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jmettraux/ Secret

Created Jul 13, 2017
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Variations on Nishimotoさん's Disco challenge.

# brutal: reads the whole file into memory
require 'pp'
.inject( { |h, c|
c = c.downcase
h[c] += 1 if c >= 'a' && c <= 'z'
h }
.sort_by { |k, v| -v }
# only loads 1024 chars max
require 'pp'
h ='names.txt') do |f|
loop do
s =; break unless s
s.each_char { |c|
c = c.downcase
h[c] += 1 if c >= 'a' && c <= 'z' }
pp h.sort_by { |k, v| -v }
sato amano nishida saito fujiwara matsudaira
nishimoto ishibashi takata kitadai mitsuda bussaki himura
kikuchi maru arai ishikawa
takahashi ueda
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