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pandoc booktabs minimal template (illustrative purposes only) (See:

How big's your cloud? {-}

                    **Apple**    **Google**   **Microsoft**

Revenue1, $bn 34.6 22.3 58.4

Profit1, $bn 5.2 4.6 14.6

Market capitalisation 170.2 127.3 230.4 latest, $bn

Employees1 32,0002 19,786 93,000

Share of key 693 83 93 market, world, (digital (search) (operating % music) systems)

: Sources: Company reports; Net Applications; NPD Group


  1. Year ending June 30th 2009 2 3

  2. September 2008

  3. US only

% Typeface settings
% Footnote kerning
% Longtabe and friends
% Footnote symbols
% Page size and margins
% Make links invisible, change metadata
% Remove page numbers
% Booktabs styling
\setlength\heavyrulewidth{1.5pt}% Thick top and bottom lines
\setlength{\defaultaddspace}{0.65ex}% Adjusted line spacing
\renewcommand{\toprule}{\originaltoprule[0pt]}% No top rule
% Dotted lines, load after longtable
\renewcommand*\cmidrule{\hdashline[.4pt/1pt]}% Dashed middle lines
% Adjust caption of floats (tables)
\floatsetup[longtable]{style=plaintop}% Does not work!
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