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Created January 27, 2024 13:41
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Ghidra ESP32 ROM function labels

This file was created to import the ESP32 ROM functions as labels with the SymbolImportScript in Ghidra

A quick regex to reformat the ESP32 ld data into the format expected by script

Replace /[PROVIDE \(]*([^\s=]+)[\s=]+([^\s);]*).*/g -> $1 $2 l

sp_rom_md5_init 0x4005da7c l
sp_rom_md5_update 0x4005da9c l
sp_rom_md5_final 0x4005db1c l
ts_secure_boot_verify_signature 0x4006543c l
ts_secure_boot_verify_boot_bootloader 0x400655ec l
ts_use_secure_boot_v2 0x4000f8d4 l
ts_rsa_pss_verify 0x40065310 l
ts_mgf1_sha256 0x400651a8 l
ts_emsa_pss_verify 0x4006520c l
Add2SelfBigHex256 0x40015b7c l
AddBigHex256 0x40015b28 l
AddBigHexModP256 0x40015c98 l
AddP256 0x40015c74 l
AddPdiv2_256 0x40015ce0 l
app_gpio_arg 0x3ffe003c l
app_gpio_handler 0x3ffe0040 l
BasePoint_x_256 0x3ff97488 l
BasePoint_y_256 0x3ff97468 l
bigHexInversion256 0x400168f0 l
bigHexP256 0x3ff973bc l
btdm_r_ble_bt_handler_tab_p_get 0x40019b0c l
btdm_r_btdm_option_data_p_get 0x40010004 l
btdm_r_btdm_rom_version_get 0x40010078 l
btdm_r_data_init 0x4001002c l
btdm_r_import_rf_phy_func_p_get 0x40054298 l
btdm_r_ip_func_p_get 0x40019af0 l
btdm_r_ip_func_p_set 0x40019afc l
btdm_r_modules_func_p_get 0x4005427c l
btdm_r_modules_func_p_set 0x40054270 l
btdm_r_plf_func_p_set 0x40054288 l
bt_util_buf_env 0x3ffb8bd4 l
cache_flash_mmu_set_rom 0x400095e0 l
Cache_Flush_rom 0x40009a14 l
Cache_Read_Disable_rom 0x40009ab8 l
Cache_Read_Enable_rom 0x40009a84 l
Cache_Read_Init_rom 0x40009950 l
cache_sram_mmu_set_rom 0x400097f4 l
calc_rtc_memory_crc 0x40008170 l
__clear_cache 0x40063860 l
co_default_bdaddr 0x3ffae704 l
co_null_bdaddr 0x3ffb80e0 l
co_sca2ppm 0x3ff971e8 l
crc16_be 0x4005d09c l
crc16_le 0x4005d05c l
crc32_be 0x4005d024 l
crc32_le 0x4005cfec l
crc8_be 0x4005d114 l
crc8_le 0x4005d0e0 l
_data_end_rom 0x4000d5c8 l
_data_end_btdm_rom 0x4000d4f8 l
_data_start_rom 0x4000d4f8 l
_data_start_btdm_rom 0x4000d4f4 l
_data_start_btdm 0x3ffae6e0 l
_data_end_btdm 0x3ffaff10 l
_bss_start_btdm 0x3ffb8000 l
_bss_end_btdm 0x3ffbff70 l
bg_default_handler 0x3ff97218 l
bg_default_state 0x3ff97220 l
bg_state 0x3ffb8d5d l
bugE256PublicKey_x 0x3ff97428 l
bugE256PublicKey_y 0x3ff97408 l
bugE256SecretKey 0x3ff973e8 l
bug_timer 0x3ffe042c l
bug_timerfn 0x3ffe0430 l
h_group14_generator 0x3ff9ac60 l
h_group14_prime 0x3ff9ab60 l
h_group15_generator 0x3ff9ab5f l
h_group15_prime 0x3ff9a9df l
h_group16_generator 0x3ff9a9de l
h_group16_prime 0x3ff9a7de l
h_group17_generator 0x3ff9a7dd l
h_group17_prime 0x3ff9a4dd l
h_group18_generator 0x3ff9a4dc l
h_group18_prime 0x3ff9a0dc l
h_group1_generator 0x3ff9ae03 l
h_group1_prime 0x3ff9ada3 l
h_group2_generator 0x3ff9ada2 l
h_group2_prime 0x3ff9ad22 l
h_group5_generator 0x3ff9ad21 l
h_group5_prime 0x3ff9ac61 l
g_rom_spiflash_dummy_len_plus 0x3ffae290 l
cc_env 0x3ffb8d60 l
cc_Jacobian_InfinityPoint256 0x3ff972e8 l
m_buf_env 0x3ffb8d74 l
sp_crc8 0x4005d144 l
_etext 0x4000d66c l
ts_readySet_ 0x3ffe01f0 l
ts_startup_callback 0x3ffe0404 l
wip_coex_cfg 0x3ff9914c l
wip_priority 0x3ff99159 l
xc_cause_table 0x3ff991d0 l
GF_Jacobian_Point_Addition256 0x400163a4 l
GF_Jacobian_Point_Double256 0x40016260 l
GF_Point_Jacobian_To_Affine256 0x40016b0c l
g_phyFuns_instance 0x3ffae0c4 l
g_rom_flashchip 0x3ffae270 l
gTxMsg 0x3ffe0050 l
hci_cmd_desc_root_tab 0x3ff976d4 l
hci_cmd_desc_tab_ctrl_bb 0x3ff97b70 l
hci_cmd_desc_tab_info_par 0x3ff97b1c l
hci_cmd_desc_tab_le 0x3ff97870 l
hci_cmd_desc_tab_lk_ctrl 0x3ff97fc0 l
hci_cmd_desc_tab_lk_pol 0x3ff97f3c l
hci_cmd_desc_tab_stat_par 0x3ff97ac8 l
hci_cmd_desc_tab_testing 0x3ff97a98 l
hci_cmd_desc_tab_vs 0x3ff97714 l
hci_command_handler 0x4004c928 l
hci_env 0x3ffb9350 l
wip_env 0x3ffb8bcc l
hci_evt_dbg_desc_tab 0x3ff9750c l
hci_evt_desc_tab 0x3ff9751c l
hci_evt_le_desc_tab 0x3ff974b4 l
hci_fc_env 0x3ffb9340 l
jd_decomp 0x400613e8 l
jd_prepare 0x40060fa8 l
ke_env 0x3ffb93cc l
ke_handler_search 0x4001a430 l
ke_task_env 0x3ffb81d4 l
ke_event_env 0x3ffb81a4 l
lb_default_handler 0x3ff982b8 l
lb_default_state_tab_p_get 0x4001c198 l
lb_env 0x3ffb9424 l
lb_hci_cmd_handler_tab_p_get 0x4001c18c l
lb_state 0x3ffb94e8 l
lc_default_handler 0x3ff98648 l
lc_default_state_tab_p_get 0x4002f494 l
lc_env 0x3ffb94ec l
lc_hci_cmd_handler_tab_p_get 0x4002f488 l
lc_state 0x3ffb9508 l
ld_acl_br_sizes 0x3ff98a2a l
ld_acl_br_types 0x3ff98a36 l
ld_acl_edr_sizes 0x3ff98a14 l
ld_acl_edr_types 0x3ff98a22 l
ld_env 0x3ffb9510 l
ld_pcm_settings_dft 0x3ff98a0c l
ld_sched_params 0x3ffb96c0 l
ld_sync_train_channels 0x3ff98a3c l
llc_default_handler 0x3ff98b3c l
llc_default_state_tab_p_get 0x40046058 l
llc_env 0x3ffb96d0 l
llc_hci_acl_data_tx_handler 0x40042398 l
llc_hci_cmd_handler_tab_p_get 0x40042358 l
llc_hci_command_handler 0x40042360 l
llcp_pdu_handler_tab_p_get 0x40043f64 l
llc_state 0x3ffb96f8 l
lldesc_build_chain 0x4000a850 l
lldesc_num2link 0x4000a948 l
lldesc_set_owner 0x4000a974 l
lld_evt_deferred_elt_push 0x400466b4 l
lld_evt_deferred_elt_pop 0x400466dc l
lld_evt_winsize_change 0x40046730 l
lld_evt_rxwin_compute 0x400467c8 l
lld_evt_slave_time_compute 0x40046818 l
lld_evt_env 0x3ffb9704 l
lld_evt_elt_wait_get 0x400468e4 l
lld_evt_get_next_free_slot 0x4004692c l
lld_pdu_adv_pk_desc_tab 0x3ff98c70 l
lld_pdu_llcp_pk_desc_tab 0x3ff98b68 l
lld_pdu_tx_flush_list 0x4004a760 l
lld_pdu_pack 0x4004ab14 l
LLM_AA_CT1 0x3ff98d8a l
LLM_AA_CT2 0x3ff98d88 l
llm_default_handler 0x3ff98d80 l
llm_default_state_tab_p_get 0x4004e718 l
llm_hci_cmd_handler_tab_p_get 0x4004c920 l
llm_le_env 0x3ffb976c l
llm_local_cmds 0x3ff98d38 l
llm_local_data_len_values 0x3ff98d1c l
llm_local_le_feats 0x3ff98d30 l
llm_local_le_states 0x3ff98d28 l
llm_state 0x3ffb985c l
lm_default_handler 0x3ff990e0 l
lm_default_state_tab_p_get 0x40054268 l
lm_env 0x3ffb9860 l
lm_hci_cmd_handler_tab_p_get 0x4005425c l
lm_local_supp_feats 0x3ff990ee l
lm_n_page_tab 0x3ff990e8 l
lmp_desc_tab 0x3ff96e6c l
lmp_ext_desc_tab 0x3ff96d9c l
lm_state 0x3ffb9a1c l
maxSecretKey_256 0x3ff97448 l
mmu_init 0x400095a4 l
MultiplyBigHexByUint32_256 0x40016214 l
MultiplyBigHexModP256 0x400160b8 l
MultiplyByU32ModP256 0x40015fdc l
multofup 0x4000ab8c l
mz_adler32 0x4005edbc l
mz_crc32 0x4005ee88 l
mz_free 0x4005eed4 l
notEqual256 0x40015b04 l
ne_bits 0x3ff971f8 l
hy_get_romfuncs 0x40004100 l
_Pri_4_HandlerAddress 0x3ffe0648 l
_Pri_5_HandlerAddress 0x3ffe064c l
_btdm_option_data 0x3ffae6e0 l
_bt_util_buf_acl_rx_alloc 0x40010218 l
_bt_util_buf_acl_rx_free 0x40010234 l
_bt_util_buf_acl_tx_alloc 0x40010268 l
_bt_util_buf_acl_tx_free 0x40010280 l
_bt_util_buf_init 0x400100e4 l
_bt_util_buf_lmp_tx_alloc 0x400101d0 l
_bt_util_buf_lmp_tx_free 0x400101ec l
_bt_util_buf_sync_clear 0x400103c8 l
_bt_util_buf_sync_init 0x400102c4 l
_bt_util_buf_sync_rx_alloc 0x40010468 l
_bt_util_buf_sync_rx_free 0x4001049c l
_bt_util_buf_sync_tx_alloc 0x400103ec l
_bt_util_buf_sync_tx_free 0x40010428 l
_co_bdaddr_compare 0x40014324 l
_co_bytes_to_string 0x400142e4 l
_co_list_check_size_available 0x400142c4 l
_co_list_extract 0x4001404c l
_co_list_extract_after 0x40014118 l
_co_list_find 0x4001419c l
_co_list_init 0x40013f14 l
_co_list_insert_after 0x40014254 l
_co_list_insert_before 0x40014200 l
_co_list_merge 0x400141bc l
_co_list_pool_init 0x40013f30 l
_co_list_pop_front 0x40014028 l
_co_list_push_back 0x40013fb8 l
_co_list_push_front 0x40013ff4 l
_co_list_size 0x400142ac l
_co_nb_good_channels 0x40014360 l
_co_slot_to_duration 0x40014348 l
_dbg_init 0x40014394 l
_dbg_platform_reset_complete 0x400143d0 l
_dbg_swdiag_init 0x40014470 l
_dbg_swdiag_read 0x400144a4 l
_dbg_swdiag_write 0x400144d0 l
_E1 0x400108e8 l
_E21 0x40010968 l
_E22 0x400109b4 l
_E3 0x40010a58 l
lm_n192_mod_mul 0x40011dc0 l
lm_n192_mod_add 0x40011e9c l
lm_n192_mod_sub 0x40011eec l
_ea_alarm_clear 0x40015ab4 l
