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ICSE 2017 trip report: people, process, and program analysis

Andy J. Ko May 28, 2017


  • literature reviews
  • grounded theory field work
  • empirical studies
  • experiments on software process.

Interesting papers

Eliciting design requirements for maintenance-oriented IDEs: a detailed study of corrective and perfective maintenance tasks

About developers’ inefficient use of IDEs

Process Aspects and Social Dynamics of Contemporary Code Review: Insights from Open Source Development and Industrial Practice at Microsoft

Software Development Waste

  • building the wrong thing
  • mismanaging the backlog
  • rework
  • unnecessary complexity
  • extraneous cognitive load
  • psychological distress
  • waiting and multitasking
  • knowledge loss
  • ineffective communication

Google developer learning

  • centralized team which writes tutorials
  • tutorials written by development teams
  • documentation geneneration tools
  • resource discovery search engines
  • informal social learning
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