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threat modeling toolkit attack tree iot plantuml
skinparam monochrome true
agent "Mass mining" as mine
agent "Mass scan" as scan
agent "DDoS" as ddos
agent "Control many devices \n(Botnet)" as botnet
mine --> botnet
scan --> botnet
ddos --> botnet
agent "Use legit command" as legitcmd
agent "Exploit device flaws" as flaws
agent "Obtain device access" as access
botnet --> legitcmd
botnet --> flaws
botnet --> access
agent "Get WiFi LAN access" as wifi
agent "Get Physical access" as phys
agent "Place Factory Backdoor" as factory
agent "Hack cloud server" as cloud
access --> wifi
access --> phys
access --> factory
access --> cloud
agent "Make my life miserable" as life
agent "Randomware" as ransomware
agent "Invade my privacy" as privacy
agent "Mess with the lights" as mess
life --> ransomware
life --> privacy
life --> mess
agent "View my habits" as habits
agent "Spy me live" as spy
privacy --> habits
privacy --> spy
agent "Steal cloud data" as data
habits --> data
spy --> data
data ---> cloud
agent "Sniff network" as sniff
habits ---> sniff
spy ---> sniff
access --> sniff
sniff --> wifi
sniff --> phys
skinparam monochrome true
agent "Hack cloud server" as cloud
agent "Hack system" as sys
agent "Hack account" as acc
cloud --> sys
cloud --> acc
agent "Hack API" as api
agent "Hack server" as server
agent "RCE" as rce
agent "SQLi" as sqli
sys ---> api
sys --> server
server --> api
api --> rce
api ---> sqli
rce --> sqli
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