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Jeanine Adkisson jneen

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View thankful-eyes-theme.el
(deftheme thankful-eyes "a port of the thankful eyes theme from gtksourceview")
(let ((class '((class color) (min-colors 89)))
(cool-as-ice (if (display-graphic-p) "#6c8b9f" "#6c8b9f"))
(slate-blue (if (display-graphic-p) "#4e5d62" "#4e5d62"))
(eggshell-cloud (if (display-graphic-p) "#dee5e7" "#dee5e7"))
(krasna (if (display-graphic-p) "#122B36" "#121212"))
(aluminium1 (if (display-graphic-p) "#fefeec" "#fefeec"))
(scarletred2 (if (display-graphic-p) "#cc0000" "#cc0000"))
blanking() {
local mode="$1"; shift
case "$mode" in
-|stop) xset -dpms; xset s off ;;
+|start) xset +dpms; xset s on ;;
wake-loop &
ensure kill $!
open Batteries.Printf
open Batteries
type 't tokstate = Start | Tok of 't | Err of string | Eof
type 't state = {
mutable index : int ;
mutable head : 't tokstate ;
mutable behind : 't tokstate list ;
mutable ahead : 't tokstate list ;
View dynamic.js
var Dynamic = function() {
var context = {}
var defaults = {}
function bind(name, val, fn) {
try {
var save = context[name];
context[name] = val;
var out = fn();
echo == example the first ==
f1() {
local v=1
echo f1: $v
View frybo.clj
(defn frybo [fname]
(def raf ( fname "r"))
(def out-chan (chan 10))
(go-loop [] (>!! out-chan (.readByte raf)))
jneen /
Created Jun 16, 2015
Tulip evaluation order (DRAFT)

In tulip, a function call is expressed as a sequence of expressions, with parentheses appearing freely:

f arg1 (arg2) (g arg3)

If a function receives fewer arguments than its arity, the result is a curried function expecting the remaining arguments. If it receives more, it consumes its arity and calls the return value with the rest. The order of evaluation for a function call is:

  • The function expression is evaluated
  • Each argument is evaluated
View viewer.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'gtk3'
fname = ARGV[0]
def window(&b)
w =
proc { w.instance_eval(&b) }
View cases.rb
module Kernel
def cases(o, cases={})
o = [o] unless o.is_a? Array
raise "invalid" unless o[0].is_a? Keyword
selection = cases[o[0]] || cases[:else] || raise("non-exhaustive cases!")*cases[1..-1])
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