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Created May 21, 2016
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Add HIT/MISS info to headers with Django cache middleware
from django.views.decorators.cache import decorator_from_middleware_with_args
from django.middleware.cache import CacheMiddleware
class LocalCacheMiddleware(CacheMiddleware):
def process_request(self, request):
response = super(LocalCacheMiddleware, self).process_request(request)
# Add X-Cache: HIT header if response is returned from cache
if response:
response['X-Cache'] = 'HIT'
return response
def process_response(self, request, response):
response = super(LocalCacheMiddleware, self).process_response(request, response)
# Add X-Cache: MISS header since we missed the cache
response['X-Cache'] = 'MISS'
return response
def cache_page(*args, **kwargs):
c/p cache_page decorator from django.views.decorators.cache and change
middleware from CacheMiddleware to LocalCacheMiddleware
if len(args) != 1 or callable(args[0]):
raise TypeError("cache_page has a single mandatory positional argument: timeout")
cache_timeout = args[0]
cache_alias = kwargs.pop('cache', None)
key_prefix = kwargs.pop('key_prefix', None)
if kwargs:
raise TypeError("cache_page has two optional keyword arguments: cache and key_prefix")
return decorator_from_middleware_with_args(LocalCacheMiddleware)(
cache_timeout=cache_timeout, cache_alias=cache_alias, key_prefix=key_prefix
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