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@jlem jlem/Member.php
Created Aug 25, 2015

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Eloquent model caching
class Member extends Model implements CurrentMember
use ModelCache;
public function getLeaguePlayer(SectionInterface $section)
return $this->cache(function(SectionInterface $section) {
return $this->leaguePlayers()
->where('section_id', $section->getID())
trait ModelCache
protected $dataCache = [];
* Gets the cached result by key, or executes the closure if cache key does not exist
* @param \Closure $closure
* @return mixed
public function cache(\Closure $closure)
// This is so we know the name of the function call, and the arguments
// We want to md5 serialize these so the cache is unique to the arguments
$backtrace = debug_backtrace(DEBUG_BACKTRACE_PROVIDE_OBJECT,2)[1];
$key = $backtrace['function'];
$args = $backtrace['args'];
$key = $key . '.' . md5(serialize($args));
if (!array_key_exists($key, $this->dataCache)) {
$this->dataCache[$key] = call_user_func_array($closure, $args);
return $this->dataCache[$key];
* Returns the entire cache
* @return array
public function getCache()
return $this->dataCache;

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jlem commented Aug 25, 2015

Note that this is not a cache as in a time-based cache - it's just a registry cache, so that subsequent calls to $member->getLeaguePlayer($section) in the remainder of the request cycle don't result in repeated queries.

This is identical in behavior to how Eloquent relations cache their results instead of repeating queries.

It would be great to have something more baked into Eloquent such that you don't have to do gross wrapping in a callback function all the time.

Perhaps an array property like:

$cacheable = [
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