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public inline fun needsRefactoring(): Nothing = throw NotImplementedError("""
This does too much and needs to be refactored.
Don't put any kind of logic in the Activities and Fragments.
class Camera2BasicFragment : Fragment(), View.OnClickListener,
ActivityCompat.OnRequestPermissionsResultCallback {
private val surfaceTextureListener = object : TextureView.SurfaceTextureListener {
override fun onSurfaceTextureAvailable(texture: SurfaceTexture, width: Int, height: Int) = needsRefactoring()
override fun onSurfaceTextureSizeChanged(texture: SurfaceTexture, width: Int, height: Int) = needsRefactoring()
override fun onSurfaceTextureDestroyed(texture: SurfaceTexture) = needsRefactoring()
override fun onSurfaceTextureUpdated(texture: SurfaceTexture) = needsRefactoring()
private lateinit var cameraId: String
private lateinit var textureView: AutoFitTextureView
private var captureSession: CameraCaptureSession? = null
private var cameraDevice: CameraDevice? = null
private lateinit var previewSize: Size
private val stateCallback = object : CameraDevice.StateCallback() {
override fun onOpened(cameraDevice: CameraDevice) = needsRefactoring()
override fun onDisconnected(cameraDevice: CameraDevice) = needsRefactoring()
override fun onError(cameraDevice: CameraDevice, error: Int) = needsRefactoring()
private var backgroundThread: HandlerThread? = null
private var backgroundHandler: Handler? = null
private var imageReader: ImageReader? = null
private lateinit var file: File
private val onImageAvailableListener: ImageReader.OnImageAvailableListener = needsRefactoring()
private lateinit var previewRequestBuilder: CaptureRequest.Builder
private lateinit var previewRequest: CaptureRequest
private var state = STATE_PREVIEW
private val cameraOpenCloseLock = Semaphore(1)
private var flashSupported = false
private var sensorOrientation = 0
private val captureCallback = object : CameraCaptureSession.CaptureCallback() {
private fun process(result: CaptureResult): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun capturePicture(result: CaptureResult): Unit = needsRefactoring()
override fun onCaptureProgressed(session: CameraCaptureSession, request: CaptureRequest, partialResult: CaptureResult) = needsRefactoring()
override fun onCaptureCompleted(session: CameraCaptureSession, request: CaptureRequest, result: TotalCaptureResult) = needsRefactoring()
override fun onCreateView(inflater: LayoutInflater, container: ViewGroup?, savedInstanceState: Bundle?): View? = needsRefactoring()
override fun onViewCreated(view: View, savedInstanceState: Bundle?) = needsRefactoring()
override fun onActivityCreated(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
override fun onResume() {
override fun onPause() {
private fun requestCameraPermission(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
override fun onRequestPermissionsResult(requestCode: Int, permissions: Array<String>, grantResults: IntArray): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun setUpCameraOutputs(width: Int, height: Int): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun areDimensionsSwapped(displayRotation: Int): Boolean = needsRefactoring()
private fun openCamera(width: Int, height: Int): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun closeCamera(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun startBackgroundThread(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun stopBackgroundThread(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun createCameraPreviewSession(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun configureTransform(viewWidth: Int, viewHeight: Int): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun lockFocus(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun runPrecaptureSequence(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun captureStillPicture(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun unlockFocus(): Unit = needsRefactoring()
override fun onClick(view: View): Unit = needsRefactoring()
private fun setAutoFlash(requestBuilder: CaptureRequest.Builder): Unit = needsRefactoring()
companion object {
init {
private val ORIENTATIONS = SparseIntArray()
private val FRAGMENT_DIALOG = "dialog"
private val TAG = "Camera2BasicFragment"
private val STATE_PREVIEW = 0
private val STATE_WAITING_LOCK = 1
private val STATE_PICTURE_TAKEN = 4
private val MAX_PREVIEW_WIDTH = 1920
private val MAX_PREVIEW_HEIGHT = 1080
private fun chooseOptimalSize(
choices: Array<Size>, textureViewWidth: Int, textureViewHeight: Int,
maxWidth: Int, maxHeight: Int, aspectRatio: Size): Size = needsRefactoring()
fun newInstance(): Camera2BasicFragment = needsRefactoring()
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