_ea_alarm_set 0x40015a10 l
_ea_elt_cancel 0x400150d0 l
_ea_elt_create 0x40015264 l
_ea_elt_insert 0x400152a8 l
_ea_elt_remove 0x400154f0 l
_ea_finetimer_isr 0x400155d4 l
_ea_init 0x40015228 l
_ea_interval_create 0x4001555c l
_ea_interval_delete 0x400155a8 l
_ea_interval_duration_req 0x4001597c l
_ea_interval_insert 0x4001557c l
_ea_interval_remove 0x40015590 l
a_conflict_check 0x40014e9c l
a_prog_timer 0x40014f88 l
_ea_offset_req 0x40015748 l
_ea_sleep_check 0x40015928 l
_ea_sw_isr 0x40015724 l
_ea_time_get_halfslot_rounded 0x40015894 l
_ea_time_get_slot_rounded 0x400158d4 l
_ecc_abort_key256_generation 0x40017070 l
_ecc_generate_key256 0x40016e00 l
_ecc_gen_new_public_key 0x400170c0 l
_ecc_gen_new_secret_key 0x400170e4 l
_ecc_get_debug_Keys 0x40017224 l
_ecc_init 0x40016dbc l
cc_point_multiplication_uint8_256 0x40016804 l
cvBuff 0x3ffe009c l
_em_buf_init 0x4001729c l
_em_buf_rx_buff_addr_get 0x400173e8 l
_em_buf_rx_free 0x400173c4 l
_em_buf_tx_buff_addr_get 0x40017404 l
_em_buf_tx_free 0x4001741c l
_F1_256 0x400133e4 l
_F2_256 0x40013568 l
_F3_256 0x40013664 l
FPLL_ICP_TABLE 0x3ffb8b7c l
_G_256 0x40013470 l
_H3 0x40013760 l
_H4 0x40013830 l
_h4tl_init 0x40017878 l
_h4tl_start 0x40017924 l
_h4tl_stop 0x40017934 l
_h4tl_write 0x400178d0 l
_H5 0x400138dc l
_hashConcat 0x40013a38 l
_hci_acl_tx_data_alloc 0x4001951c l
_hci_acl_tx_data_received 0x40019654 l
_hci_bt_acl_bdaddr_register 0x40018900 l
_hci_bt_acl_bdaddr_unregister 0x400189ac l
_hci_bt_acl_conhdl_register 0x4001895c l
_hci_cmd_get_max_param_size 0x400192d0 l
_hci_cmd_received 0x400192f8 l
_hci_evt_filter_add 0x40018a64 l
_hci_evt_mask_set 0x400189e4 l
_hci_fc_acl_buf_size_set 0x40017988 l
_hci_fc_acl_en 0x400179d8 l
_hci_fc_acl_packet_sent 0x40017a3c l
_hci_fc_check_host_available_nb_acl_packets 0x40017aa4 l
_hci_fc_check_host_available_nb_sync_packets 0x40017ac8 l
_hci_fc_host_nb_acl_pkts_complete 0x40017a6c l
_hci_fc_host_nb_sync_pkts_complete 0x40017a88 l
_hci_fc_init 0x40017974 l
_hci_fc_sync_buf_size_set 0x400179b0 l
_hci_fc_sync_en 0x40017a30 l
_hci_fc_sync_packet_sent 0x40017a54 l
_hci_init 0x40018538 l
_hci_look_for_cmd_desc 0x40018454 l
_hci_look_for_dbg_evt_desc 0x400184c4 l
_hci_look_for_evt_desc 0x400184a0 l
_hci_look_for_le_evt_desc 0x400184e0 l
_hci_reset 0x4001856c l
_hci_send_2_host 0x400185bc l
_hci_sync_tx_data_alloc 0x40019754 l
_hci_sync_tx_data_received 0x400197c0 l
_hci_tl_init 0x40019290 l
_hci_tl_send 0x40019228 l
_hci_util_pack 0x40019874 l
_hci_util_unpack 0x40019998 l
_hci_voice_settings_get 0x40018bdc l
_hci_voice_settings_set 0x40018be8 l
_HMAC 0x40013968 l
_import_rf_phy_func 0x3ffb8354 l
_import_rf_phy_func_p 0x3ffafd64 l
_ip_funcs 0x3ffae710 l
_ip_funcs_p 0x3ffae70c l
_ke_check_malloc 0x40019de0 l
_ke_event_callback_set 0x40019ba8 l
_ke_event_clear 0x40019c2c l
_ke_event_flush 0x40019ccc l
_ke_event_get 0x40019c78 l
_ke_event_get_all 0x40019cc0 l
_ke_event_init 0x40019b90 l
_ke_event_schedule 0x40019cdc l
_ke_event_set 0x40019be0 l
_ke_flush 0x4001a374 l
_ke_free 0x4001a014 l
_ke_get_max_mem_usage 0x4001a1c8 l
_ke_get_mem_usage 0x4001a1a0 l
_ke_init 0x4001a318 l
_ke_is_free 0x4001a184 l
_ke_malloc 0x40019eb4 l
_ke_mem_init 0x40019d3c l
_ke_mem_is_empty 0x40019d8c l
_ke_msg_alloc 0x4001a1e0 l
_ke_msg_dest_id_get 0x4001a2e0 l
_ke_msg_discard 0x4001a850 l
_ke_msg_forward 0x4001a290 l
_ke_msg_forward_new_id 0x4001a2ac l
_ke_msg_free 0x4001a2cc l
_ke_msg_in_queue 0x4001a2f8 l
_ke_msg_save 0x4001a858 l
_ke_msg_send 0x4001a234 l
_ke_msg_send_basic 0x4001a26c l
_ke_msg_src_id_get 0x4001a2ec l
_ke_queue_extract 0x40055fd0 l
_ke_queue_insert 0x40056020 l
_ke_sleep_check 0x4001a3d8 l
_ke_state_get 0x4001a7d8 l
_ke_state_set 0x4001a6fc l
_ke_stats_get 0x4001a3f0 l
_ke_task_check 0x4001a8a4 l
_ke_task_create 0x4001a674 l
_ke_task_delete 0x4001a6c0 l
_ke_task_init 0x4001a650 l
_ke_task_msg_flush 0x4001a860 l
_ke_timer_active 0x4001ac08 l
_ke_timer_adjust_all 0x4001ac30 l
_ke_timer_clear 0x4001ab90 l
_ke_timer_init 0x4001aa9c l
_ke_timer_set 0x4001aac0 l
_ke_timer_sleep_check 0x4001ac50 l
_KPrimC 0x40010ad4 l
_lb_clk_adj_activate 0x4001ae70 l
_lb_clk_adj_id_get 0x4001af14 l
_lb_clk_adj_period_update 0x4001af20 l
_lb_init 0x4001acd4 l
_lb_mst_key 0x4001afc0 l
_lb_mst_key_cmp 0x4001af74 l
_lb_mst_key_restart_enc 0x4001b0d4 l
_lb_mst_start_act_bcst_enc 0x4001b198 l
_lb_mst_stop_act_bcst_enc 0x4001b24c l
_lb_reset 0x4001ad38 l
_lb_send_lmp 0x4001adbc l
_lb_send_pdu_clk_adj 0x4001af3c l
_lb_util_get_csb_mode 0x4001ada4 l
_lb_util_get_nb_broadcast 0x4001ad80 l
_lb_util_get_res_lt_addr 0x4001ad98 l
_lb_util_set_nb_broadcast 0x4001ad8c l
_lc_afh_set 0x4001cc74 l
_lc_afh_start 0x4001d240 l
_lc_auth_cmp 0x4001cd54 l
_lc_calc_link_key 0x4001ce7c l
_lc_chg_pkt_type_cmp 0x4001d038 l
_lc_chg_pkt_type_cont 0x4001cfbc l
_lc_chg_pkt_type_retry 0x4001d0ac l
_lc_chk_to 0x4001d2a8 l
_lc_cmd_stat_send 0x4001c914 l
_lc_comb_key_svr 0x4001d30c l
_lc_con_cmp 0x4001d44c l
_lc_con_cmp_evt_send 0x4001d4fc l
_lc_conn_seq_done 0x40021334 l
_lc_detach 0x4002037c l
_lc_dhkey 0x4001d564 l
_lc_enc_cmp 0x4001d8bc l
_lc_enc_key_refresh 0x4001d720 l
_lc_end_chk_colli 0x4001d858 l
_lc_end_of_sniff_nego 0x4001d9a4 l
_lc_enter_sniff_mode 0x4001ddb8 l
_lc_epr_change_lk 0x4001db38 l
_lc_epr_cmp 0x4001da88 l
_lc_epr_resp 0x4001e0b4 l
_lc_epr_rsw_cmp 0x4001dd40 l
_lc_ext_feat 0x40020d6c l
_lc_feat 0x40020984 l
_lc_hl_connect 0x400209e8 l
_lc_init 0x4001c948 l
_lc_init_calc_f3 0x4001deb0 l
_lc_initiator_epr 0x4001e064 l
_lc_init_passkey_loop 0x4001dfc0 l
_lc_init_start_mutual_auth 0x4001df60 l
_lc_key_exch_end 0x4001e140 l
_lc_legacy_pair 0x4001e1c0 l
_lc_local_switch 0x4001e22c l
_lc_local_trans_mode 0x4001e2e4 l
_lc_local_untrans_mode 0x4001e3a0 l
_lc_loc_auth 0x40020ecc l
_lc_locepr_lkref 0x4001d648 l
_lc_locepr_rsw 0x4001d5d0 l
_lc_loc_sniff 0x40020a6c l
_lc_max_slot_mgt 0x4001e410 l
_lc_mst_key 0x4001e7c0 l
_lc_mst_qos_done 0x4001ea80 l
_lc_mst_send_mst_key 0x4001e8f4 l
_lc_mutual_auth_end 0x4001e670 l
_lc_mutual_auth_end2 0x4001e4f4 l
_lc_packet_type 0x40021038 l
_lc_pair 0x40020ddc l
_lc_pairing_cont 0x4001eafc l
_lc_passkey_comm 0x4001ed20 l
_lc_prepare_all_links_for_clk_adj 0x40021430 l
_lc_proc_rcv_dhkey 0x4001edec l
_lc_ptt 0x4001ee2c l
_lc_ptt_cmp 0x4001eeec l
_lc_qos_setup 0x4001ef50 l
_lc_rd_rem_name 0x4001efd0 l
_lc_release 0x4001f8a8 l
_lc_rem_enc 0x4001f124 l
_lc_rem_name_cont 0x4001f290 l
_lc_rem_nego_trans_mode 0x4001f1b4 l
_lc_rem_sniff 0x40020ca4 l
_lc_rem_sniff_sub_rate 0x40020b10 l
_lc_rem_switch 0x4001f070 l
_lc_rem_trans_mode 0x4001f314 l
_lc_rem_unsniff 0x400207a0 l
_lc_rem_untrans_mode 0x4001f36c l
_lc_reset 0x4001c99c l
_lc_resp_auth 0x4001f518 l
_lc_resp_calc_f3 0x4001f710 l
_lc_resp_num_comp 0x40020074 l
_lc_resp_oob_nonce 0x4001f694 l
_lc_resp_oob_wait_nonce 0x4001f66c l
_lc_resp_pair 0x400208a4 l
_lc_resp_sec_auth 0x4001f4a0 l
_lc_resp_wait_dhkey_cont 0x4001f86c l
_lc_restart_enc 0x4001f8ec l
_lc_restart_enc_cont 0x4001f940 l
_lc_restore_afh_reporting 0x4001f028 l
_lc_restore_to 0x4001f9e0 l
_lc_ret_sniff_max_slot_chg 0x4001fa30 l
_lc_rsw_clean_up 0x4001dc70 l
_lc_rsw_done 0x4001db94 l
_lc_sco_baseband_ack 0x40022b00 l
_lc_sco_detach 0x40021e40 l
_lc_sco_host_accept 0x40022118 l
_lc_sco_host_reject 0x400222b8 l
_lc_sco_host_request 0x40021f4c l
_lc_sco_host_request_disc 0x4002235c l
_lc_sco_init 0x40021dc8 l
_lc_sco_peer_accept 0x40022780 l
_lc_sco_peer_accept_disc 0x40022a08 l
_lc_sco_peer_reject 0x40022824 l
_lc_sco_peer_reject_disc 0x40022a8c l
_lc_sco_peer_request 0x4002240c l
_lc_sco_peer_request_disc 0x400228ec l
_lc_sco_release 0x40021eec l
_lc_sco_reset 0x40021dfc l
_lc_sco_timeout 0x40022bd4 l
_lc_sec_auth_compute_sres 0x4001f3ec l
_lc_semi_key_cmp 0x40020294 l
_lc_send_enc_chg_evt 0x4002134c l
_lc_send_enc_mode 0x40020220 l
_lc_send_lmp 0x4001c1a8 l
_lc_send_pdu_acc 0x4001c21c l
_lc_send_pdu_acc_ext4 0x4001c240 l
