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Created Sep 1, 2015
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Proposed ObjectiveDDP Data Management Protocol
// Created by Jason Leach on 2015-08-27.
@import Foundation;
@class MeteorClient;
@protocol MeteorClientDataProtocol <NSObject>
// add
- (void)meteorClient:(MeteorClient *)client didAddObjectWithId:(NSString *)objectId collectionName:(NSString *)name fields:(NSDictionary *)fields;
- (void)meteorClient:(MeteorClient *)client didAddObjectWithId:(NSString *)objectId beforeObjectWithId:(NSString *)objectId collectionName:(NSString *)name fields:(NSDictionary *)fields;
// remove
- (void)meteorClient:(MeteorClient *)client didRemoveObjectWithId:(NSString *)objectId collectionName:(NSString *)name;
// change
- (void)meteorClient:(MeteorClient *)client didChangeObjectWithId:(NSString *)objectId collectionName:(NSString *)name fields:(NSDictionary *)fields;
// move
- (void)meteorClient:(MeteorClient *)client didMoveObjectWithId:(NSString *)objectId beforeObjectWithId:(NSString *)objectId collectionName:(NSString *)name;
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mikey0000 commented Sep 3, 2015

Yeah looks good.

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