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// based on dan shiffman's coding challenge #11
// draw terrain as triangle_strips
// then manipulate vertices of the triangle_strips
var points;
var cols, rows;
var unit;
var minZ, maxZ;
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// do i remember anything from three.js?????
// the answer is no
// kool weird jagged landscape that is totally not correct
var camera, scene, renderer;
View 20170405_1330.js
var polygons = [];
var unitSlider, unit;
function setup() {
createCanvas(500, 500);
unitSlider = createSlider(10, 100, 50);
unit = 0;
function draw() {
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// inspired by coding challenge #2
function setup() {
createCanvas(400, 400);
function draw() {
var b = new Box(50, 50, 300, 1);
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var dagensOrd;
chrome.tabs.onCreated.addListener(function(tab) {
if (!dagensOrd) {
function checkIfOrdSet() {
View 20170106.js
// ulam spiral leggo
var start;
var N;
var sideLen;
function setup() {
sideLen = 20;

Adventure Workshop

Welcome to a workshop in which you will write a text adventure game purely in HTML. That's right! All you need is HTML. And a desire to tell a story that blazes with the ferocity of a thousand suns. Let's get started!

Live Demo here: here


Go to Cloud9 and log in. Then, create a new directory for this workshop, naming it text_adventure. Then, create a new file, naming it index.html. This is where you will introduce the player to your adventure game.

units = ["cup","tbsp","tsp"]
# ingred are grams per 1 cup
ingred = {
"cinnamon": 124.8,
"flour": 125,
"bread flour": 125,
"whole wheat flour": 125,
"cake flour": 113.398,
"butter": 226.888,
"baking powder": 220.973,

Want to work on open source full-time and bring coding clubs to high schoolers around the world? HackLub is hiring a curriculum engineer to build out our open-source club curriculum.

The ideal candidate is actively involved in the open source community, has professional experience as an engineer (or the open source equivalent), and is already involved in getting more people coding (whether through hackathons, meetups, or something else).

Comment or shoot me an email at if you're interested :-).

View recruitingTipz1.js
/* test cases
assert is just a return a===b function. we all know this. these are strings. everyone relax.
assert("Jessica Kwok",format("JESSICA KWOK"));
assert("Jessica Kwok-Kwok",format("JESSICA KWOK-KWOK"));
assert("Jessica Kwok-$wok",format("JESSICA KWOK-$WOK"})); // this fails because i don't care enough
assert("Jessica Kwok-$$$$",format("JESSICA KWOK-$$$$"));
assert("J'essica",format("J'ESSICA")); // this fails too because am i a mind reader how should i know how you want your name formatted