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Using the Marvel API from clojure
;; required deps [clj-http "0.9.2"]
(ns marvel-clj.core
(:require [clj-http.client :as http]
[clj-http.util :as util]
[clojure.string :as str])
(def public-key "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY_HERE")
(def private-key "YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY_HERE")
(def base-url "")
(defn md5 [text]
(let [d (.. (doto ( "MD5")
(.update (.getBytes text)))
(apply str (map (partial format "%02x") d))))
(defn keyword-to-url-param [kw]
(let [ws (str/split (name kw) #"-")]
(apply str (cons (first ws) (map str/capitalize (rest ws))))))
(defn encode-params [params]
(if (empty? params)
(str/join (map (fn [[k v]] (str "&" (keyword-to-url-param k) "=" (util/url-encode (str v)))) params))))
(defn build-url [path params]
(let [ts (quot (System/currentTimeMillis) 1000)
hash (md5 (str ts private-key public-key))]
(str base-url path "?ts=" ts "&apikey=" public-key "&hash=" hash (encode-params params))))
(defn get-json [path params]
(get-in (http/get (build-url path params) {:as :json}) [:body :data]))
(defn get-comics [params]
(get-json "/comics" params))
(defn get-characters [params]
(get-json "/characters" params))
(defn get-character [id params]
(get-json (str "/characters/" id) params))
;; Usage
;; (get-comics {:offset 30 :limit 10 :name-starts-with "s" :order-by "name" })
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