_lc_send_pdu_au_rand 0x4001c308 l
_lc_send_pdu_auto_rate 0x4001c5d0 l
_lc_send_pdu_clk_adj_ack 0x4001c46c l
_lc_send_pdu_clk_adj_req 0x4001c494 l
_lc_send_pdu_comb_key 0x4001c368 l
_lc_send_pdu_dhkey_chk 0x4001c8e8 l
_lc_send_pdu_encaps_head 0x4001c440 l
_lc_send_pdu_encaps_payl 0x4001c410 l
_lc_send_pdu_enc_key_sz_req 0x4001c670 l
_lc_send_pdu_esco_lk_rem_req 0x4001c5a8 l
_lc_send_pdu_feats_ext_req 0x4001c6ec l
_lc_send_pdu_feats_res 0x4001c694 l
_lc_send_pdu_in_rand 0x4001c338 l
_lc_send_pdu_io_cap_res 0x4001c72c l
_lc_send_pdu_lsto 0x4001c64c l
_lc_send_pdu_max_slot 0x4001c3c8 l
_lc_send_pdu_max_slot_req 0x4001c3ec l
_lc_send_pdu_not_acc 0x4001c26c l
_lc_send_pdu_not_acc_ext4 0x4001c294 l
_lc_send_pdu_num_comp_fail 0x4001c770 l
_lc_send_pdu_pause_enc_aes_req 0x4001c794 l
_lc_send_pdu_paus_enc_req 0x4001c7c0 l
_lc_send_pdu_ptt_req 0x4001c4c0 l
_lc_send_pdu_qos_req 0x4001c82c l
_lc_send_pdu_resu_enc_req 0x4001c7e4 l
_lc_send_pdu_sco_lk_rem_req 0x4001c580 l
_lc_send_pdu_set_afh 0x4001c2c8 l
_lc_send_pdu_setup_cmp 0x4001c808 l
_lc_send_pdu_slot_off 0x4001c854 l
_lc_send_pdu_sniff_req 0x4001c5f0 l
_lc_send_pdu_sp_cfm 0x4001c518 l
_lc_send_pdu_sp_nb 0x4001c4e8 l
_lc_send_pdu_sres 0x4001c548 l
_lc_send_pdu_tim_acc 0x4001c6cc l
_lc_send_pdu_unit_key 0x4001c398 l
_lc_send_pdu_unsniff_req 0x4001c894 l
_lc_send_pdu_vers_req 0x4001c8b4 l
_lc_skip_hl_oob_req 0x400201bc l
_lc_sniff_init 0x40022cac l
_lc_sniff_max_slot_chg 0x40020590 l
_lc_sniff_reset 0x40022cc8 l
_lc_sniff_slot_unchange 0x40021100 l
_lc_sniff_sub_mode 0x400204fc l
_lc_sp_end 0x400213a8 l
_lc_sp_fail 0x40020470 l
_lc_sp_oob_tid_fail 0x400204cc l
_lc_ssr_nego 0x4002125c l
_lc_start 0x4001ca28 l
_lc_start_enc 0x4001fb28 l
_lc_start_enc_key_size 0x4001fd9c l
_lc_start_key_exch 0x4001fe10 l
_lc_start_lmp_to 0x4001fae8 l
_lc_start_oob 0x4001fffc l
_lc_start_passkey 0x4001feac l
_lc_start_passkey_loop 0x4001ff88 l
_lc_stop_afh_report 0x40020184 l
_lc_stop_enc 0x40020110 l
_lc_switch_cmp 0x40020448 l
_lc_unit_key_svr 0x400206d8 l
_lc_unsniff 0x40020c50 l
_lc_unsniff_cmp 0x40020810 l
_lc_unsniff_cont 0x40020750 l
_lc_upd_to 0x4002065c l
_lc_util_convert_pref_rate_to_packet_type 0x4002f9b0 l
_lc_util_get_max_packet_size 0x4002f4ac l
_lc_util_get_offset_clke 0x4002f538 l
_lc_util_get_offset_clkn 0x4002f51c l
_lc_util_set_loc_trans_coll 0x4002f500 l
_lc_version 0x40020a30 l
lc_set_encap_pdu_data_p192 0x4002e4c8 l
lc_set_encap_pdu_data_p256 0x4002e454 l
lm_get_auth_method 0x40023420 l
lmp_accepted_ext_handler 0x40027290 l
lmp_not_accepted_ext_handler 0x40029c54 l
lmp_clk_adj_handler 0x40027468 l
lmp_clk_adj_ack_handler 0x400274f4 l
lm_get_auth_method 0x40023420 l
lmp_accepted_ext_handler 0x40027290 l
lmp_not_accepted_ext_handler 0x40029c54 l
lmp_clk_adj_handler 0x40027468 l
lmp_clk_adj_ack_handler 0x400274f4 l
lmp_clk_adj_req_handler 0x4002751c l
lmp_feats_res_ext_handler 0x4002cac4 l
lmp_feats_req_ext_handler 0x4002ccb0 l
lmp_pkt_type_tbl_req_handler 0x40027574 l
lmp_esco_link_req_handler 0x40027610 l
lmp_rmv_esco_link_req_handler 0x400276e8 l
lmp_ch_class_req_handler 0x40027730 l
lmp_ch_class_handler 0x4002ca18 l
lmp_ssr_req_handler 0x4002780c l
lmp_ssr_res_handler 0x40027900 l
lmp_pause_enc_aes_req_handler 0x400279a4 l
lmp_pause_enc_req_handler 0x4002df90 l
lmp_resume_enc_req_handler 0x4002e084 l
lmp_num_comparison_fail_handler 0x40027a74 l
lmp_passkey_fail_handler 0x40027aec l
lmp_keypress_notif_handler 0x4002c5c8 l
lmp_pwr_ctrl_req_handler 0x400263bc l
lmp_pwr_ctrl_res_handler 0x40026480 l
lmp_auto_rate_handler 0x40026548 l
lmp_pref_rate_handler 0x4002657c l
lmp_name_req_handler 0x40025050 l
lmp_name_res_handler 0x400250bc l
lmp_not_accepted_handler 0x400251d0 l
lmp_accepted_handler 0x4002e894 l
lmp_clk_off_req_handler 0x40025a44 l
lmp_clk_off_res_handler 0x40025ab8 l
lmp_detach_handler 0x40025b74 l
lmp_tempkey_handler 0x4002b6b0 l
lmp_temprand_handler 0x4002b74c l
lmp_sres_handler 0x4002b840 l
lmp_aurand_handler 0x4002bda0 l
lmp_unitkey_handler 0x4002c13c l
lmp_combkey_handler 0x4002c234 l
lmp_inrand_handler 0x4002c414 l
lmp_oob_fail_handler 0x40027b84 l
lmp_ping_req_handler 0x40027c08 l
lmp_ping_res_handler 0x40027c5c l
lmp_enc_mode_req_handler 0x40025c60 l
lmp_enc_key_size_req_handler 0x40025e54 l
lmp_switch_req_handler 0x40025f84 l
lmp_start_enc_req_handler 0x4002e124 l
lmp_stop_enc_req_handler 0x4002de30 l
lmp_sniff_req_handler 0x400260c8 l
lmp_unsniff_req_handler 0x400261e0 l
lmp_incr_pwr_req_handler 0x4002629c l
lmp_decr_pwr_req_handler 0x400262f8 l
lmp_max_pwr_handler 0x40026354 l
lmp_min_pwr_handler 0x40026388 l
lmp_ver_req_handler 0x400265f0 l
lmp_ver_res_handler 0x40026670 l
lmp_qos_handler 0x40026790 l
lmp_qos_req_handler 0x40026844 l
lmp_sco_link_req_handler 0x40026930 l
lmp_rmv_sco_link_req_handler 0x40026a10 l
lmp_max_slot_handler 0x40026a54 l
lmp_max_slot_req_handler 0x40026aac l
lmp_timing_accu_req_handler 0x40026b54 l
lmp_timing_accu_res_handler 0x40026bcc l
lmp_setup_cmp_handler 0x40026c84 l
lmp_feats_res_handler 0x4002b548 l
lmp_feats_req_handler 0x4002b620 l
lmp_host_con_req_handler 0x4002b3d8 l
lmp_use_semi_perm_key_handler 0x4002b4c4 l
lmp_slot_off_handler 0x40026cc8 l
lmp_page_mode_req_handler 0x40026d0c l
lmp_page_scan_mode_req_handler 0x40026d4c l
lmp_supv_to_handler 0x40026d94 l
lmp_test_activate_handler 0x40026e7c l
lmp_test_ctrl_handler 0x40026ee4 l
lmp_enc_key_size_mask_req_handler 0x40027038 l
lmp_enc_key_size_mask_res_handler 0x400270a4 l
lmp_set_afh_handler 0x4002b2e4 l
lmp_encaps_hdr_handler 0x40027120 l
lmp_encaps_payl_handler 0x4002e590 l
lmp_sp_nb_handler 0x4002acf0 l
lmp_sp_cfm_handler 0x4002b170 l
lmp_dhkey_chk_handler 0x4002ab48 l
lmp_pause_enc_aes_req_handler 0x400279a4 l
lmp_io_cap_res_handler 0x4002c670 l
lmp_io_cap_req_handler 0x4002c7a4 l
lc_cmd_cmp_bd_addr_send 0x4002cec4 l
ld_acl_tx_packet_type_select 0x4002fb40 l
ld_acl_sched 0x40033268 l
ld_acl_sniff_sched 0x4003340c l
ld_acl_sniff_exit 0x400312b4 l
ld_acl_rx 0x4003274c l
ld_acl_tx 0x4002ffdc l
ld_acl_rx_sync 0x4002fbec l
ld_acl_rx_sync2 0x4002fd8c l
ld_acl_rx_no_sync 0x4002fe78 l
ld_acl_clk_isr 0x40030cf8 l
ld_acl_rsw_frm_cbk 0x40033bb0 l
ld_sco_modify 0x40031778 l
lm_cmd_cmp_send 0x40051838 l
ld_sco_frm_cbk 0x400349dc l
ld_acl_sco_rsvd_check 0x4002fa94 l
ld_acl_sniff_frm_cbk 0x4003482c l
ld_inq_end 0x4003ab48 l
ld_inq_sched 0x4003aba4 l
ld_inq_frm_cbk 0x4003ae4c l
ld_pscan_frm_cbk 0x4003ebe4 l
_ld_acl_active_hop_types_get 0x40036e10 l
_ld_acl_afh_confirm 0x40036d40 l
_ld_acl_afh_prepare 0x40036c84 l
_ld_acl_afh_set 0x40036b60 l
_ld_acl_allowed_tx_packet_types_set 0x40036810 l
_ld_acl_bcst_rx_dec 0x40036394 l
_ld_acl_bit_off_get 0x40036b18 l
_ld_acl_clk_adj_set 0x40036a00 l
_ld_acl_clk_off_get 0x40036b00 l
_ld_acl_clk_set 0x40036950 l
_ld_acl_clock_offset_get 0x400364c0 l
_ld_acl_current_tx_power_get 0x400368f0 l
_ld_acl_data_flush 0x400357bc l
_ld_acl_data_tx 0x4003544c l
_ld_acl_edr_set 0x4003678c l
_ld_acl_enc_key_load 0x40036404 l
_ld_acl_flow_off 0x40035400 l
_ld_acl_flow_on 0x4003541c l
_ld_acl_flush_timeout_get 0x40035f9c l
_ld_acl_flush_timeout_set 0x40035fe0 l
_ld_acl_init 0x40034d08 l
_ld_acl_lmp_flush 0x40035d80 l
_ld_acl_lmp_tx 0x40035b34 l
_ld_acl_lsto_get 0x400366b4 l
_ld_acl_lsto_set 0x400366f8 l
_ld_acl_reset 0x40034d24 l
_ld_acl_role_get 0x40036b30 l
_ld_acl_rssi_delta_get 0x40037028 l
_ld_acl_rsw_req 0x40035e74 l
_ld_acl_rx_enc 0x40036344 l
_ld_acl_rx_max_slot_get 0x40036e58 l
_ld_acl_rx_max_slot_set 0x40036ea0 l
_ld_acl_slot_offset_get 0x4003653c l
_ld_acl_slot_offset_set 0x40036658 l
_ld_acl_sniff 0x4003617c l
_ld_acl_sniff_trans 0x400360a8 l
_ld_acl_ssr_set 0x40036274 l
_ld_acl_start 0x40034ddc l
_ld_acl_stop 0x4003532c l
_ld_acl_test_mode_set 0x40036f24 l
_ld_acl_timing_accuracy_set 0x4003673c l
_ld_acl_t_poll_get 0x40036024 l
_ld_acl_t_poll_set 0x40036068 l
_ld_acl_tx_enc 0x400362f8 l
ld_acl_frm_cbk 0x40034414 l
