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'use strict';
var winston = require('winston');
var Syslog = winston.transports.SyslogConsole = function (options) {
var Producer = require('glossy').Produce;, options);
this.producer = new Producer({
appName: options.appName || 'winston',
host: || require('os').hostname(),
facility: options.facility || 'local6'
this.appName = options.appName || 'winston'; = 'syslog-shit';
this.level = options.level || 'emerg';
require('util').inherits(Syslog, winston.Transport);
Syslog.prototype.log = function(level, msg, meta, callback) {
var line;
var data = {};
data[this.appName] = meta;
line = this.producer.produce({
severity: level, // or a relevant string
appName: this.appName,
date: new Date(Date()),
message: msg,
structuredData: data
if (!line) {
return callback(true);
process.stdout.write(line + '\n');
callback(null, true);
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