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What would you like to do?

There are tons of resources on the internet, but I think these are the most relevant (free) ones.

This is a good video that will give you a high level perspective of what is web development and what you can do:

This is an article talking about the same thing but with a different perspective:

This is a really good youtube channel for web development

These two give you paths to follow to get a good enough knowledge to get started with something

Various websites (has many free courses)

MOOCs (university courses online)

I highly recommend joining the freecodecamp community where you can ask questions and/or see how people solved their problems. Here are some useful reddit communities:

  • /r/webdev
  • /r/node
  • /r/frontend
  • /r/python
  • /r/javascript

Some youtube channels:

  • derek banas
  • funfunfunction
  • learncode academy
  • wes bos
  • leveluptuts

Here you can find a lot of useful articles:

I suggest to treat programming languages like spoken languages. You should know one very well (native) and then you learn new languages or just enough for your purpose. It takes much much longer to learn two languages at the same time than learning one at a time. The better you know one single language the easier it is to learn other languages, because they all have similarities. The more languages you know, the easier it is to learn new languages.

Good luck and have fun. If you have questions you can contact me anytime.

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