ld_acl_rsw_end 0x40032bc0 l
ld_acl_end 0x40033140 l
ld_acl_resched 0x40033814 l
ld_acl_test_mode_update 0x40032050 l
_ld_acl_unsniff 0x400361e0 l
_ld_active_check 0x4003cac4 l
_ld_afh_ch_assess_data_get 0x4003caec l
_ld_bcst_acl_data_tx 0x40038d3c l
_ld_bcst_acl_init 0x40038bd0 l
_ld_bcst_acl_reset 0x40038bdc l
_ld_bcst_acl_start 0x4003882c l
_ld_bcst_afh_update 0x40038f3c l
_ld_bcst_enc_key_load 0x4003906c l
_ld_bcst_lmp_tx 0x40038bf8 l
_ld_bcst_tx_enc 0x40038ff8 l
_ld_bd_addr_get 0x4003ca20 l
_ld_channel_assess 0x4003c184 l
_ld_class_of_dev_get 0x4003ca34 l
_ld_class_of_dev_set 0x4003ca50 l
_ld_csb_rx_afh_update 0x40039af4 l
_ld_csb_rx_init 0x40039690 l
_ld_csb_rx_reset 0x4003969c l
_ld_csb_rx_start 0x4003972c l
_ld_csb_rx_stop 0x40039bb8 l
_ld_csb_tx_afh_update 0x4003a5fc l
_ld_csb_tx_clr_data 0x4003a71c l
_ld_csb_tx_dis 0x4003a5e8 l
_ld_csb_tx_en 0x4003a1c0 l
_ld_csb_tx_init 0x4003a0e8 l
_ld_csb_tx_reset 0x4003a0f8 l
_ld_csb_tx_set_data 0x4003a6c0 l
_ld_fm_clk_isr 0x4003a7a8 l
_ld_fm_frame_isr 0x4003a82c l
_ld_fm_init 0x4003a760 l
_ld_fm_prog_check 0x4003ab28 l
_ld_fm_prog_disable 0x4003a984 l
_ld_fm_prog_enable 0x4003a944 l
_ld_fm_prog_push 0x4003a9d4 l
_ld_fm_reset 0x4003a794 l
_ld_fm_rx_isr 0x4003a7f4 l
_ld_fm_sket_isr 0x4003a8a4 l
_ld_init 0x4003c294 l
_ld_inq_init 0x4003b15c l
_ld_inq_reset 0x4003b168 l
_ld_inq_start 0x4003b1f0 l
_ld_inq_stop 0x4003b4f0 l
_ld_iscan_eir_get 0x4003c118 l
_ld_iscan_eir_set 0x4003bfa0 l
_ld_iscan_init 0x4003b9f0 l
_ld_iscan_reset 0x4003ba14 l
_ld_iscan_restart 0x4003ba44 l
_ld_iscan_start 0x4003bb28 l
_ld_iscan_stop 0x4003bf1c l
_ld_iscan_tx_pwr_get 0x4003c138 l
_ld_page_init 0x4003d808 l
_ld_page_reset 0x4003d814 l
_ld_page_start 0x4003d848 l
_ld_page_stop 0x4003da54 l
_ld_pca_coarse_clock_adjust 0x4003e324 l
_ld_pca_init 0x4003deb4 l
_ld_pca_initiate_clock_dragging 0x4003e4ac l
_ld_pca_local_config 0x4003df6c l
_ld_pca_mws_frame_sync 0x4003e104 l
_ld_pca_mws_moment_offset_gt 0x4003e278 l
_ld_pca_mws_moment_offset_lt 0x4003e280 l
_ld_pca_reporting_enable 0x4003e018 l
_ld_pca_reset 0x4003df0c l
_ld_pca_update_target_offset 0x4003e050 l
_ld_pscan_evt_handler 0x4003f238 l
_ld_pscan_init 0x4003f474 l
_ld_pscan_reset 0x4003f498 l
_ld_pscan_restart 0x4003f4b8 l
_ld_pscan_start 0x4003f514 l
_ld_pscan_stop 0x4003f618 l
_ld_read_clock 0x4003c9e4 l
_ld_reset 0x4003c714 l
_ld_sched_acl_add 0x4003f978 l
_ld_sched_acl_remove 0x4003f99c l
_ld_sched_compute 0x4003f6f8 l
_ld_sched_init 0x4003f7ac l
_ld_sched_inq_add 0x4003f8a8 l
_ld_sched_inq_remove 0x4003f8d0 l
_ld_sched_iscan_add 0x4003f7e8 l
_ld_sched_iscan_remove 0x4003f808 l
_ld_sched_page_add 0x4003f910 l
_ld_sched_page_remove 0x4003f938 l
_ld_sched_pscan_add 0x4003f828 l
_ld_sched_pscan_remove 0x4003f848 l
_ld_sched_reset 0x4003f7d4 l
_ld_sched_sco_add 0x4003fa4c l
_ld_sched_sco_remove 0x4003fa9c l
_ld_sched_sniff_add 0x4003f9c4 l
_ld_sched_sniff_remove 0x4003fa0c l
_ld_sched_sscan_add 0x4003f868 l
_ld_sched_sscan_remove 0x4003f888 l
_ld_sco_audio_isr 0x40037cc8 l
_ld_sco_data_tx 0x40037ee8 l
_ld_sco_start 0x40037110 l
_ld_sco_stop 0x40037c40 l
_ld_sco_update 0x40037a74 l
_ld_sscan_activated 0x4004031c l
_ld_sscan_init 0x400402f0 l
_ld_sscan_reset 0x400402fc l
_ld_sscan_start 0x40040384 l
_ld_strain_init 0x400409f4 l
_ld_strain_reset 0x40040a00 l
_ld_strain_start 0x40040a8c l
_ld_strain_stop 0x40040df0 l
_ld_timing_accuracy_get 0x4003caac l
_ld_util_active_master_afh_map_get 0x4004131c l
_ld_util_active_master_afh_map_set 0x40041308 l
_ld_util_bch_create 0x40040fcc l
_ld_util_fhs_pk 0x400411c8 l
_ld_util_fhs_unpk 0x40040e54 l
_ld_util_stp_pk 0x400413f4 l
_ld_util_stp_unpk 0x40041324 l
_ld_version_get 0x4003ca6c l
_ld_wlcoex_set 0x4003caf8 l
_llc_ch_assess_get_current_ch_map 0x40041574 l
_llc_ch_assess_get_local_ch_map 0x4004150c l
_llc_ch_assess_local 0x40041494 l
_llc_ch_assess_merge_ch 0x40041588 l
_llc_ch_assess_reass_ch 0x400415c0 l
_llc_common_cmd_complete_send 0x40044eac l
_llc_common_cmd_status_send 0x40044ee0 l
_llc_common_enc_change_evt_send 0x40044f6c l
_llc_common_enc_key_ref_comp_evt_send 0x40044f38 l
_llc_common_flush_occurred_send 0x40044f0c l
_llc_common_nb_of_pkt_comp_evt_send 0x40045000 l
_llc_con_update_complete_send 0x40044d68 l
_llc_con_update_finished 0x4004518c l
_llc_con_update_ind 0x40045038 l
_llc_discon_event_complete_send 0x40044a30 l
_llc_end_evt_defer 0x40046330 l
_llc_feats_rd_event_send 0x40044e0c l
_llc_init 0x40044778 l
_llc_le_con_cmp_evt_send 0x40044a78 l
_llc_llcp_ch_map_update_pdu_send 0x40043f94 l
_llc_llcp_con_param_req_pdu_send 0x400442fc l
_llc_llcp_con_param_rsp_pdu_send 0x40044358 l
_llc_llcp_con_update_pdu_send 0x400442c4 l
_llc_llcp_enc_req_pdu_send 0x40044064 l
_llc_llcp_enc_rsp_pdu_send 0x40044160 l
_llc_llcp_feats_req_pdu_send 0x400443b4 l
_llc_llcp_feats_rsp_pdu_send 0x400443f0 l
_llc_llcp_get_autorize 0x4004475c l
_llc_llcp_length_req_pdu_send 0x40044574 l
_llc_llcp_length_rsp_pdu_send 0x400445ac l
_llc_llcp_pause_enc_req_pdu_send 0x40043fd8 l
_llc_llcp_pause_enc_rsp_pdu_send 0x40044010 l
_llc_llcp_ping_req_pdu_send 0x4004454c l
_llc_llcp_ping_rsp_pdu_send 0x40044560 l
_llc_llcp_recv_handler 0x40044678 l
_llc_llcp_reject_ind_pdu_send 0x4004425c l
_llc_llcp_start_enc_req_pdu_send 0x4004441c l
_llc_llcp_start_enc_rsp_pdu_send 0x400441f8 l
_llc_llcp_terminate_ind_pdu_send 0x400444b0 l
_llc_llcp_tester_send 0x400445e4 l
_llc_llcp_unknown_rsp_send_pdu 0x40044534 l
_llc_llcp_version_ind_pdu_send 0x40043f6c l
_llc_lsto_con_update 0x40045098 l
_llc_ltk_req_send 0x40044dc0 l
_llc_map_update_finished 0x40045260 l
_llc_map_update_ind 0x400450f0 l
_llc_pdu_acl_tx_ack_defer 0x400464dc l
_llc_pdu_defer 0x40046528 l
_llc_pdu_llcp_tx_ack_defer 0x400463ac l
_llc_reset 0x400447b8 l
_llc_start 0x400447f4 l
_llc_stop 0x400449ac l
_llc_util_bw_mgt 0x4004629c l
_llc_util_clear_operation_ptr 0x40046234 l
_llc_util_dicon_procedure 0x40046130 l
_llc_util_get_free_conhdl 0x400460c8 l
_llc_util_get_nb_active_link 0x40046100 l
_llc_util_set_auth_payl_to_margin 0x400461f4 l
_llc_util_set_llcp_discard_enable 0x400461c8 l
_llc_util_update_channel_map 0x400461ac l
_llc_version_rd_event_send 0x40044e60 l
_lld_adv_start 0x40048b38 l
_lld_adv_stop 0x40048ea0 l
_lld_ch_map_ind 0x4004a2f4 l
_lld_con_param_req 0x40049f0c l
_lld_con_param_rsp 0x40049e00 l
_lld_con_start 0x400491f8 l
_lld_con_stop 0x40049fdc l
_lld_con_update_after_param_req 0x40049bcc l
_lld_con_update_ind 0x4004a30c l
_lld_con_update_req 0x40049b60 l
_lld_core_reset 0x40048a9c l
_lld_crypt_isr 0x4004a324 l
_lld_evt_adv_create 0x400481f4 l
_lld_evt_canceled 0x400485c8 l
_lld_evt_channel_next 0x40046aac l
_lld_evt_deffered_elt_handler 0x400482bc l
_lld_evt_delete_elt_handler 0x40046974 l
_lld_evt_delete_elt_push 0x40046a3c l
_lld_evt_drift_compute 0x40047670 l
_lld_evt_elt_delete 0x40047538 l
_lld_evt_elt_insert 0x400474c8 l
_lld_evt_end 0x400483e8 l
_lld_evt_end_isr 0x4004862c l
_lld_evt_init 0x40046b3c l
_lld_evt_init_evt 0x40046cd0 l
_lld_evt_move_to_master 0x40047ba0 l
_lld_evt_move_to_slave 0x40047e18 l
_lld_evt_prevent_stop 0x40047adc l
_lld_evt_restart 0x40046d50 l
_lld_evt_rx 0x40048578 l
_lld_evt_rx_isr 0x40048678 l
_lld_evt_scan_create 0x40047ae8 l
_lld_evt_schedule 0x40047908 l
_lld_evt_schedule_next 0x400477dc l
_lld_evt_schedule_next_instant 0x400476a8 l
_lld_evt_slave_update 0x40048138 l
_lld_evt_update_create 0x40047cd8 l
_lld_get_mode 0x40049ff8 l
_lld_init 0x4004873c l
_lld_move_to_master 0x400499e0 l
_lld_move_to_slave 0x4004a024 l
_lld_pdu_adv_pack 0x4004b488 l
_lld_pdu_check 0x4004ac34 l
_lld_pdu_data_send 0x4004b018 l
_lld_pdu_data_tx_push 0x4004aecc l
_lld_pdu_rx_handler 0x4004b4d4 l
_lld_pdu_send_packet 0x4004b774 l
_lld_pdu_tx_flush 0x4004b414 l
_lld_pdu_tx_loop 0x4004ae40 l
_lld_pdu_tx_prog 0x4004b120 l
_lld_pdu_tx_push 0x4004b080 l
_lld_ral_renew_req 0x4004a73c l
_lld_scan_start 0x40048ee0 l
_lld_scan_stop 0x40049190 l
