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Hitachino Nest White
2 Row: 4700g
Wheat: 2200g
1st hops: 20g, Perle pellets
2nd: none
3rd: 30g, Styrian Goldings pellets
4th: none
End: 50g coriander, 30g dried orange peel, 8g nutmeg
Make sure you use a grinder to grind the coriander and orange peel – crushing the coriander with a rolling pin doesn’t give the same result. The ground coriander and orange peel are added with the nutmeg directly to the wort before whirlpool – there’s no bag used.
I would also advise that after fermentation is complete, you taste the beer daily and rack it out of the primary once it has a taste that you like. If you leave it too long, you could have a dominating orange peel taste.
The commercial version of this can sometimes have a strong nutmeg taste and sometimes a subtle nutmeg taste – this recipe came out towards the stronger end, the nutmeg subduing slightly as the beer aged in the bottle. However that was made on Kiuchi’s equipment. If you are homebrewing this, I’d advise keeping with the ratios Kiuchi suggests for the first time before varying the recipe, and monitoring that beer over a period of time to see how the taste changes as time passes.
The percentage of orange juice is 1.5%.
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