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Jeremie Miserez jmiserez

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jmiserez / rightclick-element-ios-safari-bookmarklet.js
Last active Oct 22, 2018 — forked from foobear/copy-element-text-bookmarklet.js
JavaScript bookmarklet to right click an element in Safari Mobile. Only works when "Request Desktop Site" is used, tested on 12.0.1. Adapted from (license: MIT).
View rightclick-element-ios-safari-bookmarklet.js
# Bookmarklet on one line:
javascript:(function(){var x=0;var y=0;var overlay=document.createElement('div');Object.assign(,{position:'fixed',top:0,left:0,width:'100vw',height:'100vh',zIndex:99999999,background:'transparent',cursor:'crosshair'});document.body.append(overlay);overlay.addEventListener('click',function(event){Object.assign(,{width:0,height:0});x= event.clientX;y=event.clientY; var element=document.elementFromPoint(x,y);var position=element.getBoundingClientRect();Object.assign(,{background:'rgba(0,128,255,0.25)',outline:'1px solid rgba(0,128,255,0.5)',top:'''px',left:''+position.left+'px',width:''+position.width+'px',height:''+position.height+'px'});setTimeout(function(){var ev1=new MouseEvent("mousedown",{bubbles:true,cancelable:false,view:window,button:2,buttons:2,clientX:x,clientY:y});element.dispatchEvent(ev1);var ev2=new MouseEvent("mouseup",{bubbles:true,cancelable:false,view:window,button:2,buttons:0,clientX:x,clientY:y});element.dispatc
jmiserez /
Last active Jun 12, 2019
Bash on WSL or Cygwin: suspend and resume Windows processes by name and optionally command line part
# Add this to your Cygwin or WSL Ubuntu .bashrc
# Args:
# - process name
# - optional: commandline (use '%' as wildcards)
# Example: suspendps name commandline
# - suspendps notepad.exe %mytextfile.txt%
# - resumeps notepad.exe
# Note: pssuspend64.exe must be installed and available (
getwin32processid() {
# WSL / Windows 10 suitable version without spawning a shell
jmiserez /
Last active Jun 12, 2019
Bash: "Execute for all subdirectories", execute commands in all subdirectorys, cache output and print sequentially with locking
# Add this to your .bashrc and source it (source ~/.bashrc)
# Example: forallsubdirs basedir commands
# - forallsubdirs . "ls | wc -l; git status"
# - forallsubdirs . "git fetch --all; git merge --ff-only"
# Note:
# - To include hidden directories (starting with a "."), set the dotglob option in Bash: shopt -s dotglob
# - Silencing job control (see comments) is only partially possible, in certain cases job control output will still be printed (see
forallsubdirs() {
if [ -d "$1" ]; then
jmiserez / extensions.zotfile.wildcards.user
Created May 27, 2016
Zotero ZotFile Renaming user json for setting: zotfile.wildcards.user. Simplifies series field (remove all non-words, e.g. "PLDI '14" -> "PLDI14") for journal articles and conference papers. Use like this: "{%a_}{%y_}{%1|%w_}{%t}" in ZotFile settings. Also see this bug report:
View extensions.zotfile.wildcards.user
View gist:65450a29fecf9d1e48eba100feaef889
# Make default camera /dev/video0 point to the "best" camera present.
# Source: Jason Eisner
# on question
setdefaultwebcam() {
if [ -h /dev/video0 ]; then
sudo rm /dev/video0 # not first run: remove our old symlink
elif [ -e /dev/video0 ]; then
sudo mv /dev/video0 /dev/video0.original # first run: rename original video0

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jmiserez / vm.c
Created Jan 6, 2016
X86 (subset) interpreter, prototype. Reads instructions from plaintext file, instructions separated by spaces.
View vm.c
* vm.c - Simple X86 interpreter
* Copyright (c) 2013, Jeremie Miserez <>
* Highlights/Features not specified in assignment
* ===============================================
* - Memory simulation of all 4GB with paging
# Author: Jeremie Miserez <>
# Latest version:
# This script will decrypt encrypted images generated by,
# (, when given a .key.enc file
# and if all related files are in the same directory as the .key.enc file.
jmiserez /
Last active Jan 6, 2016
Offline backup (cold, with shutdown/startup) of a XenServer VM with gzip, rate-limiting (pv), and public key + AES256 encryption (openssl). See ( for decryption. Note: You *must* trust both the remote and local server, as well as the SSH connection.
# Author: Jeremie Miserez <>
# Latest version:
# This script will:
# 1. Connect to a remote XenServer server over SSH
# 2. Shutdown the specified VM
jmiserez /
Last active Oct 6, 2015
Find child processes (and their children, etc.) with one ps call (no race conditions)
# Original idea:
while read pid ppid; do
pids_for_ppid[$ppid]+=" $pid"
done < <(ps -e -o pid,ppid --no-headers)
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