_lld_test_mode_rx 0x4004a540 l
_lld_test_mode_tx 0x4004a350 l
_lld_test_stop 0x4004a710 l
_lld_util_anchor_point_move 0x4004bacc l
_lld_util_compute_ce_max 0x4004bc0c l
_lld_util_connection_param_set 0x4004ba40 l
_lld_util_dle_set_cs_fields 0x4004ba90 l
_lld_util_eff_tx_time_set 0x4004bd88 l
_lld_util_elt_programmed 0x4004bce0 l
_lld_util_flush_list 0x4004bbd8 l
_lld_util_freq2chnl 0x4004b9e4 l
_lld_util_get_bd_address 0x4004b8ac l
_lld_util_get_local_offset 0x4004ba10 l
_lld_util_get_peer_offset 0x4004ba24 l
_lld_util_get_tx_pkt_cnt 0x4004bd80 l
_lld_util_instant_get 0x4004b890 l
_lld_util_instant_ongoing 0x4004bbfc l
_lld_util_priority_set 0x4004bd10 l
_lld_util_priority_update 0x4004bd78 l
_lld_util_ral_force_rpa_renew 0x4004b980 l
_lld_util_set_bd_address 0x4004b8f8 l
_lld_wlcoex_set 0x4004bd98 l
_llm_ble_ready 0x4004cc34 l
_llm_common_cmd_complete_send 0x4004d288 l
_llm_common_cmd_status_send 0x4004d2b4 l
_llm_con_req_ind 0x4004cc54 l
_llm_con_req_tx_cfm 0x4004d158 l
_llm_create_con 0x4004de78 l
_llm_encryption_done 0x4004dff8 l
_llm_encryption_start 0x4004e128 l
_llm_end_evt_defer 0x4004eb6c l
_llm_init 0x4004c9f8 l
_llm_le_adv_report_ind 0x4004cdf4 l
_llm_pdu_defer 0x4004ec48 l
_llm_ral_clear 0x4004e1fc l
_llm_ral_dev_add 0x4004e23c l
_llm_ral_dev_rm 0x4004e3bc l
_llm_ral_get_rpa 0x4004e400 l
_llm_ral_set_timeout 0x4004e4a0 l
_llm_ral_update 0x4004e4f8 l
_llm_set_adv_data 0x4004d960 l
_llm_set_adv_en 0x4004d7ec l
_llm_set_adv_param 0x4004d5f4 l
_llm_set_scan_en 0x4004db64 l
_llm_set_scan_param 0x4004dac8 l
_llm_set_scan_rsp_data 0x4004da14 l
_llm_test_mode_start_rx 0x4004d534 l
_llm_test_mode_start_tx 0x4004d2fc l
_llm_util_adv_data_update 0x4004e8fc l
_llm_util_apply_bd_addr 0x4004e868 l
_llm_util_bd_addr_in_ral 0x4004eb08 l
_llm_util_bd_addr_in_wl 0x4004e788 l
_llm_util_bd_addr_wl_position 0x4004e720 l
_llm_util_bl_add 0x4004e9ac l
_llm_util_bl_check 0x4004e930 l
_llm_util_bl_rem 0x4004ea70 l
_llm_util_check_address_validity 0x4004e7e4 l
_llm_util_check_evt_mask 0x4004e8b0 l
_llm_util_check_map_validity 0x4004e800 l
_llm_util_get_channel_map 0x4004e8d4 l
_llm_util_get_supp_features 0x4004e8e8 l
_llm_util_set_public_addr 0x4004e89c l
_llm_wl_clr 0x4004dc54 l
_llm_wl_dev_add 0x4004dcc0 l
_llm_wl_dev_add_hdl 0x4004dd38 l
_llm_wl_dev_rem 0x4004dcfc l
_llm_wl_dev_rem_hdl 0x4004dde0 l
_lm_acl_disc 0x4004f148 l
_LM_AddSniff 0x40022d20 l
_lm_add_sync 0x40051358 l
_lm_afh_activate_timer 0x4004f444 l
_lm_afh_ch_ass_en_get 0x4004f3f8 l
_lm_afh_host_ch_class_get 0x4004f410 l
_lm_afh_master_ch_map_get 0x4004f43c l
_lm_afh_peer_ch_class_set 0x4004f418 l
_lm_check_active_sync 0x40051334 l
_LM_CheckEdrFeatureRequest 0x4002f90c l
_LM_CheckSwitchInstant 0x4002f8c0 l
_lm_check_sync_hl_rsp 0x4005169c l
_lm_clk_adj_ack_pending_clear 0x4004f514 l
_lm_clk_adj_instant_pending_set 0x4004f4d8 l
_LM_ComputePacketType 0x4002f554 l
_LM_ComputeSniffSubRate 0x400233ac l
_lm_debug_key_compare_192 0x4004f3a8 l
_lm_debug_key_compare_256 0x4004f3d0 l
_lm_dhkey_calc_init 0x40013234 l
_lm_dhkey_compare 0x400132d8 l
_lm_dut_mode_en_get 0x4004f3ec l
_LM_ExtractMaxEncKeySize 0x4001aca4 l
_lm_f1 0x40012bb8 l
_lm_f2 0x40012cfc l
_lm_f3 0x40013050 l
_lm_g 0x40012f90 l
_LM_GetAFHSwitchInstant 0x4002f86c l
_lm_get_auth_en 0x4004f1ac l
_lm_get_common_pkt_types 0x4002fa1c l
_LM_GetConnectionAcceptTimeout 0x4004f1f4 l
_LM_GetFeature 0x4002f924 l
_LM_GetLinkTimeout 0x400233ec l
_LM_GetLocalNameSeg 0x4004f200 l
_lm_get_loopback_mode 0x4004f248 l
_LM_GetMasterEncKeySize 0x4001b29c l
_LM_GetMasterEncRand 0x4001b288 l
_LM_GetMasterKey 0x4001b260 l
_LM_GetMasterKeyRand 0x4001b274 l
_lm_get_min_sync_intv 0x400517a8 l
_lm_get_nb_acl 0x4004ef9c l
_lm_get_nb_sync_link 0x4005179c l
_lm_get_nonce 0x400131c4 l
_lm_get_oob_local_commit 0x4004f374 l
_lm_get_oob_local_data_192 0x4004f2d4 l
_lm_get_oob_local_data_256 0x4004f318 l
_LM_GetPINType 0x4004f1e8 l
_lm_get_priv_key_192 0x4004f278 l
_lm_get_priv_key_256 0x4004f2b8 l
_lm_get_pub_key_192 0x4004f258 l
_lm_get_pub_key_256 0x4004f298 l
_LM_GetQoSParam 0x4002f6e0 l
_lm_get_sec_con_host_supp 0x4004f1d4 l
_LM_GetSniffSubratingParam 0x4002325c l
_lm_get_sp_en 0x4004f1c0 l
_LM_GetSwitchInstant 0x4002f7f8 l
_lm_get_synchdl 0x4005175c l
_lm_get_sync_param 0x400503b4 l
_lm_init 0x4004ed34 l
_lm_init_sync 0x400512d8 l
_lm_is_acl_con 0x4004f47c l
_lm_is_acl_con_role 0x4004f49c l
_lm_is_clk_adj_ack_pending 0x4004f4e8 l
_lm_is_clk_adj_instant_pending 0x4004f4c8 l
_lm_local_ext_fr_configured 0x4004f540 l
_lm_look_for_stored_link_key 0x4002f948 l
_lm_look_for_sync 0x40051774 l
_lm_lt_addr_alloc 0x4004ef1c l
_lm_lt_addr_free 0x4004ef74 l
_lm_lt_addr_reserve 0x4004ef48 l
_LM_MakeCof 0x4002f84c l
_LM_MakeRandVec 0x400112d8 l
_lm_master_clk_adj_req_handler 0x40054180 l
_LM_MaxSlot 0x4002f694 l
_lm_modif_sync 0x40051578 l
_lm_n_is_zero 0x40012170 l
_lm_num_clk_adj_ack_pending_set 0x4004f500 l
_lm_oob_f1 0x40012e54 l
_lm_pca_sscan_link_get 0x4004f560 l
_lm_pca_sscan_link_set 0x4004f550 l
nvds_null_read 0x400542a0 l
nvds_null_write 0x400542a8 l
nvds_null_erase 0x400542b0 l
nvds_read 0x400542c4 l
nvds_write 0x400542fc l
nvds_erase 0x40054334 l
nvds_init_memory 0x40054358 l
_lmp_pack 0x4001135c l
_lmp_unpack 0x4001149c l
_lm_read_features 0x4004f0d8 l
_LM_RemoveSniff 0x40023124 l
_LM_RemoveSniffSubrating 0x400233c4 l
_lm_remove_sync 0x400517c8 l
_lm_reset_sync 0x40051304 l
_lm_role_switch_finished 0x4004f028 l
_lm_role_switch_start 0x4004efe0 l
_lm_sco_nego_end 0x40051828 l
_LM_SniffSubrateNegoRequired 0x40023334 l
_LM_SniffSubratingHlReq 0x40023154 l
_LM_SniffSubratingPeerReq 0x400231dc l
_lm_sp_debug_mode_get 0x4004f398 l
_lm_sp_n192_convert_wnaf 0x400123c0 l
_lm_sp_n_one 0x400123a4 l
_lm_sp_p192_add 0x40012828 l
_lm_sp_p192_dbl 0x4001268c l
_lm_sp_p192_invert 0x40012b6c l
_lm_sp_p192_point_jacobian_to_affine 0x40012468 l
_lm_sp_p192_points_jacobian_to_affine 0x400124e4 l
_lm_sp_p192_point_to_inf 0x40012458 l
_lm_sp_pre_compute_points 0x40012640 l
_lm_sp_sha256_calculate 0x400121a0 l
_LM_SuppressAclPacket 0x4002f658 l
_lm_sync_flow_ctrl_en_get 0x4004f404 l
_LM_UpdateAclEdrPacketType 0x4002f5d8 l
_LM_UpdateAclPacketType 0x4002f584 l
_modules_funcs 0x3ffafd6c l
_modules_funcs_p 0x3ffafd68 l
_nvds_del 0x400544c4 l
_nvds_get 0x40054488 l
_nvds_init 0x40054410 l
_nvds_lock 0x400544fc l
_nvds_put 0x40054534 l
m_abs_temp 0x400054f0 l
m_bb_bss_bw_40_en 0x4000401c l
m_bb_bss_cbw40_dig 0x40003bac l
m_bb_rx_ht20_cen_bcov_en 0x40003734 l
m_bb_tx_ht20_cen 0x40003760 l
m_bb_wdg_test_en 0x40003b70 l
m_cbw2040_cfg 0x400040b0 l
m_check_noise_floor 0x40003c78 l
m_chip_i2c_readReg 0x40004110 l
m_chip_i2c_writeReg 0x40004168 l
m_chip_v7_bt_init 0x40004d8c l
m_chip_v7_rx_init 0x40004cec l
m_chip_v7_rx_rifs_en 0x40003d90 l
m_chip_v7_tx_init 0x40004d18 l
m_clk_force_on_vit 0x40003710 l
m_correct_rf_ana_gain 0x400062a8 l
m_dc_iq_est 0x400055c8 l
m_disable_agc 0x40002fa4 l
m_enable_agc 0x40002fcc l
m_en_pwdet 0x4000506c l
m_gen_rx_gain_table 0x40003e3c l
m_get_data_sat 0x4000312c l
m_get_fm_sar_dout 0x40005204 l
m_get_power_db 0x40005fc8 l
m_get_pwctrl_correct 0x400065d4 l
m_get_rfcal_rxiq_data 0x40005bbc l
m_get_rf_gain_qdb 0x40006290 l
m_get_sar_dout 0x40006564 l
m_i2c_readReg 0x40004148 l
m_i2c_readReg_Mask 0x400041c0 l
m_i2c_writeReg 0x400041a4 l
m_i2c_writeReg_Mask 0x400041fc l
m_index_to_txbbgain 0x40004df8 l
m_iq_est_disable 0x40005590 l
m_iq_est_enable 0x40005514 l
m_linear_to_db 0x40005f64 l
m_loopback_mode_en 0x400030f8 l
m_meas_tone_pwr_db 0x40006004 l
m_mhz2ieee 0x4000404c l
m_noise_floor_auto_set 0x40003bdc l
m_pbus_debugmode 0x40004458 l
m_pbus_force_mode 0x40004270 l
m_pbus_force_test 0x400043c0 l
m_pbus_rd 0x40004414 l
m_pbus_rd_addr 0x40004334 l
m_pbus_rd_shift 0x40004374 l
m_pbus_rx_dco_cal 0x40005620 l
m_pbus_set_dco 0x40004638 l
m_pbus_set_rxgain 0x40004480 l
m_pbus_workmode 0x4000446c l
m_pbus_xpd_rx_off 0x40004508 l
