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Jason C. Leach jleach

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jleach / protocol.h
Created Sep 1, 2015
Proposed ObjectiveDDP Data Management Protocol
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// Created by Jason Leach on 2015-08-27.
@import Foundation;
@class MeteorClient;
@protocol MeteorClientDataProtocol <NSObject>
jleach / .swift
Created Apr 19, 2016
Create a bar chart with iOS Charts.
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internal func bodyStateBarChartFromDate(fromDate: NSDate = NSDate(timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate: NSTimeInterval(0)), toDate: NSDate = NSDate(), unit: NSCalendarUnit = .Day) -> BarChartView {
print ("start = \(fromDate), end = \(toDate)")
let chartView = BarChartView()
// Build the chart view data
let data = buildHeartRateDataFromDate(fromDate, toDate: toDate, unit: unit)
if data.count == 0 {
jleach / daemonset.yaml
Created Jun 11, 2019
Traefik as a Daemon Set on a DigitalOcean k8s cluster
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apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: DaemonSet
k8s-app: traefik-ingress-controller
name: traefik-ingress-controller
namespace: kube-system
jleach / gist:67bbdde576a0c61b5d262944da24cd27
Created Jun 11, 2019
Traefik ConfgMap on DigitalOcean k8s
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apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: traefik-conf
namespace: kube-system
k8s-app: traefik-ingress-controller
traefik.toml: |
debug = true
jleach / deploy.yaml
Created Oct 8, 2019
DigitalOcean PostgreSQL Deployment Manifest
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apiVersion: v1
kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
namespace: test
name: postgres-data
app: postgres
- ReadWriteOnce
jleach /
Last active Sep 11, 2020
Image Management Strategy

The Problem

As part of the OCP Security Project the Platform Services (PS) team recognized that many of the images in the openshift namespace are not actively maintained. This is problematic because they are used by other teams leading to the propagation of security vulnerabilities; this will cause widespread security issues that will not be manageable when Aqua is put in play.

The Solution

Too greatly improve our security posture while not making our customers lives overly complicated or negatively impacting the platforms usability will require thinking about image management differently. Rather than one vast dumping ground for images, curated or not, we’ll use the following: