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Guide to loading/error events and substates

In addition to the techniques described in the Asynchronous Routing Guide, the Ember Router provides powerful yet overridable conventions for customizing asynchronous transitions between routes by making use of error and loading substates.

loading substates

wycats / HTMLBars
Last active Dec 18, 2015
HTMLBars Binding
View HTMLBars

HTMLBars serves as a polyfill for a native implement of node.bind.

Instead of letting the browser parse the HTML and generate nodes, which leaves us at the mercy of the limitations of the parser, HTMLBars implements an HTML parser and generates the nodes itself.

As HTMLBars generates the nodes, it calls into node.bind if it detects mustache syntax.

Open questions:

  • MDV "syntaxes"
machty /
Last active Dec 18, 2015
Guide to the Router Facelift

Ember Router Async Facelift

The Ember router is getting number of enhancements that will greatly enhance its power, reliability, predictability, and ability to handle asynchronous loading logic (so many abilities), particularly when used in conjunction with promises, though the API is friendly enough that a deep understanding of promises is not required for the simpler use cases.

canton7 /
Created Jan 6, 2012
Workflows for long-running feature branches

Workflows for long-running feature branches

These examples were created during a discussion with j416 on #github about how best to manage long-running feature branches.

The scenario is this: You have a long-running feature branch, based off master. The feature branch and master both touch the same parts of the same files, so you know that there will be conflicts when you finally merge the feature branch in. What can you do to minimise the conflicts?