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Quick and dirty Common Lisp function to generate static HTML from a gist URL.
(defun make-static-gist (gist-url)
"Retrieve a Gist from GitHub and format it as static CSS and HTML."
(let* ((nl-string (format nil "~c" #\newline))
;; Make sure the url has ".js" on the end
(ending (subseq gist-url (- (length gist-url) 3)))
(js-url (if (string= ending ".js")
(concatenate 'string gist-url ".js")))
;; Fetch the embedded gist from GitHub
(gist-data (drakma:http-request js-url)))
;; Read the string data
(with-input-from-string (strm gist-data)
(let* (
;; Get the CSS link
(css-html (read-line strm))
;; Get the document data
(doc-part (read-line strm))
;; Parse out the CSS URL and fetch it
;; 45 is the length of "document.write...",
;; 4 is the length of "\");" on the end
(css-url (subseq css-html 45 (- (length css-html) 4)))
(style-sheet (drakma:http-request css-url))
;; Remove \n and \ from the html
(escaped-html (subseq doc-part 16 (- (length doc-part) 4)))
(html-nl (cl-ppcre:regex-replace-all "\\\\n" escaped-html nl-string))
(raw-html (cl-ppcre:regex-replace-all "\\" html-nl "")))
;; Print everything out
(format t "~a~%" style-sheet)
(format t "~a~%" raw-html)))))
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