m_pbus_xpd_rx_on 0x4000453c l
m_pbus_xpd_tx_off 0x40004590 l
m_pbus_xpd_tx_on 0x400045e0 l
m_phy_disable_agc 0x40002f6c l
m_phy_disable_cca 0x40003000 l
m_phy_enable_agc 0x40002f88 l
m_phy_enable_cca 0x4000302c l
m_phy_freq_correct 0x40004b44 l
m_phyFuns 0x3ffae0c0 l
m_phy_get_noisefloor 0x40003c2c l
m_phy_get_vdd33 0x4000642c l
m_pow_usr 0x40003044 l
m_read_sar_dout 0x400051c0 l
m_restart_cal 0x400046e0 l
m_rfcal_pwrctrl 0x40006058 l
m_rfcal_rxiq 0x40005b4c l
m_rfcal_txcap 0x40005dec l
m_rfpll_reset 0x40004680 l
m_rfpll_set_freq 0x400047f8 l
m_rtc_mem_backup 0x40003db4 l
m_rtc_mem_recovery 0x40003df4 l
m_rx_gain_force 0x4000351c l
m_rxiq_cover_mg_mp 0x40005a68 l
m_rxiq_get_mis 0x400058e4 l
m_rxiq_set_reg 0x40005a00 l
m_set_cal_rxdc 0x400030b8 l
m_set_chan_cal_interp 0x40005ce0 l
m_set_channel_freq 0x40004880 l
m_set_loopback_gain 0x40003060 l
m_set_noise_floor 0x40003d48 l
m_set_pbus_mem 0x400031a4 l
m_set_rf_freq_offset 0x40004ca8 l
m_set_rxclk_en 0x40003594 l
m_set_txcap_reg 0x40005d50 l
m_set_txclk_en 0x40003564 l
m_spur_coef_cfg 0x40003ac8 l
m_spur_reg_write_one_tone 0x400037f0 l
m_start_tx_tone 0x400036b4 l
m_start_tx_tone_step 0x400035d0 l
m_stop_tx_tone 0x40003f98 l
_rom_store 0x4000d66c l
_rom_store_table 0x4000d4f8 l
m_target_power_add_backoff 0x40006268 l
m_tx_atten_set_interp 0x400061cc l
m_txbbgain_to_index 0x40004dc0 l
m_txcal_work_mode 0x4000510c l
m_txdc_cal_init 0x40004e10 l
m_txdc_cal_v70 0x40004ea4 l
m_txiq_cover 0x4000538c l
m_txiq_get_mis_pwr 0x400052dc l
m_txiq_set_reg 0x40005154 l
m_tx_pwctrl_bg_init 0x4000662c l
m_txtone_linear_pwr 0x40005290 l
m_wait_rfpll_cal_end 0x400047a8 l
m_write_gain_mem 0x4000348c l
m_write_rfpll_sdm 0x40004740 l
undup2 0x4000ab7c l
_plf_funcs_p 0x3ffb8360 l
_rf_rw_bt_init 0x40054868 l
_rf_rw_init 0x40054b0c l
_rf_rw_le_init 0x400549d0 l
_rwble_activity_ongoing_check 0x40054d8c l
_rwble_init 0x40054bf4 l
_rwble_isr 0x40054e08 l
_rwble_reset 0x40054ce8 l
_rwble_sleep_check 0x40054d78 l
_rwble_version 0x40054dac l
_rwbt_init 0x40055160 l
_rwbt_isr 0x40055248 l
_rwbt_reset 0x400551bc l
_rwbt_sleep_check 0x4005577c l
_rwbt_sleep_enter 0x400557a4 l
_rwbt_sleep_wakeup 0x400557fc l
_rwbt_sleep_wakeup_end 0x400558cc l
_rwbt_version 0x4005520c l
_rwip_assert_err 0x40055f88 l
_rwip_check_wakeup_boundary 0x400558fc l
_rwip_ext_wakeup_enable 0x40055f3c l
_rwip_init 0x4005595c l
_rwip_pca_clock_dragging_only 0x40055f48 l
_rwip_prevent_sleep_clear 0x40055ec8 l
_rwip_prevent_sleep_set 0x40055e64 l
_rwip_reset 0x40055ab8 l
_rwip_schedule 0x40055b38 l
_rwip_sleep 0x40055b5c l
_rwip_sleep_enable 0x40055f30 l
_rwip_version 0x40055b20 l
_rwip_wakeup 0x40055dc4 l
_rwip_wakeup_delay_set 0x40055e4c l
_rwip_wakeup_end 0x40055e18 l
_rwip_wlcoex_set 0x40055f60 l
_SHA_256 0x40013a90 l
wip_coex_cfg 0x3ff9914c l
wip_priority 0x3ff99159 l
wip_rf 0x3ffbdb28 l
wip_rf_p_get 0x400558f4 l
_XorKey 0x400112c0 l
sha_blk_bits 0x3ff99290 l
sha_blk_bits_bytes 0x3ff99288 l
sha_blk_hash_bytes 0x3ff9928c l
sig_matrix 0x3ffae293 l
sip_after_tx_complete 0x4000b358 l
sip_alloc_to_host_evt 0x4000ab9c l
sip_get_ptr 0x4000b34c l
sip_get_state 0x4000ae2c l
sip_init_attach 0x4000ae58 l
sip_install_rx_ctrl_cb 0x4000ae10 l
sip_install_rx_data_cb 0x4000ae20 l
sip_is_active 0x4000b3c0 l
sip_post_init 0x4000aed8 l
sip_reclaim_from_host_cmd 0x4000adbc l
sip_reclaim_tx_data_pkt 0x4000ad5c l
sip_send 0x4000af54 l
sip_to_host_chain_append 0x4000aef8 l
sip_to_host_evt_send_done 0x4000ac04 l
slc_add_credits 0x4000baf4 l
slc_enable 0x4000b64c l
slc_from_host_chain_fetch 0x4000b7e8 l
slc_from_host_chain_recycle 0x4000bb10 l
slc_has_pkt_to_host 0x4000b5fc l
slc_init_attach 0x4000b918 l
slc_init_credit 0x4000badc l
slc_reattach 0x4000b62c l
slc_send_to_host_chain 0x4000b6a0 l
slc_set_host_io_max_window 0x4000b89c l
slc_to_host_chain_recycle 0x4000b758 l
specialModP256 0x4001600c l
__stack 0x3ffe3f20 l
__stack_app 0x3ffe7e30 l
_stack_sentry 0x3ffe1320 l
_stack_sentry_app 0x3ffe5230 l
_start 0x40000704 l
start_tb_console 0x4005a980 l
_stat_r 0x4000bcb4 l
_stext 0x40000560 l
SubtractBigHex256 0x40015bcc l
SubtractBigHexMod256 0x40015e8c l
SubtractBigHexUint32_256 0x40015f8c l
SubtractFromSelfBigHex256 0x40015c20 l
SubtractFromSelfBigHexSign256 0x40015dc8 l
sw_to_hw 0x3ffb8d40 l
syscall_table_ptr_app 0x3ffae020 l
syscall_table_ptr_pro 0x3ffae024 l
tdefl_compress 0x400600bc l
tdefl_compress_buffer 0x400607f4 l
tdefl_compress_mem_to_mem 0x40060900 l
tdefl_compress_mem_to_output 0x400608e0 l
tdefl_get_adler32 0x400608d8 l
tdefl_get_prev_return_status 0x400608d0 l
tdefl_init 0x40060810 l
tdefl_write_image_to_png_file_in_memory 0x4006091c l
tdefl_write_image_to_png_file_in_memory_ex 0x40060910 l
tinfl_decompress 0x4005ef30 l
tinfl_decompress_mem_to_callback 0x40060090 l
tinfl_decompress_mem_to_mem 0x40060050 l
UartDev 0x3ffe019c l
user_code_start 0x3ffe0400 l
yBigHexP256 0x3ff9736c l
xthal_bcopy 0x4000c098 l
xthal_copy123 0x4000c124 l
xthal_get_ccompare 0x4000c078 l
xthal_get_ccount 0x4000c050 l
xthal_get_interrupt 0x4000c1e4 l
xthal_get_intread 0x4000c1e4 l
Xthal_intlevel 0x3ff9c2b4 l
xthal_memcpy 0x4000c0bc l
xthal_set_ccompare 0x4000c058 l
xthal_set_intclear 0x4000c1ec l
_xtos_set_intlevel 0x4000bfdc l
g_ticks_per_us_pro 0x3ffe01e0 l
g_ticks_per_us_app 0x3ffe40f0 l
sp_rom_spiflash_config_param 0x40063238 l
sp_rom_spiflash_read_user_cmd 0x400621b0 l
sp_rom_spiflash_write_encrypted_disable 0x40062e60 l
sp_rom_spiflash_write_encrypted_enable 0x40062df4 l
sp_rom_spiflash_prepare_encrypted_data 0x40062e1c l
sp_rom_spiflash_select_qio_pins 0x40061ddc l
sp_rom_spiflash_attach 0x40062a6c l
sp_rom_spiflash_config_clk 0x40062bc8 l
g_rom_spiflash_chip 0x3ffae270 l
SPI_write_enable 0x40062320 l
hci_le_rd_rem_used_feats_cmd_handler 0x400417b4 l
llcp_length_req_handler 0x40043808 l
llcp_unknown_rsp_handler 0x40043ba8 l
llcp_channel_map_req_handler 0x4004291c l
llcp_con_up_req_handler 0x400426f0 l
_DebugExceptionVector 0x40000280 l
_DoubleExceptionVector 0x400003c0 l
_KernelExceptionVector 0x40000300 l
_GeneralException 0x40000e14 l
_ResetHandler 0x40000450 l
_ResetVector 0x40000400 l
_UserExceptionVector 0x40000340 l
_NMIExceptionVector 0x400002c0 l
_WindowOverflow12 0x40000100 l
_WindowOverflow4 0x40000000 l
_WindowOverflow8 0x40000080 l
_WindowUnderflow12 0x40000140 l
_WindowUnderflow4 0x40000040 l
_WindowUnderflow8 0x400000c0 l
_Level2FromVector 0x40000954 l
_Level3FromVector 0x40000a28 l
_Level4FromVector 0x40000af8 l
_Level5FromVector 0x40000c68 l
_Level2Vector 0x40000180 l
_Level3Vector 0x400001c0 l
_Level4Vector 0x40000200 l
_Level5Vector 0x40000240 l
_LevelOneInterrupt 0x40000835 l
_SyscallException 0x400007cf l
_xtos_alloca_handler 0x40000010 l
_xtos_cause3_handler 0x40000dd8 l
_xtos_c_handler_table 0x3ffe0548 l
_xtos_c_wrapper_handler 0x40000de8 l
_xtos_enabled 0x3ffe0650 l
_xtos_exc_handler_table 0x3ffe0448 l
_xtos_interrupt_mask_table 0x3ffe0758 l
_xtos_interrupt_table 0x3ffe0658 l
_xtos_ints_off 0x4000bfac l
_xtos_ints_on 0x4000bf88 l
_xtos_intstruct 0x3ffe0650 l
_xtos_l1int_handler 0x40000814 l
_xtos_p_none 0x4000bfd4 l
_xtos_restore_intlevel 0x40000928 l
_xtos_return_from_exc 0x4000c034 l
_xtos_set_exception_handler 0x4000074c l
_xtos_set_interrupt_handler 0x4000bf78 l
_xtos_set_interrupt_handler_arg 0x4000bf34 l
_xtos_set_min_intlevel 0x4000bff8 l
_xtos_set_vpri 0x40000934 l
_xtos_syscall_handler 0x40000790 l
_xtos_unhandled_exception 0x4000c024 l
_xtos_unhandled_interrupt 0x4000c01c l
_xtos_vpri_enabled 0x3ffe0654 l
ts_intr_count 0x3ffe03fc l
FilePacketSendDeflatedReqMsgProc 0x40008b24 l
FilePacketSendReqMsgProc 0x40008860 l
FlashDwnLdDeflatedStartMsgProc 0x40008ad8 l
FlashDwnLdParamCfgMsgProc 0x4000891c l
FlashDwnLdStartMsgProc 0x40008820 l
FlashDwnLdStopDeflatedReqMsgProc 0x40008c18 l
FlashDwnLdStopReqMsgProc 0x400088ec l
MemDwnLdStartMsgProc 0x40008948 l
MemDwnLdStopReqMsgProc 0x400089dc l
