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Created Apr 27, 2016
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Enumerate all closed Knight's tours (multithreaded, Haskell)
{-#LANGUAGE BangPatterns #-}
Enumerate all closed Knight's Tours in an
arbitrarity sized chessboard. Multi-threaded version.
KnightTours m n +RTS -N
Compile with:
ghc -O3 -threaded -rtsopts -fllvm --make KnightTours
A small example is the 3x12 board
Author: Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya (
This program has been put into the public domain
by the author.
module Main (main) where
import Control.Parallel.Strategies
import Control.Parallel
import Data.Char (chr,ord)
import qualified Data.Vector.Unboxed as V
import qualified Data.Vector as BV
import qualified Data.Vector.Unboxed.Mutable as MV
import Control.Monad.ST
import Control.Monad
import System.Environment (getArgs)
main::IO ()
main = do
[p,q] <- (map read) <$> getArgs
guard (p>0 && q>0)
let chessG = mkChessGraph p q
let cycles = enumHamCycle chessG
n <- countAndPrint 0 chessG cycles
putStrLn $ "Total cycles = "++(show n)
countAndPrint !accum g [] = return accum
countAndPrint !accum g (c:cs) = do
putStrLn $ prettyPath g (V.toList c)
countAndPrint (accum+1) g cs
data Graph = Graph{
gNames::BV.Vector String,
gNeighs::BV.Vector [Int]
} deriving Show
-- Enumerate all Hamiltonian cycles in the given graph
enumHamCycle::Graph->[V.Vector Int]
enumHamCycle g
= completeHamCyclePar g 1 (n - 1) (V.replicate n 0)
((V.replicate n False) V.// [(0,True)])
n = gNVerts g
-- Try to complete a path into a Hamiltonian cycle
-- (parallel version)
->V.Vector Int->V.Vector Bool
->[V.Vector Int]
completeHamCyclePar g !depth !remain !path !visited
| remain == 0 = if 0 `elem` choices then [path] else []
| depth < 6 = concat $ withStrategy (evalList rpar)
[completeHamCyclePar g (depth+1) (remain-1)
(path V.// [(depth,c)])
(visited V.// [(c,True)])
| c <- choices,
not $ visited V.! c
| otherwise =
runST $ do
p <- V.thaw path
v <- V.thaw visited
completeHamCycleSeq g depth remain p v
last= path V.! (depth-1)
choices = (gNeighs g) BV.! last
-- Try to complete a path into a Hamiltonian cycles
-- (sequential version)
->MV.MVector s Int->MV.MVector s Bool
->ST s [V.Vector Int]
completeHamCycleSeq g !depth !remain !path !visited = do
last <- path (depth-1)
let !choices = (gNeighs g) BV.! last
if remain == 0 then
if 0 `elem` choices then
ans <- V.freeze path
return [ans]
return []
validChoices <- filterM (\c-> not <$> visited c) choices
children <- forM validChoices $ \c -> do
MV.write path depth c
MV.write visited c True
ans <- completeHamCycleSeq g (depth+1) (remain-1)
path visited
MV.write visited c False
ans `pseq` (return ans)
return $ concat children
-- Make the graph corresponding to
-- a knight's moves on a mxn chessboard
mkChessGraph m n
= Graph {gNVerts = nv,
gNames = BV.generate nv genName,
gNeighs = BV.generate nv genNeighs}
nv = m*n
deidx k = k `divMod` n
idx i j = i*n+j
genName k = let (i,j) = deidx k in
chr (ord 'A'+i):(show j)
genNeighs k = let (i,j) = deidx k in
[idx p q|
let p = i+x,
let q = j+y,
p>=0 && p<m && q>=0 && q<n]
-- Pretty print path in a graph
prettyPath g = concat . map ((gNames g) BV.!)
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