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Last active Dec 18, 2015
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BlueButton+ Pull Demo

Hi BB+ Pull!

I wanted to share links to the demo we showed on the previous call. To try it out:

  1. Visit Blood Pressure App
  2. Choose "Good Health Clinic". (this register a new client_id then redirects for authorization.)
  3. Log in as demo/demo to Authorize access

More details below :-)

Behind the scenes, we have the three main components of a BB+ Pull implementation: an app, a provider, and a registry. Here they are (source code + live sites):

App (SMART Blood Pressure Centiles)

Provider (BB+ Pull Reference Implementation based on MITREid Connect)

Registry (Static site exposing the complete BB+ Registry API)


  1. The app maintains a list of BB+ Registries that it trusts. (In fact, just one registry:

  2. The Blood Pressure Grapher app fetches a list of BB+ Providers from each registry it trusts.

  3. The app helps a user select her doctor from among the known BB+ Providers.

  4. The app registers itself (automatically and without delay) with the user's BB+ Provider.

  5. The app redirects the user to her BB+ Provider to authorize data access.

  6. The user signs in with her BB+ Provider, and authorizes access.

  7. The BB+ Provider redirects the user back to the Blood Pressure Grapher app, along with access tokens.

  8. The app uses those access tokens to fetch a C-CDA clinical summary from the user's provider.

  9. The app extracts BP data from the C-CDA and graphs them.

BB+ Spec:

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