MemPacketSendReqMsgProc 0x40008978 l
uart_baudrate_detect 0x40009034 l
uart_buff_switch 0x400093c0 l
UartConnCheck 0x40008738 l
UartConnectProc 0x40008a04 l
UartDwnLdProc 0x40008ce8 l
UartRegReadProc 0x40008a58 l
UartRegWriteProc 0x40008a14 l
UartSetBaudProc 0x40008aac l
UartSpiAttachProc 0x40008a6c l
UartSpiReadProc 0x40008a80 l
fyFlashMd5Proc 0x40008c44 l
GetUartDevice 0x40009598 l
cvMsg 0x4000954c l
SendMsg 0x40009384 l
UartGetCmdLn 0x40009564 l
UartRxString 0x400092fc l
Uart_Init 0x40009120 l
cv_packet 0x40009424 l
send_packet 0x40009340 l
uartAttach 0x40008fd0 l
uart_div_modify 0x400090cc l
uart_rx_intr_handler 0x40008f4c l
uart_rx_one_char 0x400092d0 l
uart_rx_one_char_block 0x400092a4 l
uart_rx_readbuff 0x40009394 l
uart_tx_flush 0x40009258 l
uart_tx_one_char 0x40009200 l
uart_tx_one_char2 0x4000922c l
uart_tx_switch 0x40009028 l
gpio_init 0x40009c20 l
gpio_intr_ack 0x40009dd4 l
gpio_intr_ack_high 0x40009e1c l
gpio_intr_handler_register 0x40009e6c l
gpio_intr_pending 0x40009cec l
gpio_intr_pending_high 0x40009cf8 l
gpio_pending_mask 0x3ffe0038 l
gpio_pending_mask_high 0x3ffe0044 l
gpio_pin_intr_state_set 0x40009d04 l
gpio_pin_wakeup_disable 0x40009eb0 l
gpio_pin_wakeup_enable 0x40009e7c l
gpio_register_get 0x40009cbc l
gpio_register_set 0x40009bbc l
gpio_output_set 0x40009b24 l
gpio_output_set_high 0x40009b5c l
gpio_input_get 0x40009b88 l
gpio_input_get_high 0x40009b9c l
gpio_matrix_in 0x40009edc l
gpio_matrix_out 0x40009f0c l
gpio_pad_select_gpio 0x40009fdc l
gpio_pad_set_drv 0x4000a11c l
gpio_pad_pulldown 0x4000a348 l
gpio_pad_pullup 0x4000a22c l
gpio_pad_hold 0x4000a734 l
gpio_pad_unhold 0x4000a484 l
ts_aes_crypt 0x4005c9b8 l
ts_aes_disable 0x4005c8f8 l
ts_aes_enable 0x4005c8cc l
ts_aes_set_endian 0x4005c928 l
ts_aes_setkey_dec 0x4005c994 l
ts_aes_setkey_enc 0x4005c97c l
ts_bigint_disable 0x4005c4e0 l
ts_bigint_enable 0x4005c498 l
ts_bigint_mod_mult_getz 0x4005c818 l
ts_bigint_mod_mult_prepare 0x4005c7b4 l
ts_bigint_mod_power_getz 0x4005c614 l
ts_bigint_mod_power_prepare 0x4005c54c l
ts_bigint_montgomery_mult_getz 0x4005c7a4 l
ts_bigint_montgomery_mult_prepare 0x4005c6fc l
ts_bigint_mult_getz 0x4005c6e8 l
ts_bigint_mult_prepare 0x4005c630 l
ts_bigint_wait_finish 0x4005c520 l
ts_post 0x4000673c l
ts_run 0x400066bc l
ts_set_idle_cb 0x40006674 l
ts_task 0x40006688 l
ts_efuse_get_8M_clock 0x40008710 l
ts_efuse_get_spiconfig 0x40008658 l
ts_efuse_program_op 0x40008628 l
ts_efuse_read_op 0x40008600 l
ts_intr_lock 0x400067b0 l
ts_intr_unlock 0x400067c4 l
ts_isr_attach 0x400067ec l
ts_waiti0 0x400067d8 l
ntr_matrix_set 0x4000681c l
check_pos 0x400068b8 l
ts_set_appcpu_boot_addr 0x4000689c l
ts_set_startup_callback 0x4000688c l
ts_set_user_start 0x4000687c l
ts_unpack_flash_code 0x40007018 l
ts_unpack_flash_code_legacy 0x4000694c l
m_main 0x400076c4 l
ts_write_char_uart 0x40007cf8 l
ts_install_putc1 0x40007d18 l
ts_install_putc2 0x40007d38 l
ts_install_uart_printf 0x40007d28 l
ts_printf 0x40007d54 l
tc_boot_control 0x4000821c l
tc_get_reset_reason 0x400081d4 l
tc_get_wakeup_cause 0x400081f4 l
tc_select_apb_bridge 0x40008288 l
set_rtc_memory_crc 0x40008208 l
software_reset 0x4000824c l
software_reset_cpu 0x40008264 l
ts_secure_boot_check 0x4005cb40 l
ts_secure_boot_check_finish 0x4005cc04 l
ts_secure_boot_check_start 0x4005cbcc l
ts_secure_boot_finish 0x4005ca84 l
ts_secure_boot_hash 0x4005cad4 l
ts_secure_boot_obtain 0x4005cb14 l
ts_secure_boot_rd_abstract 0x4005cba8 l
ts_secure_boot_rd_iv 0x4005cb84 l
ts_secure_boot_start 0x4005ca34 l
ts_sha_disable 0x4005c0a8 l
ts_sha_enable 0x4005c07c l
ts_sha_finish 0x4005c104 l
ts_sha_init 0x4005c0d4 l
ts_sha_update 0x4005c2a0 l
ts_delay_us 0x40008534 l
ts_get_cpu_frequency 0x4000855c l
ts_get_detected_xtal_freq 0x40008588 l
ts_get_xtal_scale 0x4000856c l
ts_update_cpu_frequency_rom 0x40008550 l
hci_tl_env 0x3ffb8154 l
ld_acl_env 0x3ffb8258 l
a_env 0x3ffb80ec l
lc_sco_data_path_config 0x3ffb81f8 l
lc_sco_env 0x3ffb81fc l
ld_active_ch_map 0x3ffb8334 l
ld_bcst_acl_env 0x3ffb8274 l
ld_csb_rx_env 0x3ffb8278 l
ld_csb_tx_env 0x3ffb827c l
ld_env 0x3ffb9510 l
ld_fm_env 0x3ffb8284 l
ld_inq_env 0x3ffb82e4 l
ld_iscan_env 0x3ffb82e8 l
ld_page_env 0x3ffb82f0 l
ld_pca_env 0x3ffb82f4 l
ld_pscan_env 0x3ffb8308 l
ld_sched_env 0x3ffb830c l
ld_sched_params 0x3ffb96c0 l
ld_sco_env 0x3ffb824c l
ld_sscan_env 0x3ffb832c l
ld_strain_env 0x3ffb8330 l
LM_Sniff 0x3ffb8230 l
LM_SniffSubRate 0x3ffb8214 l
bs_64bytes 0x3ff98992 l
nvds_env 0x3ffb8364 l
nvds_magic_number 0x3ff9912a l
TASK_DESC_LLD 0x3ff98b58 l
ld_acl_clk_isr 0x40030cf8 l
ld_acl_evt_canceled_cbk 0x40033944 l
ld_acl_evt_stop_cbk 0x40033870 l
ld_acl_evt_start_cbk 0x40030ab0 l
ld_acl_test_mode_update 0x40032050 l
ld_acl_resched 0x40033814 l
ld_acl_rx_isr 0x40033aa8 l
lc_acl_disc_ind_handler 0x4002f270 l
lc_pca_sscan_start_req_handler 0x40029b34 l
lmp_feats_req_ext_handler 0x4002ccb0 l
ld_pscan_em_init 0x4003e5e8 l
ld_acl_rsw_start 0x40032e90 l
ld_acl_sniff_enter 0x40031244 l
ld_acl_sniff_trans_sched 0x40033734 l
lc_pwr_decr_ind_handler 0x4002859c l
lc_pwr_incr_ind_handler 0x400284a8 l
lc_pwr_max_ind_handler 0x40028690 l
lm_sync_conf 0x3ffb8348 l
lm_nb_sync_active 0x3ffb8346 l
lm_sync_nego 0x3ffb8345 l
lm_nego_cnt 0x3ffb8344 l
lm_nego_cntl 0x3ffb8342 l
lm_nego_max_cnt 0x3ffb8343 l
lm_nego_pkt_used 0x3ffb8340 l
__absvdi2 0x4006387c l
__absvsi2 0x40063868 l
__adddf3 0x40002590 l
__addsf3 0x400020e8 l
__addvdi3 0x40002cbc l
__addvsi3 0x40002c98 l
__ashldi3 0x4000c818 l
__ashrdi3 0x4000c830 l
__bswapdi2 0x40064b08 l
__bswapsi2 0x40064ae0 l
__clrsbdi2 0x40064b7c l
__clrsbsi2 0x40064b64 l
__clzdi2 0x4000ca50 l
__clzsi2 0x4000c7e8 l
__cmpdi2 0x40063820 l
__ctzdi2 0x4000ca64 l
__ctzsi2 0x4000c7f0 l
__divdc3 0x400645a4 l
__divdf3 0x40002954 l
__divdi3 0x4000ca84 l
__divsi3 0x4000c7b8 l
__eqdf2 0x400636a8 l
__eqsf2 0x40063374 l
__extendsfdf2 0x40002c34 l
__ffsdi2 0x4000ca2c l
__ffssi2 0x4000c804 l
__fixdfdi 0x40002ac4 l
__fixdfsi 0x40002a78 l
__fixsfdi 0x4000244c l
__fixsfsi 0x4000240c l
__fixunsdfsi 0x40002b30 l
__fixunssfdi 0x40002504 l
__fixunssfsi 0x400024ac l
__floatdidf 0x4000c988 l
__floatdisf 0x4000c8c0 l
__floatsidf 0x4000c944 l
__floatsisf 0x4000c870 l
__floatundidf 0x4000c978 l
__floatundisf 0x4000c8b0 l
__floatunsidf 0x4000c938 l
__floatunsisf 0x4000c864 l
__gcc_bcmp 0x40064a70 l
__gedf2 0x40063768 l
__gesf2 0x4006340c l
__gtdf2 0x400636dc l
__gtsf2 0x400633a0 l
__ledf2 0x40063704 l
__lesf2 0x400633c0 l
__lshrdi3 0x4000c84c l
__ltdf2 0x40063790 l
__ltsf2 0x4006342c l
__moddi3 0x4000cd4c l
__modsi3 0x4000c7c0 l
__muldc3 0x40063c90 l
__muldf3 0x4006358c l
__muldi3 0x4000c9fc l
__mulsf3 0x400632c8 l
__mulsi3 0x4000c7b0 l
__mulvdi3 0x40002d78 l
__mulvsi3 0x40002d60 l
__nedf2 0x400636a8 l
__negdf2 0x400634a0 l
__negdi2 0x4000ca14 l
__negsf2 0x400020c0 l
__negvdi2 0x40002e98 l
__negvsi2 0x40002e78 l
__nesf2 0x40063374 l
__nsau_data 0x3ff96544 l
__paritysi2 0x40002f3c l
__popcount_tab 0x3ff96544 l
__popcountdi2 0x40002ef8 l
__popcountsi2 0x40002ed0 l
__powidf2 0x400638e4 l
__subdf3 0x400026e4 l
__subsf3 0x400021d0 l
__subvdi3 0x40002d20 l
__subvsi3 0x40002cf8 l
__truncdfsf2 0x40002b90 l
__ucmpdi2 0x40063840 l
__udiv_w_sdiv 0x40064bec l
__udivdi3 0x4000cff8 l
__udivmoddi4 0x40064bf4 l
__udivsi3 0x4000c7c8 l
__umoddi3 0x4000d280 l
__umodsi3 0x4000c7d0 l
__umulsidi3 0x4000c7d8 l
__unorddf2 0x400637f4 l
__unordsf2 0x40063478 l
_ctype_ 0x3ff96354 l
__ctype_ptr__ 0x3ff96350 l
nviron 0x3ffae0b4 l
_global_impure_ptr 0x3ffae0b0 l
__mb_cur_max 0x3ff96530 l
__sf_fake_stderr 0x3ff96458 l
__sf_fake_stdin 0x3ff96498 l
__sf_fake_stdout 0x3ff96478 l
__wctomb 0x3ff96540 l
__sfp_lock 0x3ffae0ac l
__sinit_lock 0x3ffae0a8 l
__env_lock_object 0x3ffae0b8 l
__tz_lock_object 0x3ffae080 l
abs 0x40056340 l
__ascii_wctomb 0x40058ef0 l
atoi 0x400566c4 l
_atoi_r 0x400566d4 l
atol 0x400566ec l
_atol_r 0x400566fc l
bzero 0x4000c1f4 l
_cleanup 0x40001df8 l
