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Created September 17, 2013 23:31
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function highlightCorrelations(currentMarker){
// first make all the airports small
$.each(airports, function(id, marker) {
marker.setIcon(getIcon(2, 'black'));
// for each airport correlated to the selected airport, set it's icon to red
$.each(currentMarker.correlations, function(i, correlation) {
var marker = airports[correlation[0]];
marker.setIcon(getIcon(correlation[1], 'red')); //getIcon returns a circle symbol
function getIcon(scale, color) {
return {
path: google.maps.SymbolPath.CIRCLE,
fillColor: color || 'black',
fillOpacity: .6,
strokeColor: 'white',
strokeWeight: .5,
scale: scale * Math.pow(1.4, map.getZoom()) // Bigger circles as you zoom in
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