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List of immutable libraries

A lot of people mentioned other immutable JS libraries after reading my post. I thought it would be good to make a list of available ones.

There are two types of immutable libraries: simple helpers for copying JavaScript objects, and actual persistent data structure implementations. My post generally analyzed the tradeoffs between both kinds of libraries and everything applies to the below libraries in either category.

Libraries are sorted by github popularity.

Persistent Data Structures w/structural sharing

  • immutable.js - Facebook's implementation with a JS-like API
  • mori - ClojureScript's persistent data structures exported to JS
  • ancient-oak - Not sure about this one. It doesn't seem to fully implement efficient structural sharing (tries, etc) like the above libraries, but it claims to implement parts of it and I see some implementation of a data structure in there. It also copies object props onto the data structure so you can access them like, which is neat but might have a perf cost.

Other libraries built on top of immutable.js: typed-immutable and immstruct

Immutable helpers (simply shallow copy JS objects)

FWIW, I also made a immutable helper library . It tries to preserve strict equality as much as possible (in the case a value doesn't actually change); something I haven't seen being done in other similar libraries.

I think updeep should be in the second list.


jlongster commented Oct 14, 2015

Added both of those libs. Thanks!

Take a look at Morearty, Om inspired cursors library.

immutability not strictly enforced, but tiny footprint:

scour.js could be in the list as well, I think. :)

winkler1 commented Mar 3, 2016

Icedam freezes data in dev mode at the Redux connector handoff. Vanilla JS data structures.

guigrpa commented Jun 19, 2016

Might want to add timm to the second list. Here's a blog post comparing it to Immutable.js and seamless-immutable. Timm is tiny and has good performance (benchmarks are also available at the first link).

I am looking for a immutability lib, that just deep freezes all the objects and arrays, but doesnt provide any helper methods to operate on those. Any idea?

If you need to manipulate complex data structures in JavaScript in an immutable manner, you might also want to check out my partial.lenses library, which is a comprehensive, high-performance optics library for JavaScript. Here is the preface:

Lenses are basically an abstraction for simultaneously specifying operations to update and query immutable data structures. Lenses are highly composable and can be efficient. This library provides a collection of partial isomorphisms, lenses, and traversals, collectively known as optics, for manipulating JSON and users can write new optics for manipulating non-JSON objects, such as Immutable.js collections. A partial lens can view optional data, insert new data, update existing data and remove existing data and can, for example, provide defaults and maintain required data structure parts.

The library also comes with comprehensive documentation.

Structy is a easy to use declarative data structure library

setimmutable works like lodash.set, but copies objects/arrays as needed along the way. Thinnest possible layer for simplifying updates to immutable deep data structures!

I created prelude.ts which would fit in the list too.

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