks.toml
id = "cnb/make"
version = "1.0"
uri = ""
uri = "docker://"
View project-mixins.toml
id = ""
version = "0.1"
include = [
View inline-scriptless-buildpack.toml
id = "my-app"
id = "example/jvm"
version = "1.0"
id = "example/ruby"
version = "1.0"
View build.bash
#!/usr/bin/env bash
apt update
apt install imagemagick
cat << EOF > ${1}/privileged.toml
paths = [ "/usr" ]
launch = true
build = true
View cnb-overlay.txt
$ docker run --rm --privileged -it heroku/heroku:18-build bash
root@f1442b4c03bb:/# mkdir -p /tmp/overlay && mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /tmp/overlay && mkdir -p /tmp/overlay/{usr,work}
root@f1442b4c03bb:/# mount -t overlay -o lowerdir=/usr,upperdir=/tmp/overlay/usr/,workdir=/tmp/overlay/work/ overlay /usr/
root@f1442b4c03bb:/# apt update
root@f1442b4c03bb:/# apt install tree
Reading package lists... Done
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How to Pick Your First Telescope

How to Pick Your First Telescope

I've been an amateur astronomer for more years than I can count, and I've helped many people choose their first telescope.

However, I usually recommend that most people start with a very good pair of binoculars instead of a telescope. High-end binoculars are wonderful instruments that will remain useful even if you decided to upgrade to a telescope. I still use mine regularly despite owning multiple high-quality telescopes. They're just fun and easy.

Celestron Skymaster Binoculars

  • $100-$150
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