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Created November 15, 2012 22:55
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Upgrading a rails 2.3.5 app from aspen to cedar
These are my notes while updating a sample app from aspen to cedar.
The app is just a demonstration of using formtastic with haml, and getting it to work on heroku.
heroku plugins:install
Could not initialize heroku-aspen-migrate: no such file to load -- heroku/client/pgbackups
Are you attempting to install a Rails plugin? If so, use the following:
gem update heroku
heroku plugins:install
heroku maintenance:on -a mccaffrey-formtastic
heroku aspen:migrate -a mccaffrey-formtastic
Creating Cedar app mccaffrey-formtastic-cedar... done
Discovering database addon... done, heroku-postgresql:dev
Verifying pgbackups installation... done
Adding addons to Cedar app... done
Creating database backup from mccaffrey-formtastic... . done
Restoring database backup to mccaffrey-formtastic-cedar... ... done
Copying config... done
Cloning original app into temp dir... done
Converting gems to bundler...
Gemfile:4:in `build': undefined method `ruby' for #<Bundler> (NoMethodError)
from /Users/john/.rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2010.02@global/gems/bundler-1.0.3/lib/bundler.rb:128
#bundler problem?
bundle --version
=> 1.0.3
gem update bundler
=> 1.2.2
#tried again
heroku aspen:migrate -a mccaffrey-formtastic
Creating Cedar app mccaffrey-formtastic-cedar... failed
! Name is already taken
#went to in browser to delete it and try again
#failed to start, need to clone and connect to see what's up
git clone -o heroku
Cloning into mccaffrey-formtastic-cedar...
! Invalid path.
! Syntax is:<app>.git where <app> is your app's name.
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
needed to add '.git' to the end
# now I can try: heroku logs
lots of deprecation warnings Gem.source_index...
/app/vendor/bundle/ruby/1.8/gems/rails-2.3.5/lib/rails/gem_dependency.rb:119:in `requirement': undefined local variable or method `version_requirements' for #<Rails::GemDependency:0x7ff0374dee80> (NameError)
# rubygems issue?
added this to config/environment.rb
# after
# Bootstrap the Rails environment, frameworks, and default configuration
require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'boot')
if Gem::VERSION >= "1.3.6"
module Rails
class GemDependency
def requirement
r = super
(r == Gem::Requirement.default) ? nil : r
pushed: git push heroku master
check db migration version
heroku run rake db:version
no such file to load -- rake/rdoctask
add to Gemfile
gem "rdoc"
gem "rdoc-data"
changed Rakefile
require 'rake/rdoctask'
to require 'rdoc/task'
git push heroku master && heroku run rake db:version
Missing these required gems:
added to Gemfile
gem "formtastic", "0.9.1"
gem "haml", "2.2.6"
bundle update
commit and push
You are trying to install in deployment mode after changing
your Gemfile. Run `bundle install` elsewhere and add the
updated Gemfile.lock to version control.
oops, bundle install, not bundle update
commit and push
looks all good
heroku open to confirm
with the few cycles of trying to fix gems, and looking up little issues the migration took about an hour. If I had kept the app up to date, it wouldn't have been an issue.
update and run locally, then migrate!
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