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jmorgade / trace_jaanus_local_NET_ok.log
Created Jul 17, 2019
gstreamer webrtcbin + Janus (local NET vs NAT)
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0:00:00.031842132 26649 0xcad330 DEBUG   webrtcice gstwebrtcice.c:708:gst_webrtc_ice_set_property:<webrtcice0> setting stun server, stun://
0:00:00.100491989 26649 0xcad330 DEBUG   webrtcbin gstwebrtcbin.c:216:gst_webrtc_bin_pad_new:<'':sink_0> new visible pad with direction sink
0:00:00.100503403 26649 0xcad330 TRACE   webrtcbin gstwebrtcbin.c:392:_find_transceiver_for_mline:<sendrecv> Found transceiver (NULL) for mlineindex 0
0:00:00.100619368 26649 0xcad330 DEBUG   webrtcbin gstwebrtcbin.c:3731:gst_webrtc_bin_change_state: changing state: NULL => READY
0:00:00.100862414 26649 0xcad330 LOG   webrtcbin gstwebrtcbin.c:1096:_check_if_negotiation_is_needed:<sendrecv> checking if negotiation is needed
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