_cleanup_r 0x40001d48 l
creat 0x40000e8c l
v 0x40056348 l
__dummy_lock 0x4000c728 l
__dummy_lock_try 0x4000c730 l
__env_lock 0x40001fd4 l
__env_unlock 0x40001fe0 l
fclose 0x400020ac l
_fclose_r 0x40001fec l
fflush 0x40059394 l
_fflush_r 0x40059320 l
_findenv_r 0x40001f44 l
__fp_lock_all 0x40001f1c l
__fp_unlock_all 0x40001f30 l
__fputwc 0x40058da0 l
fputwc 0x40058ea8 l
_fputwc_r 0x40058e4c l
_fwalk 0x4000c738 l
_fwalk_reent 0x4000c770 l
_getenv_r 0x40001fbc l
salnum 0x40000f04 l
salpha 0x40000f18 l
sascii 0x4000c20c l
sblank 0x40000f2c l
scntrl 0x40000f50 l
sdigit 0x40000f64 l
sgraph 0x40000f94 l
slower 0x40000f78 l
sprint 0x40000fa8 l
spunct 0x40000fc0 l
sspace 0x40000fd4 l
supper 0x40000fe8 l
__itoa 0x40056678 l
toa 0x400566b4 l
labs 0x40056370 l
ldiv 0x40056378 l
longjmp 0x400562cc l
memccpy 0x4000c220 l
memchr 0x4000c244 l
memcmp 0x4000c260 l
memcpy 0x4000c2c8 l
memmove 0x4000c3c0 l
memrchr 0x4000c400 l
memset 0x4000c44c l
qsort 0x40056424 l
and 0x40001058 l
and_r 0x400010d4 l
__sccl 0x4000c498 l
__sclose 0x400011b8 l
__seofread 0x40001148 l
setjmp 0x40056268 l
__sflush_r 0x400591e0 l
__sfmoreglue 0x40001dc8 l
__sfp 0x40001e90 l
__sfp_lock_acquire 0x40001e08 l
__sfp_lock_release 0x40001e14 l
__sinit 0x40001e38 l
__sinit_lock_acquire 0x40001e20 l
__sinit_lock_release 0x40001e2c l
srand 0x40001004 l
__sread 0x40001118 l
__sseek 0x40001184 l
strcasecmp 0x400011cc l
strcasestr 0x40001210 l
strcat 0x4000c518 l
strchr 0x4000c53c l
strcmp 0x40001274 l
strcoll 0x40001398 l
strcpy 0x400013ac l
strcspn 0x4000c558 l
strdup 0x4000143c l
_strdup_r 0x40001450 l
strlcat 0x40001470 l
strlcpy 0x4000c584 l
strlen 0x400014c0 l
strlwr 0x40001524 l
strncasecmp 0x40001550 l
strncat 0x4000c5c4 l
strncmp 0x4000c5f4 l
strncpy 0x400015d4 l
strndup 0x400016b0 l
_strndup_r 0x400016c4 l
strnlen 0x4000c628 l
strrchr 0x40001708 l
strsep 0x40001734 l
strspn 0x4000c648 l
strstr 0x4000c674 l
__strtok_r 0x4000c6a8 l
strtok_r 0x4000c70c l
strtol 0x4005681c l
_strtol_r 0x40056714 l
strtoul 0x4005692c l
_strtoul_r 0x40056834 l
strupr 0x4000174c l
__submore 0x40058f3c l
__swbuf 0x40058cb4 l
__swbuf_r 0x40058bec l
__swrite 0x40001150 l
toascii 0x4000c720 l
tolower 0x40001868 l
toupper 0x40001884 l
ungetc 0x400590f4 l
_ungetc_r 0x40058fa0 l
__utoa 0x400561f0 l
utoa 0x40056258 l
wcrtomb 0x40058920 l
_wcrtomb_r 0x400588d8 l
_wctomb_r 0x40058f14 l
__locale_charset 0x40059540 l
__locale_cjk_lang 0x40059558 l
localeconv 0x4005957c l
_localeconv_r 0x40059560 l
__locale_mb_cur_max 0x40059548 l
__locale_msgcharset 0x40059550 l
setlocale 0x40059568 l
_setlocale_r 0x4005950c l
asiprintf 0x40056d9c l
_asiprintf_r 0x40056d4c l
asniprintf 0x40056cd8 l
_asniprintf_r 0x40056c64 l
asnprintf 0x40056cd8 l
_asnprintf_r 0x40056c64 l
asprintf 0x40056d9c l
_asprintf_r 0x40056d4c l
fiprintf 0x40056efc l
_fiprintf_r 0x40056ed8 l
fiscanf 0x40058884 l
_fiscanf_r 0x400588b4 l
fprintf 0x40056efc l
_fprintf_r 0x40056ed8 l
fscanf 0x40058884 l
_fscanf_r 0x400588b4 l
ntf 0x40056978 l
_iprintf_r 0x40056944 l
scanf 0x40058760 l
_iscanf_r 0x4005879c l
ntf 0x40056978 l
_printf_common 0x40057338 l
_printf_i 0x40057404 l
_printf_r 0x40056944 l
scanf 0x40058760 l
_scanf_chars 0x40058384 l
_scanf_i 0x4005845c l
_scanf_r 0x4005879c l
__sfputs_r 0x40057790 l
siprintf 0x40056c08 l
_siprintf_r 0x40056bbc l
siscanf 0x400587d0 l
_siscanf_r 0x40058830 l
sniprintf 0x40056b4c l
_sniprintf_r 0x40056ae4 l
snprintf 0x40056b4c l
_snprintf_r 0x40056ae4 l
sprintf 0x40056c08 l
_sprintf_r 0x40056bbc l
__sprint_r 0x400577e4 l
sscanf 0x400587d0 l
_sscanf_r 0x40058830 l
__ssprint_r 0x40056ff8 l
__ssputs_r 0x40056f2c l
__ssrefill_r 0x40057fec l
__ssvfiscanf_r 0x4005802c l
__ssvfscanf_r 0x4005802c l
_sungetc_r 0x40057f6c l
_svfiprintf_r 0x40057100 l
__svfiscanf_r 0x40057b08 l
_svfprintf_r 0x40057100 l
__svfscanf 0x40057f04 l
__svfscanf_r 0x40057b08 l
asiprintf 0x40056eb8 l
_vasiprintf_r 0x40056e80 l
asniprintf 0x40056e58 l
_vasniprintf_r 0x40056df8 l
asnprintf 0x40056e58 l
_vasnprintf_r 0x40056df8 l
asprintf 0x40056eb8 l
_vasprintf_r 0x40056e80 l
fiprintf 0x40057ae8 l
_vfiprintf_r 0x40057850 l
fiscanf 0x40057eb8 l
_vfiscanf_r 0x40057f24 l
fprintf 0x40057ae8 l
_vfprintf_r 0x40057850 l
fscanf 0x40057eb8 l
_vfscanf_r 0x40057f24 l
ntf 0x400569b4 l
_viprintf_r 0x400569e4 l
scanf 0x40058698 l
_viscanf_r 0x400586c8 l
ntf 0x400569b4 l
_vprintf_r 0x400569e4 l
scanf 0x40058698 l
_vscanf_r 0x400586c8 l
siprintf 0x40056ac4 l
_vsiprintf_r 0x40056a90 l
siscanf 0x40058740 l
_vsiscanf_r 0x400586f8 l
sniprintf 0x40056a68 l
_vsniprintf_r 0x40056a14 l
snprintf 0x40056a68 l
_vsnprintf_r 0x40056a14 l
sprintf 0x40056ac4 l
_vsprintf_r 0x40056a90 l
sscanf 0x40058740 l
_vsscanf_r 0x400586f8 l
_printf_float 0x4000befc l
_scanf_float 0x4000bf18 l
asctime 0x40059588 l
asctime_r 0x40000ec8 l
ctime 0x400595b0 l
ctime_r 0x400595c4 l
__gettzinfo 0x40001fcc l
__get_current_time_locale 0x40001834 l
gmtime 0x40059848 l
gmtime_r 0x40059868 l
localtime 0x400595dc l
localtime_r 0x400595fc l
mktime 0x4005a5e8 l
strftime 0x40059ab4 l
time 0x40001844 l
__time_load_locale 0x4000183c l
tzset 0x40001a1c l
_tzset_r 0x40001a28 l
__tzcalc_limits 0x400018a0 l
__tz_lock 0x40001a04 l
__tz_unlock 0x40001a10 l
_timezone 0x3ffae0a0 l
_tzname 0x3ffae030 l
_daylight 0x3ffae0a4 l
__month_lengths 0x3ff9609c l
_isatty_r 0x40000ea0 l
__sfvwrite_r 0x4005893c l
__smakebuf_r 0x40059108 l
__srefill_r 0x400593d4 l
__swsetup_r 0x40058cc8 l
abort 0x4000bba4 l
aes_128_cbc_decrypt 0x4005cc7c l
aes_128_cbc_encrypt 0x4005cc18 l
aes_unwrap 0x4005ccf0 l
base64_decode 0x4005ced8 l
base64_encode 0x4005cdbc l
ts_isr_mask 0x400067fc l
ts_isr_unmask 0x40006808 l
ts_timer_arm 0x40008368 l
ts_timer_arm_us 0x400083ac l
ts_timer_disarm 0x400083ec l
ts_timer_done 0x40008428 l
ts_timer_init 0x400084e8 l
ts_timer_handler_isr 0x40008454 l
ts_timer_setfn 0x40008350 l
hmac_md5 0x4005d264 l
hmac_md5_vector 0x4005d17c l
hmac_sha1 0x40060acc l
hmac_sha1_vector 0x400609e4 l
hmac_sha256 0x40060d58 l
hmac_sha256_vector 0x40060c84 l
MD5Final 0x4005db1c l
MD5Init 0x4005da7c l
MD5Update 0x4005da9c l
md5_vector 0x4005db80 l
bkdf2_sha1 0x40060ba4 l
c4_skip 0x40060928 l
sha1_prf 0x40060ae8 l
sha1_vector 0x40060b64 l
sha256_prf 0x40060d70 l
sha256_vector 0x40060e08 l
uart_tx_wait_idle 0x40009278 l
sp_rom_spiflash_write_encrypted 0x40062e78 l
sp_rom_spiflash_erase_area 0x400631ac l
sp_rom_spiflash_erase_block 0x40062c4c l
sp_rom_spiflash_erase_chip 0x40062c14 l
sp_rom_spiflash_erase_sector 0x40062ccc l
sp_rom_spiflash_attach 0x40062a6c l
sp_rom_spiflash_lock 0x400628f0 l
sp_rom_spiflash_read 0x40062ed8 l
sp_rom_spiflash_config_readmode 0x40062b64 l
sp_rom_spiflash_read_status 0x4006226c l
sp_rom_spiflash_read_statushigh 0x40062448 l
sp_rom_spiflash_write 0x40062d50 l
sp_rom_spiflash_enable_write 0x40062320 l
sp_rom_spiflash_write_status 0x400622f0 l
sp_rom_spiflash_wait_idle 0x400622c0 l
calloc 0x4000bee4 l
free 0x4000beb8 l
_free_r 0x4000bbcc l
_getpid_r 0x4000bcfc l
__getreent 0x4000be8c l
_gettimeofday_r 0x4000bc58 l
_kill_r 0x4000bd10 l
_lock_acquire 0x4000be14 l
_lock_acquire_recursive 0x4000be28 l
_lock_close 0x4000bdec l
_lock_close_recursive 0x4000be00 l
_lock_init 0x4000bdc4 l
_lock_init_recursive 0x4000bdd8 l
_lock_release 0x4000be64 l
_lock_release_recursive 0x4000be78 l
_lock_try_acquire 0x4000be3c l
_lock_try_acquire_recursive 0x4000be50 l
malloc 0x4000bea0 l
_malloc_r 0x4000bbb4 l
_raise_r 0x4000bc70 l
alloc 0x4000becc l
_realloc_r 0x4000bbe0 l
_sbrk_r 0x4000bce4 l
_system_r 0x4000bc10 l
_times_r 0x4000bc40 l
_close_r 0x4000bd3c l
_exit_r 0x4000bd28 l
_fstat_r 0x4000bccc l
_link_r 0x4000bc9c l
_lseek_r 0x4000bd8c l
_open_r 0x4000bd54 l
_read_r 0x4000bda8 l
_rename_r 0x4000bc28 l
_unlink_r 0x4000bc84 l
_write_r 0x4000bd70 l
close 0x40001778 l
n 0x4000178c l
ad 0x400017dc l
sbrk 0x400017f4 l
times 0x40001808 l
write 0x4000181c l
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