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Julien Marrec jmarrec

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jmarrec / Crash_after_10min.log
Created Aug 18, 2021
Resharper: Crash_after_10min.log
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07:20:08.397 |I| AddVsVersionToLogs | :1 | JetBrains ReSharper 2021.2 Build 212.0.20210730.153713
07:20:08.405 |I| AddVsVersionToLogs | :1 | Running under Visual Studio Community 2019 version 16.11.31613.86, Hive: 16.0_901e3441
07:20:29.180 |W| VsReSharperMainMenuFixesSinceVs16| :1 | ReSharper menu is not found in the main VS menu.
07:20:32.142 |I| VsSolutionManager15 | :1 | VSSolutionManager::VsSolutionWrapperLifetimes: Solution instance created 55442836
07:20:34.623 |W| VsWorkspaceListener | :1 | Could not get IVsSolutionWorkspaceService. System.InvalidOperationException. Could not query the service provider for the service ID {66685CD1-6BE5-4285-A1A4-1CEBC413F04F}.
07:20:34.810 |I| UE4AssetAdditionalFilesModuleFactory| :1 | UE4AssetAdditionalFilesModuleFactory is disabled
07:20:36.045 |W| HunspellEngine | :1 | Exception when trying to set H
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# this script records how much time it takes to run the model_annual_occupied_unmet_cooling_hours_detailed() method on a moderately sized model
# as suggested by Scott Horowitz, I tried toggling the boolean createIndexes argument in the SQL file constructor:
# sql_file =, false)
# this method takes ~23.6 seconds to run (average of 23.6, 23.8, 23.5) with createIndexes set to false,
# and ~24.5 seconds to run (average of 24.1, 25.7, 23.6) with createIndexes set to true (default)
# there is some time spent requiring ruby gems and loading the model, but the main issue is the time it takes to do SQL calls
# each SQL call is ~.3-.4 seconds, which adds up over many zones
jmarrec / dummy.svg
Last active Jul 29, 2021
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Sorry, we cannot display this file.
Sorry, this file is invalid so it cannot be displayed.
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#include <benchmark/benchmark.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
// #include <fmt/format.h>
#include <vector>
#include <filesystem>
#include <boost/filesystem.hpp>
#include <boost/filesystem/fstream.hpp>
jmarrec /
Created Mar 6, 2020
Difference between Energy+.idd (from NREL/EnergyPlus) and ProposedEnergy+.idd (from NREL/OpenStudio)


  • \min-fields is missing in a lot of cases (that could be brought over to E+ without too much trouble)
  • \default and \required-field on a bunch of fields (which isn't that big of a deal, and could be brought over to E+ too), eg Boiler:Steam
  • ScheduleTypeLimits is mising some of our keys like ClothingInsulation (that could be brought over to E+ too, but IDF editor would need update to handle them)
  • max-fields was added in our ProposedEnergy+.idd for a few cases like Schedule:Year, \max-fields 267
  • Our parser chokes on a couple of \note that have special characters, and some fields like N13, \field Young's modulus (' is problematic) or \note no spaces or other special characters (-,+,/,\) allowed in name
  • Schedule:File is \url-object
  • Some objects actually do not have the \begin-extensible marker, like MaterialProperty:PhaseChange (actually, pretty much ALL MaterialProperty:XXX at least) (but that could be handled in parsing, and also added to the E+ side). So
jmarrec / Create_UniqueModelObject_Clone_tests.ipynb
Created Feb 27, 2020
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jmarrec / model.osm
Created Oct 4, 2019
A dummy test case with a a chiller served by a chiller.
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{faf72133-fd24-4783-86b2-5ac3cbbf2ad3}, !- Handle
2.7.1; !- Version Identifier
{24674fcb-3359-4dcb-b27c-693710728c7a}, !- Handle
Yes, !- Do Zone Sizing Calculation
Yes, !- Do System Sizing Calculation
Yes, !- Do Plant Sizing Calculation
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CPack: Enable Verbose
CPack: C:\msys64\home\dashboard\CMakeReleaseDirectory64\f43a7d76c7\Source\CPack\cpack.cxx:203 Enable Debug
CPack Verbose: C:\msys64\home\dashboard\CMakeReleaseDirectory64\f43a7d76c7\Source\CPack\cpack.cxx:207 Read CPack config file: ./CPackConfig.cmake
CPack Verbose: C:\msys64\home\dashboard\CMakeReleaseDirectory64\f43a7d76c7\Source\CPack\cpack.cxx:279 Read CPack configuration file: C:/Users/julien/Software/Others/EnergyPlus/build/CPackConfig.cmake
CPack Verbose: C:\msys64\home\dashboard\CMakeReleaseDirectory64\f43a7d76c7\Source\CPack\cpack.cxx:342 Specified generator: IFW
C:\msys64\home\dashboard\CMakeReleaseDirectory64\f43a7d76c7\Source\CPack\cmCPackGenerator.cxx:950 cmCPackIFWGenerator::SetOption(CPACK_GENERATOR, IFW)
-- Found QtIFW 3.1.0 version
C:\msys64\home\dashboard\CMakeReleaseDirectory64\f43a7d76c7\Source\CPack\cmCPackGenerator.cxx:1172 Warning, GetOption return NULL for: CPACK_IFW_RESOLVE_DUPLICATE_NAMES
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Program Version,EnergyPlus, Version 9.2.0-8ec2c2deb6, YMD=2019.08.28 09:20,
** Warning ** Timestep: Requested number (1) is less than the suggested minimum of 4.
** ~~~ ** Please see entry for Timestep in Input/Output Reference for discussion of considerations.
** Warning ** GetHTSurfaceData: Surfaces with interface to Ground found but no "Ground Temperatures" were input.
** ~~~ ** Found first in surface=FOUNDATIONWALL
** ~~~ ** Defaults, constant throughout the year of (18.0) will be used.
** Warning ** SurfaceProperty:ExposedFoundationPerimeter: SLAB, TOTALEXPOSEDPERIMETER set as calculation method, but a value has been set for Exposed Perimeter Fraction. This value will be ignored.
************* Note that the following warning(s) may/will occur if you have not enclosed your zone completely.
** Warning ** Entered Zone Volumes differ from calculated zone volume(s).
** ~~~ ** ...use Output:Diagnostics,DisplayExtraWarnings; to show more details on individual zones.
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\usepackage[margin=0.75in, top=1in]{geometry}
% fixltx2e has been merged into LaTeX2e proper
% see:
% \usepackage{fixltx2e}